Top 10 Best Dog Food Brands in South Africa [UPDATED 2022]

South Africa’s best Dog Food Brands – Selecting the best food for your dog might be a challenging decision.

To make the process of finding the appropriate food for your dog that also fits your budget much easier, we’ve prepared this post to walk you through the most crucial factors of choosing a dog food.

We’ve also included our picks for the top ten dog food brands in South Africa, as well as information on their nutritional content, advantages, and cost.

There are numerous brands competing against each other, like with most things you buy. Each brand has its own set of advantages, disadvantages, and distinguishing characteristics.

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The key to selecting the best one for your dog is to weigh your price against the quality of the food and whether or not the brand caters to your dog’s unique needs.

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Things to Consider Choosing Dog Food in South Africa

When looking at a bag of dog food, search for a nutritional guarantee from the manufacturer, and seek for a bag with two major primary components, such as ‘ostrich and rice’ or ‘game and rice.’ You want to see the major protein source and the main grain source.
What to look out for:

Proteins: You want to make sure that the main source of nutrients in your dog’s food is animal protein, and that it contains at least 20% protein.

It must be a specific meat, such as chicken, ostrich, or beef. If the bag just says’meat protein’ or’meat meal,’ you’re getting the leftovers from the day’s scrapings.

Grains: Can also be referred to as carbs, however there must be a specific grain. These are an essential element of a dog’s diet. You should seek for rice rather than maize, and preferably one with fewer than 5% GMO grains.

Vegetables: This is an excellent supplement to your dog’s diet. Any vegetable will be beneficial to your dog.

These three key components should be stated first and foremost on the dog food package. They usually mention the components in descending order of proportion.

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Things to Avoid When Choosing Dog Food in South Africa

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Meat by-products: Don’t get us wrong, ‘lamb by-products/meal’ or ‘chicken by-products/meal’ are great. By-products are just what is left behind, such as bones, organs, and so on; they are ground up and mixed into the food.

What you don’t want is’meat by-products/meal,’ which, as previously said, may imply anything. For all we know, a group may be grinding up members of a rival gang. Make certain that the by-products are labeled!

Sweeteners: Xylitol is a sweetener that has recently received a lot of interest. We doubt you’ll find this in your dog’s food, but if you prefer to give your dog peanut butter or human goodies, be sure it doesn’t include this.

Propylene glycol is a sweetener that has been detected in dog meals; if you find it in yours, switch brands.

BHA and BHT, Propyl galate, Ethoxyquin, Potassium Bromate, Acesulfame Potassium or Acesulfame-K, Partially Hydrogenated Oils, Brown Sugar / Sugar/ Molasses are examples of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Other ingredients to avoid include corn gluten meal, wheat flour and wheat gluten meal, crushed yellow corn, sugar glycerin, anything preserved with BHA, soybean meal, artificial flavors, glyceryl monostearate, and any other colors or dyes listed above.

Basically, you shouldn’t anticipate any sweeteners, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in your dog’s food.

It’s just not necessary. If your dog doesn’t enjoy the food, try adding something he does, such as raw egg, raw mince meat, or even simply milk.

What is the healthiest dog food in South African the market?

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When we say ‘healthiest,’ we’re referring to the purity and quality of the components.

Check the labels of all the dog food brands that you believe would be a good fit for your dog, and restrict your decision based on the percentages of meat, veggies, grains, corn, preservatives, and so on.

Take notice of the vitamins and minerals that have been included, as well as the serving amounts. Make a list of your favorites and compare their components and advantages.

The components are listed in the description of all the dog food variations accessible on the Pet Hero website, making this a very simple exercise when shopping for dog food.

Special dietary requirements for Dog Food

Not all dogs are made equal, just as not all humans are. Some breeds are more prone to skin, joint, and digestive issues, while others are sensitive to specific grains or proteins.

It is critical that you become acquainted with your dog’s unique nutritional requirements and then satisfy them with the appropriate dog food.

Fortunately for your best friend, most high-quality dog food brands have developed customized diets for dogs with specific nutritional requirements.

Hill’s, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Ultra Dog, Acana, and Vet’s Choice all provide dietary options that address more than simply the many phases of your dog’s life.

So, whether your dog has a weight issue, aching joints, sensitive skin, or a sensitive tummy, there are some wonderful options available. If you need to shop around, ask your veterinarian for samples.

