Account Executive Job Description sample in Tanzania

An Account Executive Job Description comprises the tasks and responsibilities listed below. An Account Executive contributes to the organization by acquiring new audiences or consumers for the products or services that they sell.

The purpose is to achieve the goals or targets set before the season begins. Sales and support teams interact with the denizen to produce something productive that, at the end of the day, sells the organization’s products and services and leaves the customer pleased.

  • An Account Executive has an 8 hour/day-5days a week job.
  • Account Executive’s post is a deadlines based job, it may demand over time in case the denizen falls short of his target.
  • An office-based but little bit of travelling is likely to be on the cards to meet clients.
  • The responsibility of entire sales operation falls under the wings of Account Executive.
  • Revenue generation and long-term account goals in accordance with company vision and values are the responsibilities of the Account Executive.

This is a very popular career among graduates. Moreover, competition for being an Account Executive is maxed out. Job profiles of these sorts are well publicized in the national and trade press on the IPA website. Experience could, in this line of career, fetch you many laurels such as promotion to account manager or director and eventually you could become an agency director, or set up your own agency.

Account Executive Job Description: Duties, Responsibilities & Qualification

Duties and Responsibility:

  • Attending clients to discuss their needs and requirements.
  • Account planners and Account Executive must collaborate to chalk out strategies and campaigns that meet the client’s policies and budget.
  • Striding and pitching to win new business.
  • It is quite important to create an environment where the people can work without indulging in politics or malpractice.
  • Subletting ideas, suggestions and costing while preparing a budget for the project.
  • Managing the the creative team, including briefing and leading them who will work on the projects.
  • The project’s progress should be under constant scrutiny and supervision.
  • Keeping the client in the loop at all phases of the campaign.
  • Handling invoices and tax receipts
  • Clearing up the ongoing negotiations and making way for the new ones with clients,
  • Tackling obstacles and role playing headhunter if need be.
  • Making sure deadlines are met.

Qualification for Account Executive Job

There is no particular qualification to become an account executive. This job requires an interest and zeal along with an undergraduate degree of any nature. This is just to certify the recruiters that you are an educated person.

Any degree preferably from one of the following subjects will provide you an edge against your competition:

  • Marketing
  • Statistics or operational research
  • Communication and media studies
  • Business or management

Having a solid background of work experience in an agency before looking for your first job will fetch you crucial points.

Enquire about the vacancies, research and contact the agencies for details about attaining Article ship. Various Certificate online courses for junior staff with at least six months experience in any area of Accounting.
You can also take short courses to help keep your knowledge and skills up to date throughout your career.

Necessary Skills For Account Executive Profile:

  • Soft spoken and high communication skills.
  • Negotiating skills and good debater.
  • Confident, witty and un-irritably persuasive.
  • Good organizational and time management skills.
  • Little bit knowledge of managing resources for working with wide variety of people such as clients and different creative teams for different projects.
  • Leadership quality.
  • High Stamina and ability to handle pressure.
  • Professionalism and a steady head above his shoulders which can find ways of cost cutting.

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