Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Tanzania 2022

Are you a student or a parent looking for the best secondary schools in Tanzania? This post is for you since it discusses the top best secondary schools in Tanzania and what you should know about them.

If you search the internet for the best secondary schools in Tanzania, you will notice that there are numerous lists available, but what distinguishes this article from others is that we have discussed how this list was compiled and the factors that were considered during the preparation of this post.

As a result, you do not need to hurry; instead, take your time and read over this list, including everything we have mentioned.

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What You Should Know About the Best Secondary Schools in Tanzania

Responsible parents and guardians understand that sending their children and wards to the best secondary schools in Tanzania is one of the best things they can do for their children and wards.

This is due to the fact that secondary education is a highly sensitive stage, and children must be sent to a school that understands what education is all about and emphasizes the development of students above making money from them.

With so many secondary schools in Tanzania , deciding on the best school for your kid has always been tough and time-consuming.

What you should know about private secondary schools in Tanzania

If you reside in Tanzania and are familiar with the education system, you will know that private schools have traditionally been at the top of Tanzanian education at the secondary level.

Some of these private secondary schools in Tanzania exist only to earn money from students; they lack the resources to fulfill the academic requirements of these pupils, including the emotional and psychological elements of their academic development.

However, you may be interested to hear that there are other schools, both private and public, that have lifted the bar and established the benchmark for excellent education in Tanzania. These schools may be found in each of Tanzania’s 26 regions.

They have proved to be excellent schools by offering nearly everything needed for students to progress significantly in their secondary level of education, which is one of the most essential levels of education for anybody.

Despite the epidemic that resulted in a worldwide lockdown, several of these schools were able to retain their position and continue to provide excellent education via accessible methods.

This is the primary driving reason for creating this post to list some of the best secondary schools in Tanzania to assist you as a prospective secondary school student pick the best school that fits your academic objectives or as a parent choose the best school for your children or wards.

How the Best Secondary Schools in Tanzania are Chosen

Some criteria must be examined before a school can be called one of the best secondary schools in Tanzania or elsewhere in the globe.

An impartial committee evaluated the schools on this ranking based on three major criteria.

  • The primary pillar of this rating is the performance of students from the schools in national and international examinations during the previous year.
  • Another factor taken into account was the quality of graduates from these schools in the previous year.
  • This is in relation to how the alumni from the schools have given to humanity in the last year, as well as whether they have been accepted and how many of them have obtained admittance into tertiary institutions and other recognised academic-related organizations.
  • The final major factor examined was the administration of each school – how they have been able to preserve stability in the school and shown excellent leadership abilities and stability in the management of school operations.

List of the Best Secondary Schools In Tanzania

  • Ali Hassan Mwinyi Elite Schools (AHMES Secondary)
  • James Sangu Girls Secondary School
  • Loyola High School
  • East Coast Secondary School
  • School of St. Jude
  • Al Muntazir Schools
  • Shaaban Robert Secondary School
  • Hasanga Boys Secondary School
  • Montfort Agricultural Secondary School
  • Baobab Secondary School

10 Best Secondary Schools In Tanzania

This list is arranged in no particular order, Enjoy the reading

1. Ali Hassan Mwinyi Elite Schools

Ali Hassan Mwinyi Elite Schools well-recognized as one of best secondary schools in Tanzania. It is constantly ranking among one the top secondary schools in Tanzania. The school is located in Kitopeni, Bagamoyo – Pwani.

“Ali Hassan Mwinyi Elite Schools (AHMES) is a school that cares for and educates both boys and girls on its campuses.

They offer high-quality mental, physical, and spiritual education to young people, and they bring them together through cooperation in academics, sports, and culture, regardless of gender, status, ethnicity, religion, or political philosophy” AHMES Secondary School

Ali Hassan Mwinyi Elite Schools (AHMES) is a boarding school, so all students live in the school building under the supervision of members of the school. Loyola is also one of the best schools in Tanzania and the costal region in general.

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2. James Sangu Girls Secondary School

James Sangu Girls Secondary School is one of the best secondary schools in Tanzania, located in Mbozi, Songwe region.
Known as one of the foremost privately-owned secondary schools in Tanzania, James Sangu Girls Secondary School takes the lead in providing quality, all-round education for pupils.

James Sangu Girls students recorded an excellent performance in the recently concluded 2020 NECTA examinations. The students, as always, recorded an outstanding feat in all examinations with a spread of Division one and two in all subjects.

James Sangu Girls Secondary School vision is to become a leading and exemplary secondary school in teaching, producing dependable graduates and implementing the national objectives for secondary education.

3. Loyola High School

Loyola High School is one among best secondary schools in Tanzania dedicated to establishing the benchmark for world-class education, with an emphasis on enabling students to become effective learners who love studying, as well as outstanding people who can live safe, healthy, and happy lives.

This school offers a suitable environment for concentrated study, large sports fields, and artistically built buildings that match the natural beauty of the school’s surroundings.

