The 10 Best Malls in Burlington Ontario

There’s no better way to think of shopping than by heading to a mall.

Whether you’re looking for the latest fashions at popular name brands, the best deals on electronics, or just want to do some window shopping and people watching, Burlington’s malls have something for everyone.

You’ll find everything from high-end fashion boutiques to discount department stores in this city of roughly 175,000 people, which is located about an hour west of downtown Toronto.

Burlington is home to a wide variety of shopping malls, which cater to many different tastes, ages, and needs.

Here you’ll find some of the best malls in Burlington and the surrounding area, including specialty outlets and malls featuring more than one major department store.

With such variety available, you’re sure to find something that suits your family.

1. Mapleview Shopping Centre

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Mapleview Shopping Centre is one of the best shopping malls in Burlington.

It has a great location, right off of highway 403 and beside the Queen Elizabeth Way, making it easily accessible from any direction.

It is also located in a very pretty area with a lot of nature around and it is close to Lake Ontario.

Mapleview Shopping Centre has a wide selection of stores and services that you may be looking for.

There are three large grocery stores: Fortinos, Zehrs, and Metro, all within walking distance of each other and both accessible from inside the mall.

There are many other stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Winners/Home Sense, Sport Check, Home Outfitters, Bed Bath & Beyond, and so on.

This mall does have everything you could need!

The favourite part about this mall is that it is not as busy as some other malls in the area like Square One or Oakville Place.

The parking lots are easy to get into and out of which makes driving here much less stressful than at other malls.

Although there are a lot of people here sometimes it never seems super busy inside like you would expect for a mall this size.

Address: 900 Maple Ave, Burlington, ON L7S 2J8, Canada

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2. Burlington Centre

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Burlington is a great place to shop, with lots of unique and exciting stores. But Burlington Centre is one of the best shopping malls in Burlington.

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in is the bright, open atmosphere. The space feels like a cross between an elegant mall and a hip urban plaza. It’s striking, but not intimidating.

Burlington Centre has everything you’d expect from a shopping mall: department stores, clothing stores, even a movie theatre.

In addition, there are also lots of speciality shops to explore — so many that you’re sure to find something you love.

One of the best things about Burlington Centre is the large food court: there are dozens of stalls offering everything from salads to soft-serve ice cream.

If you like eating at the mall while you shop, this is the place for you!

Overall, Burlington Centre is one of the top spots for shopping in Burlington. It’s a great place to explore or hang out with friends on any day of the week!

Address: 777 Guelph Line, Burlington, ON L7R 3N2, Canada

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3. Village Square

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Village Square is one of the best shopping malls in Burlington. There are a variety of stores, restaurants, and services that make for a good day out.

The mall offers free parking and is open from 9 am to 9 pm Monday through Saturday. Located centrally on Pearl Street, the mall is easy to reach from several directions, including the QEW highway.

Upon entering the Village Square Mall, you will be greeted with many different stores selling clothes for both men and women as well as speciality shops like shoe stores.

There are also many food options in this mall, including fast-food restaurants like Subway and Tim Hortons as well as sit-down restaurants such as Kelseys and Montana’s.

In addition to food options, there are many salons and services available within the mall.

Address: 418 Pearl St, Burlington, ON L7R 2N1, Canada

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4. Millcroft Shopping Centre

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When you’re looking for the best shopping in Burlington, Millcroft Shopping Centre is your destination.

From fashion to beauty to home decor and everything in between, you can find it all at Millcroft.

Millcroft Shopping Centre is a hub for all things shopping-related in Burlington.

Whether you are looking for a new outfit or some fresh new home decor ideas, Millcroft has it all.

You’ll always be able to find what you need at Millcroft Shopping Centre.

With great sales and events, Millcroft Shopping Centre is where Burlington goes shopping.

Address: 2000 Appleby Line, Burlington, ON L7L 6M6, Canada

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5. SmartCentres Burlington North

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SmartCentres Burlington North is one of the best shopping malls in Burlington and offers a wide range of stores from fashion to electronics.

There are popular clothing brands such as Winners and Marshalls which offer designer clothes at discounted prices.

There are also home decor and furniture stores like Home Sense, Home Outfitters, and Ashley Homestore, for all your furniture needs.

You can also find sports apparel at Sport Chek and Lululemon or get your electronics at Best Buy and The Source.

SmartCentres Burlington North is also home to many big-box retailers such as Walmart, Lowes, Costco, Canadian Tire, and Rona, which offers everything you need for DIY projects.

The mall is easily accessible as it is located right off the QEW and 403 Highways with plenty of free parking surrounding the building.

SmartCentres Burlington North also has many services such as urgent care centre, walk-in clinic, pharmacy, pet store, postal outlet, hair salon, and more.

