The 10 Best Online Clothing Stores in South Africa

If you’re looking for the best online clothing stores in South Africa, we’ve got you covered. There’s nothing better than shopping for clothes for a new season.

Online clothing stores in South Africa are convenient and often less expensive than regular brick-and-mortar stores. You can browse through hundreds of items at a time without having to leave your home or office.

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With all the new trends and styles, it can be a little overwhelming to find what you’re looking for at the stores. That’s where online fashion comes in and this is why we have compiled our list of the best online clothing stores in South Africa.

With so many clothing options from top-notch stores and brands, you can shop for the latest trends, or hunt down that perfect classic piece that you’ve been searching for.

These local stores have everything from trendy streetwear to chic tops, dresses, pants, and more. From the most popular brands to the latest sales, these are the best online clothing stores in South Africa.

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10 Best Online Clothing Shopping Sites in South Africa

We all have different tastes in fashion, and we have different budgets to work with too.

Finding an online clothing store that fits your style and your budget can be a tricky proposition, but with so many options out there, it’s not impossible to find one that works for you.

This article takes a look at the top 10 clothing websites in South Africa, helping you shop smarter by narrowing down your choices based on price and style.

After considering this list, you’ll never want to browse the web without it again!

1. Zana

Zana is a young company, started by two friends (Sue and Robyn Britz) in 2012, who wanted to bring an affordable, on-trend women’s clothing line to market. The brand has gained popularity because of its approachability and fantastic customer service

The online clothing store has many products on offer including tops, bottoms, dresses, knitwear, and outerwear. The online clothing store offers free delivery in South Africa with a delivery time of 48 hours after being dispatched.

The website also allows users to track their orders by providing a tracking number that is emailed to them once the order has been shipped. Zana also offers free shipping to selected countries including Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, and Luxembourg among others.

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2. Superbalist

Founded by Luke Jedeikin and Claude Hanan in 2010, Superbalist is an online platform that sells a carefully curated selection of clothing, accessories, and furniture.

Their range is large enough to suit many different tastes but small enough to stay on top of trends. If you’re looking for something new but don’t want to sift through hours upon hours of items, then Superbalist will be a breath of fresh air.

You can also sign up for their newsletter if you want to get alerted when your favorite items go on sale. They can also ship overseas so feel free to give them a try even if you don’t live in South Africa!

3. Makoya Brands

Makoya Brands is an online fashion store that sells men’s and women’s clothing, including shoes and accessories. The products available on Makoya Brands are all made with high-quality materials and with attention to detail.

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of pants or a shirt to wear out to an event, you’ll find a variety of options on Makoya Brands’ website.

If you need assistance with any purchases from their site or if you’re just not happy with your order once it arrives, they have amazing customer service representatives who can help solve any problems quickly.

Their site is very easy to navigate, which makes finding what you need quick and easy. The search function on their site is very useful for finding specific products too.

Plus, if you’re not happy with your order, they offer a money-back guarantee as well as an exchange or return policy that can make ordering from them even more convenient!

4. Label Collections

Label Collections is an online clothing store that sells men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel. It offers a wide range of clothing such as shirts, pants, dresses, shorts and much more.

Labels Collections also sells accessories like shoes, sunglasses, and bags. And if you are a shoe lover like me then you will be glad to know that Label Collections also offers several footwear collections including boots, sneakers, and sandals at affordable prices.

They have some good sales on men’s wear all year round with discounts up to 80% off which makes it one of my favorite online shopping destinations for buying trendy menswear.

They are not just an online clothing store but also offer a great collection of shoes and accessories for men, women, and children.

They have a section for both trendy clothes as well as clothes for corporate wear at great prices which makes it one of my top choices when it comes to buying casual clothes from any brand.

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5. Zaful SA

Whether you’re looking for affordable women’s clothing or men’s clothing, there are a few online stores that are worth checking out. Zaful is one of those stores.

The website sells everything from swimwear to dresses, from lingerie to boots and accessories. There’s something for everyone! For example, their women’s clothing section has an array of trendy dresses perfect for any event and any season.

They have long maxi dresses for summertime and short cocktail dresses that are great for parties or a night out on town. Their variety of styles ensures that there’s something for every woman who wants to look good while staying on budget.

And with hundreds of styles to choose from, you’ll find one that will suit your tastes!

6. Hello Pretty

It’s quite challenging to stand out from other clothing stores when you’re selling clothes online.

Hello Pretty is different. It offers a range of beautiful party dresses and evening gowns, as well as daywear with feminine details that are easy to wear.

Selling women’s clothing and fashion accessories, Hello Pretty has a range of cute items to choose from. From skirts and dresses to tops and sweaters, their collection includes many different products you can pair together for an effortlessly chic look.

Their goal is to make men and women feel confident by providing stylish outfits that flatter all shapes and sizes, with sizes ranging from extra small to plus size.

Hello Pretty offers countrywide shipping so you can send items as gifts or buy from any part of South Africa! With a price range between R100-R200, Hello Pretty is one of the best online clothing stores in South Africa for cheap prices as well as for high-quality clothes.

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7. Zando

Launched in 2012, Zando has grown to become one of South Africa’s most popular online clothing stores.

With a range that includes business wear and casual attire for men, women, and children, it’s safe to say you won’t leave your home empty-handed.

What separates Zando from its competitors? When you buy something on Zando, you help make a difference by contributing funds towards helping those who are less fortunate than yourself.

Even better – if you find yourself with clothing that doesn’t fit or no longer suits your tastes, Zando will help make sure your old clothes go to people who can use them instead of being thrown away. Do shop here!

8. MRP

MR Price, better known as MRP, is one of the largest clothing retailers in South Africa. The brand has stores across our borders.

Choose from a wide range of over-2000 products available at MRP stores to suit your wardrobe and lifestyle needs!

Buy women’s wear and children’s wear; designer handbags; men’s and ladies’ casual and formal attire for business suits.

Find jeans for every occasion. MRP even sells home décor items such as mattresses, quilts, and bedsheets – anything you need to furnish or update your home or office!

You can shop from a selection of affordable linen curtains to colorful pillows which will make any room feel new again!

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9. Planet54

Planet54 is an online clothing store that sells all your favorite brands. Whether you are looking for jeans, dresses, tops, or shirts, you can find them here. The prices are extremely reasonable with a super low delivery fee!

There are more than 40 top local and international brands to choose from so you will be spoilt for choice at Planet54 online clothing store. Find over 3000 items in stock, including women’s clothing and men’s t-shirts and shoes.

They also offer personal styling services so you can browse through different styles without having to do all of your searchings by yourself – and they deliver to every major city across South Africa (Johannesburg, Pretoria & Cape Town) making them one of South Africa’s best online clothing stores!

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10. H&M

H&M is an internationally renowned retailer that, as of September 2016, operates over 2,300 stores in 69 countries.

The company sells a wide range of apparel for men, women, and children, including suits and accessories. Customers can order online or visit one of H&M’s physical stores.

Once your order has been placed you will receive confirmation via email and your items will be shipped within three to five days after they are made available to you at the H&M store.

With H&M, you can browse a wide selection of stylish clothing for both men and women at fantastic prices. Whether you’re looking for affordable underwear or comfortable shoes, H&M has something to suit all your needs.

They have an excellent customer service department, so if there’s anything you need to know or want advice on, they’ll be happy to help. The customer service team will also arrange a refund if needed and they are very responsive to messages and emails!

If you want easy online shopping without having to pay extortionate amounts of money, then definitely check out H&M online today!

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