Absa Branches In Tanzania – All Absa Bank Branch Locations In Tanzania

Many Tanzanians are wondering if the Absa branches in Tanzania would be different after Barclays Bank Tanzania rebranded and changed its name to Absa.

NO, is the response. Absa Bank will continue to operate all Barclays Bank locations in Tanzania.

This means that all of your Barclays Bank account information, branch codes, mobile banking, and internet banking credentials will stay the same when you switch to Absa Bank.

Absa bank branch locations in Tanzania remain the same, notwithstanding changes to the logo, website, or applications.

What is the Absa Branch Code for the Tanzania Branches

Many Tanzanians wonder if the branch codes for Barclays Bank differ from those for Absa branches in Tanzania.
However, the answer is NO. All Absa bank branch locations in Tanzania have the same branch codes as Barclays Bank.

Only the name, logo, and a few other details changed throughout the makeover. In terms of operation or individual operations at the offices, none of the Absa branches in Tanzania would be impacted.

How Many Banks Operate in Tanzania?

According to the Bank of Tanzania, there are thirty-eight (38) commercial banks, six (6) community banks, and five (5) microfinance institutions functioning in Tanzania as of January 2020. (BoT).

The majority of these commercial banks are headquartered in Dar es Salaam.
According to the Bank of Tanzania, the following are additional financial institutions in Tanzania now (2021):

  • Development Finance Institutions – 2.
  • Credit Reporting Agencies – 2.
  • Financial Leasing Firms – 3
  • Mortgage Finance Companies: – 2.
  • Foreign Banks’ Representative Office – 2.

Tanzania has sixty (60) banks and financial organizations in total.

How to Get in Touch With Absa Customer Service in Tanzania?

In all Absa branches in Tanzania, there are numerous ways and means of contacting the customer care center. One of the most convenient methods to reach them is by phone.

All Absa Bank branches in Tanzania, including Dar es Salam, Locations of Absa Tanzania Branch Offices. You can also visit the banking hall at any of the above-mentioned locations, and the bank’s customer service team will gladly help you.

Absa’s customer service email is [email protected].
If you are in Dar es Salaam, you may also visit the Absa headquarters in Tanzania to get your questions answered.

In Tanzania, these are the contact information for Absa Bank Limited: Absa’s headquarters are at Absa House, Ohio Street, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Absa Tanzania customer service may be reached at the following numbers: +255 (0) 746 882 000. 0800 750 078 is the toll-free number.
Please keep in mind that the office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

List of ABSA Branches in Tanzania 2021

The following are the list of Absa branches in Tanzania:

  • 1. Absa Ohio Branch – Dar es Salaam
  • 2. Absa Kisutu Branch – Dar es Salaam
  • 3. Absa Magomeni Branch – Dar es Salaam
  • 4. Absa Keko Branch – Dar es Salaam
  • 5. Absa Ubungo Branch – Dar es Salaam
  • 6. Absa Ukonga Branch – Dar es Salaam
  • 7. Absa Mwenge Branch – Dar es Salaam
  • 8. Absa Pugu Branch – Dar es Salaam
  • 9. Absa Buguruni Branch – Dar es Salaam
  • 10. Absa Kariakoo Branch – Dar es Salaam
  • 11. Absa Kinondoni Branch – Dar es Salaam
  • 12. Absa Mikocheni Branch – Dar es Salaam
  • 13. Absa Nkrumah Branch – Dar es Salaam
  • 14. Absa Slipway Branch – Dar es Salaam
  • 15. Absa Mwanjelwa Branch – Mbeya
  • 16. Absa Soweto Branch – Mbeya
  • 17. Absa TFA Branch – Arusha
  • 18. Absa Sopa Plaza Branch – Arusha
  • 19. Absa Moshi Branch
  • 20. Absa Musoma Branch
  • 21. Absa Dodoma Branch
  • 22. Absa Iringa Branch
  • 23. Absa Morogoro Branch
  • 24. Absa Tabora Branch
  • 25. Absa Tanga Branch
  • 26. Absa Mwanza Branch
  • 27. Absa Mwaloni Branch – Mwanza
  • 28. Absa Mwanakwerekwe Branch – Zanzibar
  • 29. Absa Darajani Branch – Zanzibar
  • 30. Absa Pemba Branch – Zanzibar
  • 31. Absa Zanzibar Branch

It’s time to unwind and enjoy boundless banking now that you’ve learnt about all of the Absa branches in Tanzania and how to contact the customer care center.

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