The variety of services and stores makes SmartCentres Burlington North one of the best shopping destinations in Burlington.

Address: 4515 Dundas St, Burlington, ON L7M 5B4, Canada

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6. Appleby Village

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Appleby Village is one of the best shopping malls in Burlington. It is located at 5111 New St, Burlington, ON L7L 1V2, Canada.

It is one of the largest shopping malls in Burlington and has many stores such as Walmart, Metro, and Canadian Tire.

If you are looking for a good place to do your shopping, then there is no better place than Appleby Village. This mall has everything that you would need when it comes to shopping.

Many different stores sell different types of things so there will always be something for you to buy when you visit this mall.

This mall has been around since the year 1975 and it continues to grow every year with new shops opening up all over the place.

You can find almost anything that you want here including clothing, electronics, jewellery, and much more!

Address: 5111 New St, Burlington, ON L7L 1V2, Canada

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7. Headon Forest Shopping Centre

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Headon Forest Shopping Centre is the most exciting shopping mall in Burlington. From fashion to food and everything in between, you’ll find it all here.

This enclosed shopping centre is home to some of the best stores and services in Burlington including, Metro Grocery Store, Bell Canada, Starbucks, TD Canada Trust, Canadian Tire, and more.

It is one of the best shopping malls for fashion with a wide selection of women’s clothing stores to choose from including Laura, Bootlegger, and Addition Elle.

Men can look their best too with Tip Top Tailors, Moores Clothing for Men, and more.

Address: 3450 Dundas St, Burlington, ON L7M 4B8, Canada

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8. Mount Royal Plaza

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Mount Royal Plaza is one of the best shopping malls in Burlington. Located on Mt Forest Dr, it is a convenient place to meet friends and relatives, browse products and purchase what you need.

The best part about the mall is that it provides an indoor environment while being outside at the same time. There are no glass walls or ceilings, just an open-air plaza where you can stroll around.

There are also many restaurants inside the mall. You can choose from fast-food chains like A&W and KFC as well as sit-down restaurants like Swiss Chalet or Montana’s Cookhouse.

Also located within Mount Royal Plaza is a pet store called Pet Valu where you can buy pet supplies such as dog food and cat litter.

The food court has delicious meals available for both lunch and dinner hours, with plenty of seating areas to sit at while enjoying your meal!

There are lots of shops located inside Mount Royal Plaza too; some include clothing stores such as H&M or Aeropostale, electronics stores like Best Buy Canada Ltd. which sells cell phones tablets computers, and more!

There’s also Canadian Tire Corporation Limited which sells everything from tires for your vehicle to garden tools like shovels rakes etc.

Address: 2047 Mt Forest Dr, Burlington, ON L7P 1H4, Canada

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9. Appleby Crossing

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If you are looking for a place to shop and have a great time, this is the place to go. It has everything from clothing stores to bookstores. There is also a food court that offers all kinds of cuisines.

The mall offers many different shops and services. There are many clothing stores like H&M and Le Chateau that offer trendy clothes.

They have a wide range of sizes so you will always find something to fit your style.

Appleby Crossing also has several restaurants like Harvey’s or Patio Burritos which offer delicious meals at reasonable prices.

There is also a food court with many different food options such as sushi or Chinese food. You can enjoy your meal while watching the latest movie at Scotiabank Theatre in Appleby Crossing!

There are also many beauty stores like Sephora or Bath & Body Works to find everything you need for your body care routine from hair products to makeup tools and makeup itself!

The mall also offers salons like Andy’s Hair Designing where they can help you with haircuts or colour treatments if needed!

Address: 2435 Appleby Line, Burlington, ON L7L 0B6, Canada

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10. Burlington Power Centre

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The mall has everything you need to have a great time and is very easy to get to and all the shops you could ever want are there.

One of the best things about Burlington Power Centre is that it is so easy to get to.

It’s located at 1250 Brant St, Burlington, ON L7P 1X8, which means that no matter where you live in Halton Region, you can get there within 30 minutes or less.

If you take public transit, the Burlington bus terminal is right across from Burlington Power Centre and has multiple buses that go directly to and from the mall every day.

The next great thing about Burlington Power Centre is how many stores it has. There are some high-end brands like Gucci and Versace, but there are also more affordable stores like Aldo and Forever 21.

For children, there are plenty of toy stores like Toys R Us and Mastermind and clothing stores like Carter’s Babies & Kids, Gap Kids, and H&M Kids.

For adults, there are clothing stores like American Eagle Outfitters and Roots Canada as well as shoe stores such as Aldo Shoes or Clarks Shoes for Men & Women.

Address: 1250 Brant St, Burlington, ON L7P 1X8, Canada

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