Top 15 Quick Certifications that Pay Well

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When it comes to finding a job that pays well, many people feel like they need to spend years in college before they can start earning a good salary. However, there are a number of quick certifications that can lead to high-paying jobs.

For example, a certified Physical Therapist Aide earns a median salary of $49,750 per year, and the certification process can be completed in as little as two years. S

similarly, certified Emergency Medical technicians earn a median salary of $40,370 per year, and the certification process can be completed in just 26 weeks.

While quick certifications may not lead to jobs that pay as much as careers that require four-year degrees, they can still be a great way to start earning a good income.

Why Get a Certification?

There are many reasons to get certified in your field. In some cases, certification may be required in order to practice. For example, most states require licensed practical nurses (LPNs) to be certified in order to work.

In other cases, certification may simply be advantageous. Many employers prefer or require employees to be certified in their field, for example.

Additionally, certification can help you advance in your career. For example, certified public accountants (CPAs) often move into management positions more quickly than those without certification.

And, in some cases, certification may lead to higher salaries.

For those looking to improve their career prospects, becoming certified may be a good option for you.

How Much Do Certifications Cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the cost of certification can vary widely depending on the type of certification, the credentialing body, and other factors.

However, in general, most professional certifications will require an initial investment of both time and money.

The exact amount will depend on the specific certification, but the average cost of certification is typically around $1,000. Some certifications may be more or less expensive, depending on the particular requirements.

For example, certifications that require continuing education credits or periodic renewals may have higher overall costs than those that do not have such requirements.

Additionally, some organizations offer discounts to members or groups who are interested in becoming certified. Therefore, it is important to research the cost of various certification options before making a final decision.

How Long Do Certifications Take?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the amount of time it takes to earn certification can vary depending on the type of certification and the specific requirements.

However, in general, most certifications can be earned within three months to a year.

Some certifications may require ongoing education or recertification every few years in order to maintain the credential.

15 Quick Certifications that Pay Well

It’s no secret that having a certification can lead to a better-paying job. But which certification should you get? And how do you go about getting it? Here are fifteen quick certifications that pay well.

1. Makeup Artists

Makeup artists are in high demand for their special talent in making people look their best. Many celebrities, models, and everyday people rely on makeup artists to help them look their best for important events or just everyday life.

A successful makeup artist can command a high salary for their services.

There are many different ways to become a makeup artist. Some people are self-taught, while others attend makeup schools.

There are even online courses available. No matter what route you take to becoming a makeup artist, it is important to have a portfolio of your work to show potential clients.

There are many different types of makeup artists, from those who specialize in weddings to those who work in the film industry. The sky is the limit when it comes to becoming a successful makeup artist.

So if you are looking for a quick certification that can pay well, consider becoming a makeup artist. With the right skills and a strong portfolio, you can be successful in this exciting career.

2. HVACR Technicians

HVACR technicians are in high demand these days and for good reason. They are responsible for ensuring that heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems are working properly in a variety of settings.

This can include everything from schools and hospitals to factories and office buildings.

HVACR technicians typically need at least a certificate or associate degree from an accredited program, although some positions may require more experience or training.

Many community colleges offer HVACR programs that can be completed in as little as two semesters.

Most states also require HVACR technicians to be licensed or certified. The requirements for licensure vary by state but usually include passing an exam. Some states also require continuing education credits to maintain a license.

HVACR technicians typically earn an hourly wage of $18-$30, with the average hourly wage being $24. They may also be eligible for overtime pay, health insurance, and other benefits.

Many HVACR technicians are able to find steady work in a variety of settings.

3. Electricians

Electricians are in high demand due to the ever-growing need for electricity. They are responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems in homes, businesses, and other buildings.

Electricians typically need to have a high school diploma or equivalent, although some jobs may require more experience or training.

Most states require electricians to be licensed or certified. To become licensed, electricians must pass an exam that tests their knowledge of electrical theory, code requirements, and safety.

Electricians typically earn an hourly wage of $25-$35. They may also receive benefits such as health insurance and paid vacation days. Some electricians may also be eligible for overtime pay.

4. Radiologic Technologists

Radiologic technologists are responsible for creating and interpreting medical images using radiation. This can be a very rewarding career, as radiologic technologists play an important role in diagnosing and treating patients.

There are many different types of radiologic technologists, but all of them must be certified in order to practice. The most common type of certification is through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

To become certified, radiologic technologists must complete an accredited radiography program and pass a national examination.

Radiologic technologists typically earn salaries of $50,000-$60,000 per year. However, those who are certified in multiple modalities (such as magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography) can earn significantly more.

5. Massage Therapists

Massage therapists often have a certification in their field. This certification can be from a variety of places, such as the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) or the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

The certification shows that the therapist is proficient in the practice of massage therapy.

The average salary for a massage therapist is $41,420 per year. Massage therapists can make a good living by working in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, clinics, spas, and private practices.

Some massage therapists also work as mobile therapists, providing services to clients in their homes or offices.

6. Choreographers

Choreographers play a very important role in the entertainment industry. They create the dances and routines that are performed by celebrities and other entertainers.

Because of this, they can earn a very good salary. Some choreographers even earn more than $100,000 per year.

If you have a passion for dance and want to make a good living, then becoming a choreographer is a great option. To become a choreographer, you will need to have experience in dance and be able to create original routines.

You will also need to be able to teach others how to perform the routines that you create.

While there are no formal education requirements to become a choreographer, taking classes in dance and choreography can help you to get started in this career.

There are also many books and online resources that can teach you the basics of choreography.

7. Phlebotomy Technicians

Phlebotomy technicians are in high demand and can make a good salary. They are responsible for drawing blood from patients for laboratory tests.

In order to become a phlebotomy technician, you need to complete a training program and pass a certification exam. The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) offers certification exams in phlebotomy.

There are many benefits to becoming a phlebotomy technician. First, you can make a good salary. The median annual salary for phlebotomists is $34,000, and the top 10% earn more than $51,000.

Second, you can work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.

Third, you can find phlebotomy jobs in all 50 states. You can earn additional certifications to improve your employment prospects and earnings potential.

8. Photographers

Photographers are responsible for taking pictures at various events, such as weddings, school dances, and family gatherings. They must have a good eye for detail and be able to work under pressure to ensure that all the shots needed are taken.

Photographers generally need some formal training, such as an associate’s degree in photography. However, many photographers are self-taught and learn through experience.

The median annual salary for photographers is $34,000. However, earnings can vary greatly depending on experience, skill level, and the type of photography being done. For example, those who specialize in wedding photography can earn much more than those who take pictures at school dances.

9. Fitness Trainers and Instructors

Fitness trainers and instructors are responsible for helping people achieve their fitness goals. They typically have a background in exercise science or kinesiology, and they must be able to motivate and encourage their clients.

Fitness trainers and instructors can earn a good salary, especially if they have certification from a reputable organization.

Some organizations that offer certification in fitness training and instruction include the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the American Council on Exercise, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

There are many different types of fitness certifications available, so it is important to choose one that is relevant to your career goals.

Once you have obtained your certification, you can start working with clients and helping them achieve their fitness goals.

Certified fitness trainers and instructors can earn a good salary, especially if they have experience working with clients.

They may also be able to find work in a variety of settings, such as gyms, health clubs, recreation centers, or even private homes.

10. Solar Photovoltaic Installers

Solar Photovoltaic Installers are in high demand due to the increasing popularity of solar energy.

They typically have a certification from a reputable organization, such as the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

This certification proves that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to install solar photovoltaic systems.

Solar Photovoltaic Installers typically earn between $30,000 and $50,000 per year.

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