Top 11 Best Nursing Colleges in Cape Town

Are you looking for the best nursing colleges in Cape Town? This post have a comprehensive list of several of the best known nursing schools in Cape Town.

Finding the best nursing colleges in Cape Town isn’t easy. This is due to the large number of questionable institutions available within this industry.

From our experience, we know how hard it is to find good institutions that can prepare you for a successful career as a nurse. That’s why we’ve carefully reviewed all the nursing colleges available in Cape town and found the best ones.

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The 11 Best Nursing Colleges in Cape Town

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If you’re looking for a nursing career, chances are you’re going to have to decide on a college. And you probably have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. We know, we know — because we have been there once too.

Nursing schools are expensive, so it’s only natural that you do your research when it comes to making this important decision. So let me help you out: here is a list of the best nursing colleges in Cape Town.

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1. University of the Western Cape

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When it comes to nursing, one of the most important factors is experience. This can be gained through working in a hospital or even just observing the professionals at work.

The University of the Western Cape is one of the few schools in the city that offers a broad range of courses to get you ready for this profession located at Robert Sobukwe Rd, Bellville, Cape Town, 7535, South Africa.

The University boasts facilities unlike any other offering a complete learning experience, from laboratories, lecture halls and all the way to sports arenas.

The school is also unique in that it caters for local and international students through its partnership with universities, such as Harvard and Yale, which gives students an opportunity to gain exposure on an international level.

The nursing department at UWC is one of the best in the country boasting years of experience and skill in producing some of South Africa’s top nurses.

It has been noted that graduates from this institution have gone on to achieve distinctions in many fields including management positions within hospitals worldwide.

There are many careers available to you when you choose to study at this institution as they offer courses relating not just to nursing but in health sciences related fields as well.

It is possible to acquire courses such as paramedic training and doctor assistant degrees which open up further opportunities for you after graduation.

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2. New Hope School Of Nursing

New Hope School Of Nursing located at 17 Old Stanhope Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708, South Africa, is one of the best nursing colleges in Cape Town. The school offers a range of nursing courses and is registered with the Department of Health to deliver a variety of qualifications up to the certificate level.

New Hope School Of Nursing is one of the best Nursing Colleges in Cape Town. it is a private school with affordable fee’s and has proven itself to produce some of the best nurses in South Africa, especially around the Cape town region.

Using this school as a means of studying nursing can help you achieve your career goals and dreams. The staff and lecturers are amongst the best in South Africa, having worked at some of the most desirable and reputable hospitals in Cape Town.

A degree from New Hope School Of Nursing will provide you with a great platform to start a rewarding and much needed career in nursing. These programs have been designed to prepare students to become confident, competent and professional nurses that can cater to individuals who need their services.

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3. Northlink College

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The Northlink College is considered one of the premium nursing colleges in the South Africa. It is a private educational institution which offers various diploma courses in various professional fields. The institution is based in Western Cape, South Africa (80 Voortrekker Rd, Bellville, Cape Town, 7530, South Africa) and has an amazing campus to offer.

The school accommodates students from all over the world and provides them with an interactive learning experience as they are taught by experienced staff members. The school provides guidance to its students so that they can make a great career out of their education at the college.

Besides giving lecturers, the college also has different clubs for its students to join, allowing them to interact with other people who have similar interests as them. The institution encourages collaboration and interaction among its students so that they can also become better at working together and help each other out.

4. Healthnicon College Inparow

The Healthnicon College Inparow has been uncompromising in the teaching practices with a hope to raise giants in the hospice care industry. The school is situated at 118 Voortrekker Rd, Parow, Cape Town, 7500, South Africa and offers a variety of programmes ranging from diploma to degree levels.

There are currently four colleges in health sciences at the school namely; Health Sciences, Management & Information Technology, Accounting & Financial Services and Applied Medical Sciences.

Healthnicon College Inparow is committed to producing quality professionals who will be able to serve the community with excellence. The college aims at providing students with practical skills and theoretical knowledge in order to equip them with the necessary knowledge and qualifications they need to enhance their career prospects after graduation.

While most of the courses are nationally accredited, some of them are internationally recognized such as; Diploma in Business Studies (DipBus), Bachelor of Science in Management Studies (BSc), Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) and Bachelor of Science Nursing (BScN).

Healthnicon College Inparow has an excellent reputation when it comes to training world class nurses and healthcare professionals due to its commitment to offer cutting-edge facilities and a modern classroom setting that rivals some of the best universities in the world.

5. Cape Peninsula University of Technology

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Cape Peninsula University of Technology has been in existence for years and has consistently produced highly skilled and qualified nursing personnel. The university has the best nursing colleges in Cape Town.

The university offers a variety of courses in nursing, including the Bachelor of Nursing Science degree program and the Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing Program. The university’s vision is to produce excellent human resources for the healthcare industry, with their core mission being to raise highly trained professionals in the field of nursing.

Taught by qualified and experienced lecturers who are also practitioners in their field, students at this university receive hands on training that prepares them to be the professional nurses they aspire to be.