As a result, it is both attractive and functional as an educational learning environment. This is evident in the fact that the School has ranked first in Tanzania for NECTA examinations for the last ten years.

4. East Coast Secondary School

East Coast Secondary School is one of the top secondary schools in Tanzania that provides education of world-class standards in a caring environment, using the best local and foreign facilities to train the next generation of leaders for our country and the African continent.

The school was established in January, 2004 and registered S.1498 with the Ministry Of Education and Vocational Training in March, 2005 by expatriates who wanted to offer quality education with respect to Tanzanian standards.

The school is located in Lulanzi, Morogoro, where students engage in activities beyond the classroom walls. Students participate in various sports, arts, debates and other activities to improve creativity and develop teamwork spirit.

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5. School of St. Jude

This school is driven by the mission of graduating inquisitive, balanced and outstanding students with the ability to think critically and solve problems with a goal to becoming God-fearing global leaders, entrepreneurs and successful adults. School of St. Jude employs the Tanzanian curriculum that is enriched with Standard UK English and Science curriculum.

School of St. Jude’s mission is to offer academic opportunities to orphans and the least fortunate, and they do so via a logical system that incorporates both Tanzanian and Western education. This is why school of St. Jude has made into the list of the best secondary schools in Tanzania.

The School works hard to maintain a high moral and spiritual standards. The aim of the school is to provide total education for the student by teaching tolerance, peaceful co-existence and leadership lessons to prepare the students for the future.

6. Al Muntazir Schools

Another best secondary schools in Tanzania, formed in July 1994, the CBE is responsible for leading and managing the Al Muntazir Schools in order to provide the finest secular and religious education possible to all students entrusted to its care.

Al Muntazir Schools, named after the Shia Twelfth Imam, is a group of private schools in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, offering education from pre-school to A-levels. The Shia Ithna’sheri Jamaat, Central Board of Education established and operates it (CBE).

Their curriculum is based on the specified Tanzanian National Policy on education with additional programmes like leadership training as well as personal and social education.

They have a wide variety of academic subjects which are delivered to the students by a dedicated and professional staff. They have provision for both boarding and day students.

7. Shaaban Robert Secondary School

Shaaban Robert Secondary School is another best secondary school on the list. Tanzania has a number of terrific secondary schools, one of which is Dar es Salaam School.

For those in Dar es Salaam who are seeking a good secondary school, Shaaban Robert Secondary School may be what you’re looking for.

The school was named after the well-known Tanzanian poet and novelist, Shaaban Bin Robert, and also admits students of both genders. You don’t have to worry about the entrance procedure, since the institution welcomes both boys and girls.

For parents who think that having a diverse classroom promotes a better learning environment for their children, you may take them to a school such as this, where students may interact with students of all genders.

8. Hasanga Boys Secondary School

Hasanga Boys Secondary School as the name implies is an All boys School committed to the excellence, Social, Psychological, and physical development of it’s students in a bid to making them responsible and impact driven members of the society.

In addition, the Hasanga Boys Secondary School boasts of a very conducive environment, ultra modern facilities, high profile teachers, outstanding performance in not only academics, but Sports, Drama, and other extra curricular activities.

The School is committed to developing it’s students, and providing these students with resources to become critical thinkers and lifelong learner’s through an International inquiry based programme of learning.

9. Montfort Agricultural Secondary School

It was established in 1988 on 538 acres (2.15 km2) of government-provided land by the Indian branch of the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel.
As of 2005, the school provides instruction up to the O-Level level. There are 318 students, 30% of whom are female and 30% of them are Muslim.

There are boarding facilities for males with a total capacity of 87 pupils, but there are none for girls. There are 24 faculty members.

The school’s primary source of revenue comes from the school farm. Orchards, paddy fields, animals (cows, oxen, pigs, and chicks), and fish ponds comprise the farm.

Mbarali Rice Farms, a subsidiary of the National Food Corporation, provides irrigation from the neighboring hamlet of Ubaruku (NAFCO).

The Montfort Agricultural Secondary School is classified as one of the most prestigious private schools in the country and western Africa, with students from families of extreme wealth and political power.

10. Baobab Secondary School

Baobab Secondary School is a boarding school for girls exclusively, located in the Bagamoyo area (which is not too far from Dar Es Salaam).

Baobab Secondary School is the leading all girls secondary School in Tanzania in a bid to promote the advancement of women through quality, functional, and effective education.

The School is also committed to inculcating in the girl child the pursuit of perfection and excellence, to raise a generation of young women who will uphold the dignity of labour, and develop with basic qualities of Independence, and also contribute positively to the Society.

In conclusion, while there are numerous other best secondary schools in Tanzania, the aforementioned ten are merely the writer’s opinion and do not preclude other schools from being considered top tier secondary schools, nor does it imply that the aforementioned ten are the best in Tanzania, as things can change over time.

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