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10 Best Dog Food Brands in South Africa 2021

1. Montego

Montego is a South African family-run business formed in 2000 by Hannes van Jaarsveld. Montego has established itself as the most popular locally manufactured dog food brand since 2000 by producing high-quality food at extremely low rates.

They are committed to providing safe, healthy, and tasty dog food and have been accredited by the Pet Food Industry Association of South Africa (PFI) as well as having FSSC 22000 accreditation, which conforms to stringent manufacturing standards.

Montego offers a variety of brands, each with its unique set of benefits, including Montego Classic, Monty & Me, Karoo, Field + Forest, and others.

They do not, however, offer goods for certain breeds, ages, or nutritional demands, therefore they are a suitable alternative for all-around general and non-specific needs.

Montego is one of the most, if not the most, reasonably priced high-quality dog meals available.

2. Royal Canin

Dr. Jean Cathary created Royal Canin in 1968 in France with the goal of producing food that was focused on the nutritional needs of the animals and breeds for whom it was made.

Because they provide such a large selection of food for certain breeds, you can be confident that your dog is getting the nutrients it requires, which also helps to prevent breed-specific health concerns.

Reviews of Royal Canin products show that pet owners are usually pleased with the results of feeding Royal Canin to their pets.

Royal Canin is accredited in a variety of areas, including ISO 9001:2015 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 50001 (Energy), OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety), and FSSC 22000 (Food Safety) (food safety).

They have a wide variety of dog meals for various breeds, ages, and medical issues.

Royal Canin’s food costs fluctuate, but in general, they are a pretty costly brand that is not consistently of the same quality as brands with a comparable price tag.

3. Purina

Because this is an American enterprise, it is governed by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. As a result, they have a high protein-to-grain ratio and a low ash level, which most firms employ primarily as a filler.

We believe that the moisture and protein levels of the meal are excessively high.

Basically, you’re paying an arm and a leg for items that your dog would never use. If you can afford it, they are a fantastic feed.

4. Vets Choice

Vets Choice is a high-quality, nutritious dog food developed by Royal Canin and designed by South African veterinarians. They use high-quality ingredients but are not completely clear about their origins.

Vets Choice provides a small but rather complete product line that spans every stage of a dog’s life, from puppy to senior. They are a decent all-around pick, although they do not offer as many specialized goods as brands like Royal Canin or Hills.

Vets Choice is priced in the middle of the premium dog food market, making it an excellent choice even if your budget allows for more expensive items.

Why should you pick Vet’s Choice? Highly nutritious and digestible, rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and reasonably priced

5. Ken-L

Ken-L, a subsidiary of Martin and Martin, provides quality pet food to owners who cannot pay ‘premium’ rates. This dry food is inexpensive yet does not skimp on any of the nutrients your dog requires to live a long and healthy life.

The food is available in sizes ranging from 8kg to 40kg, with either beef or chicken flavors. There is also puppy food available for smaller furry children.

6. Hill’s

Hill’s originated in 1939, when a blind man approached his veterinarian for assistance with his sick guide dog and discovered the solution in nutrition.

Hill’s has specialized in developing high-quality pet food to meet particular health needs and ailments in pets since that time.

To produce their pet meals, they collaborate with over 220 veterinarians, food scientists, technicians, and Ph.D. nutritionists.

They are suggested by veterinarians and have received mostly positive feedback from clients.

Hills claims that their quality and safety requirements are so stringent that they are modeled after human food producers.

What distinguishes Hill’s is their product line and the care they take in designing solutions that target a variety of unique pet requirements and illnesses.

Like Royal Canin, the costs of their food vary because to their broad selection, but all are very costly. However, most pet owners who feed their pets Hills are willing to pay the premium price tag for the quality they receive.

7. Bobtail

BOBTAIL® has been a trusted family staple for over 30 years, offering a selection of healthy dry food, meal enhancers, and treats. Keeping South African-born dogs happy, healthy, and strong.

Strong South African dogs require high-quality, home-cooked food. Because of this, feeding them BOBTAIL® with VITARITE® provides them with 23 important vitamins and minerals, keeping them robust and undeniably proud of their lineage.

Bobtail developed a unique recipe called VITARITE®, which is present in all of their dog food. The recipe comprises 23 different minerals and vitamins, as well as the ideal blend of vegetable derivatives, animal-based protein, and grains.