Internationally accredited, Cape Peninsula University of Technology is an award winning higher education institution that is continually advancing its curriculum to keep up with the latest developments in a fast changing world.

6. Victoria Hospital Wynberg Training School for Nurses

The Victoria Hospital Wynberg Training School for Nurses is a one of the best nursing college situated at Wynberg, Cape Town, 7800, South Africa. The school has cutting edge training facilities and educational manual with a primary aim of raising highly trained professional for a great career in nursing.

Victoria Hospital Wynberg Training School for Nurses offers a range of academic programmes that are designed to prepare you for your career as a nurse. Their academic programmes are fully accredited by the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

The academic programme is offered in three phases: Phase I (Nursing Technician Training), Phase II (Nurse Assistant) and Phase III (Registered Nurse).

Victoria Hospital Wynberg Training School for Nurses’ two-year nursing diploma prepares graduates to provide nursing care to patients in all settings, from hospitals and clinics to municipalities, healthcare institutions and private homes.

Victoria Hospital Wynberg Training School for Nurses’ comprehensive course material ensures that you can make an immediate impact on the healthcare industry after graduation.

Measuring up at Victoria Hospital Wynberg Training School for Nurses gives you access to the most innovative learning facilities in Cape Town. Their facilities include computer labs, laboratory and clinical skills areas, as well as an anatomy room, where you’ll learn about human health and anatomy at a fundamental level.

7. Western Cape College Of Nursing

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Are you looking for a nursing school that offers quality education and best practices? Then Western Cape College of Nursing is the right choice for you.

Western Cape College of Nursing has some of the best facilities, tutors and staff to make sure that each student gets the best education possible. It is located at Klipfontein Rd, Heideveld, Cape Town, 7764, South Africa.

The College is supported by some of the most highly acclaimed lecturers who have vast experience in the healthcare field. These lecturers make sure that students are taught everything they need to know to be successful in the field.

Being in South Africa, this college is approved by the relevant medical bodies in South Africa. This means that all the courses being taught here are of high standards and quality.

Tailored to suit the needs of both local and international students, WCCN has been offering a wide range of academic programs that cater for all needs. Western Cape College of Nursing also provides career services and further learning opportunities for adults who want to further their education.

The College has an excellent library that allows students to have easy access to any book or information they need at any time. The Library also offers students with study space where they can feel comfortable while doing their assignments or studying course materials.

8. Kayamandi Elderly Nursing College

Looking for the Best Nursing Colleges In Cape Town? Need Nursing Training At Affordable Fees? Then Kayamandi Elderly Nursing College Is The Best College For You!

Kayamandi Elderly Nursing College provides nursing training at affordable fees. Their nursing school accepts applicants from any part of South Africa. We have close proximity to all the major hospitals in Cape Town and our facilities are top-notch. The staff is friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to help you.

With there is a limited number of nursing schools and high tuition fees, many individuals are not able to obtain the same level of education as their colleagues who come from wealthier backgrounds. Most nursing students come from disadvantaged communities where they either have to do without expensive equipment or attend colleges with poor infrastructure.

Kayamandi Nursing College provides a platform for these students to gain entry into the nursing profession by providing them with the proper training at a fraction of the normal cost. Kayamandi Nursing College aim is to increase the number of nurses in South Africa who received proper training and become more competent.

9. Kingsway College

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Finding a good nursing college in Cape Town is never an easy task and it can be confusing. Kingsway College is one of the best nursing college in Cape Town, South Africa. This is because they have built their reputation on providing their students with the best and most up to date training available.

Kingsway college offers premium quality nursing education and training that is second to none with graduates who are highly sought after by employers in the industry.

Kingsway College has some of the best facilities available and they are constantly improving them so that they can ensure that their students get all of the help they need to become skilled, qualified nurses when they graduate.

Kingsway College has used its expertise to develop a new approach to nursing education. The result is an innovative, high-quality program that is efficient, effective and affordable.

The College produces stellar results for students – graduates consistently perform well in national exams and go on to secure employment at some of South Africa’s top hospitals in various areas of health care.

10. Sarleh Dollie Nursing College

The school is located at Tygerberg, Glenlily, Cape Town, 7501, South Africa. Nursing schools in Cape Town are among the best in the country, providing students with all the necessary learning materials to be able to pass their examinations.

Sarleh Dollie Nursing College is one of the nursing schools in Cape town that offer several courses such as diploma, bachelor’s degree and a post-graduate studies program.

They follow a strict timetable for each course, which includes theory and practical sessions. The faculty members are very dedicated in helping their students learn every concept taught through various methods of teaching.

The high level of commitment shown by faculty members coupled with the efficient student support programs makes Sarleh Dollie Nursing College one of the finest nursing colleges in Cape Town.

Last word

If you would like to make a difference in a person’s life, then becoming a nurse is the right career choice for you. Nurses touch the lives of people every day and are very much in demand. Nursing colleges should be your first and foremost destination if you wish to become a nurse.

When choosing a nursing college or university to attend, it is important to research a program in depth, so you can make a decision that is right for your needs.

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