They provide both dry foods and meal enhancers like gravy powder and sachets of chunks in gravy that can be sprinkled on top of the dry food to give your dogs some variation in their meals.

8. Acana

Acana has created meals that are based on your pets’ original diet. They believe that the gray wolf is the progenitor of all domestic dogs, therefore they utilized the wolf’s feeding patterns and nutritional requirements to create the perfect formula for their dog food.

Their diets are claimed to adhere to five essential Nature Rules: they are high in protein, feature a wide range of fresh meats in large quantities, have the ideal whole prey meat ratio, and restrict the use of glycemic carbs.

9. Pedigree

There are no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners in this product.

Pedigree products are designed to keep your dogs healthy. The dry food has a lot of fiber, which aids digestion, and the pellets create abrasion while your dog eats, which helps with dental cleanliness.

Pedigree dry goods include: Puppy 1 – 12 months (Small to Medium Breed) 5kg and 3.5kg, available in chicken and rice flavor, Puppy 3 – 12 months (Large breed) 5kg and 5.5kg, Available in chicken and rice flavor +12 months for adults (Small breed).

75 kilograms and 4 kilograms There are chicken and beef flavors available. +12 months for adults (Medium breed) 75kg, 6kg, 15kg, and 20kg, respectively.

There are chicken and beef flavors available. 18-month-old adult (Large breed) 6kg There are chicken and beef flavors available. Seniority plus 6 years (All breed sizes) 75 kg and 5.5 kilos Chicken flavor is available.

10. Eukanuba

Eukanuba, which means “tops,” is a dog food that is difficult to surpass. They have been in business since 1969 and have continued to offer to the market a unique food line that focuses on pet health and growth.

Their main product line, known as PAWS, consists of the following items:

  • Puppies (Small Breed, Medium Breed, Large Breed, mall & Medium Breed Lamb & Rice)
  • Adult (Small Breed, Medium Breed, Large Breed, Lamb & Rice, Medium Breed – Lamb &
  • Rice, Large Breed – Lamb & Rice)
  • Weight Management (Small, Medium, and Large Breeds)
  • Seniors (Small, Medium, and Large Breeds)
  • Daily Maintenance (Sensitive Skin and Sensitive Joints)
  • Working and endurance performance that is second to none

11. Nutri Byte

Nurtibyte is a South African-made dog food that provides high-quality meals for your dogs. Each of their designed meals has a variety of vitamins and nutrients, and all of their components are tested and certified before becoming your dog’s food.

The brand employs imported protein sources and a lot of rice, and there are several diets to pick from.

Small to medium breed puppy, Large breed puppy, Adult maintenance, Small bite Adult, Senior dog food, Senior small bite, Endurance dog food, and Mother’s miracle are some of Nutribyte’s top dog food selections.

Nutribyte dog treats are also available as a tasty and healthy incentive.

12. Orijen

Orijen, another business committed to feeding pets a diet based on natural ingredients and entire prey animals, has received several accolades throughout the years. They not only have your standard dry pellets, but also freeze-dried pellets and freeze-dried goodies.

The Orijen dry dog food line comprises the following products:

  • Puppy
  • Puppy Large
  • Original
  • Six Fish
  • Regional Red
  • Tundra
  • Fit & Trim
  • Senior

13. Field And Forest

The Field and Forest brand is a subsidiary of Montego, but it offers a unique range of flavors and product possibilities.

Field and Forest is a grain-free, extremely nutritional blend of healthy, traditionally made dog food (comes in 2 kg, 7 kg, and 12 kg bags)

  • Adult
  • Large Breed Puppy
  • Small Breed Puppy


Online purchasing has changed the way we live. We no longer need to slog to the nearest store, navigating traffic and lines, simply to get something we’ve run out of.

We can now sit at our computers, hit a button, and the items will be delivered to our home! Pet food is no exception.

That concludes the definitive guide to making your next dog food buy. Whether it’s for your brand-new addition to the puppy family or you believe your dog requires a diet adjustment, you should be prepared to make the best decision for you and your dog.

While we’re on the subject of dog health and wellbeing, have you tried CBD oil for your pets? While CBD oils are not for everyone, there is no disputing that they are becoming a more popular approach to aid with anxiety, pain, and other issues.

If you are still unclear, or if your dog has particularly specialized needs, it is best to consult with your veterinarian first. They will be able to assist you in locating a dog food that will fit precisely into your dog’s diet while also keeping his or her body healthy.

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