Top 10 Best Security Companies in Cape Town 2022

Looking for the best security companies in Cape Town? – In today’s world, safety is a growing worry. Whenever a new infrastructure is built, whether it is an office building, a gated community, or an independent villa, security is the first priority for everyone.

Choosing the proper security company services provider in Cape Town is an important decision that will have a big impact on the safety of your office, society, or house, as well as the list of benefits that come with it.

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It is critical to select a provider who is dedicated to the success of your security program as well as your specific company culture.

Discover the 10 Best Security Companies In South Africa

You should analyze everything from the company’s historical reputation and workforce size to the quality of the security guards and the company’s ability to employ technology to improve safety.

Safety is a top priority for all of us, whether we’re at home, at work, or at an event. It is critical to have security personnel and gadgets in place to provide us with peace of mind.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best security companies in Cape Town for you. We chose those who can secure your property in a professional and knowledgeable manner.

In addition, we chose those with outstanding communication, high-quality security products, and positive Google customer reviews.

Without further ado, here are the top security companies in Cape Town! Before you go remember to check out 14 Best Courier Companies In South Africa

10 Best Security Companies in Cape Town 2021

1. Fidelity Security Cape Town

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Fidelity Security is a well-known name in the security profession in Cape Town.

Fidelity Security provides MNCs, Corporates, Banks & Financial Institutions, Embassies, Star Properties, Pharmaceutical Companies, and large industries with Security Analysis, Security Testing and Consulting, Guarding, Facility & Fleet Management, Background Screening, Corporate Intelligence & Investigations.

It was founded in 1957 and has since evolved to become one of the best security companies in Cape Town.

Fidelity Security offers the following services at 50 Govan Mbeki Rd, Phillipi, Cape Town, 7750, South Africa: Cash management, cash transit security, residential and commercial security, extensive parking management, airport and port security services, and retail transaction security solutions are all available.

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2. TSU Protection Services

One of the leading security companies in Cape Town, founded in 1999 and headquartered at Cnr. Borcherds Quarry Rd and Montreal Drive, Airport Industria, Cape Town, 7490, South Africa.

TSU Protection Services’ endeavor since then has been to provide efficient yet cost effective solutions to all of the Clients’ security-related needs through carefully selected, medically fit, highly trained, and proactive guarding personnel who are impeccably uniformed, suitably equipped, and closely supervised guarding personnel.

TSU Protection Services offers a wide range of specialized security and protection services, including close protection for company executives, dignitaries, and high-profile individuals, as well as specialist armed response.

TSU also has a booming security consultancy segment that helps companies reduce risk by doing skilled security risk assessments.

TSU has very high standards and service levels, and it is employed by blue chip companies all across Cape Town that know the value that the appropriate security partner can bring to their business.

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3. SJC Security services

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SJC Security Services, based at 9 Roslyn St, Brackenfell, Cape Town, 7560, South Africa, is one of the leading security companies in Cape Town.

SJC Security Services is a professional security firm that specializes in and focuses on individual and business clients who demand personalized, high-quality service at reasonable pricing.

SJC Security Services provides tailor-made packages that meet the specific demands of each client, ensuring that the service package is constructed to the client’s satisfaction and with ‘value for money’ as a precondition.

Security guarding, security systems, security guards, security alarm systems, armed response systems, armed response service, monitoring services, security equipment services, and security devices are all available.

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4. Deep Blue Security

Deep Blue Security is one of the best security companies in Cape Town, South Africa, primarily serving the Hout Bay valley, Marina da Gama, and the other regions listed.

Deep Blue Security offers surveillance cameras, cctv cameras, access control, gate automation, security guard services, security companies, security cameras, armed response, alarm systems, security guards, armed guard, security system installation, armed security, and home security systems.

They provide both private and commercial security services for malls, estates, street patrols, and so on. The company’s headquarters are located in Shop 5, Bay Beach Centre, Beach Cresent, Hout Bay, South Africa, 7806.

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5. Zone Security

Zone Security is a privately owned security service business known for offering the best security and other services in and around Cape Town.

The company’s headquarters are located at 1 Gabriel Rd, Plumstead, Cape Town, 7800, South Africa. As one of the top security companies in Cape Town, the company has the best force of 200+ highly trained individuals.

Currently, the company is one of the largest manpower security companies in Cape Town, with clients in industries such as E&C, FMCG, heavy industries, mining, and steel, among others.

Over the years, it has constantly given the best and most unrivaled security services to hotels, banks, residential colonies, retail, and other commercial enterprises.

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6. Secure Rite Security

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Secure Rite Security, located at 34b Victoria St, Audas Estate, Cape Town, 7130, South Africa, is one of the leading security companies in Cape Town.

Secure Rite Security has always sought to provide the best and top-tier security services to its diverse customers through a strong dedication to quality, innovation, and good training, as well as rigorous adherence to national and international standards.

With a team of roughly 30 people, it provides exceptional services and solutions that are combined with absolute integrity and sound quality.

Secure Rite specializes in the installation and monitoring of cutting-edge CCTV technology for commercial and private properties in Cape Town areas.

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8. HALT Group (Security Services)

HALT Group, located at 27 Main St, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550, South Africa, is one of the top ten best security companies in Cape Town. HALT Group has always intended and worked to serve its clients with the highest quality services.

It is also a privately owned Cape Town company that is well-known for the high quality of work it provides. The company has many clients all across Cape Town and is committed to providing the most dependable services to its clients.

Armed security, home security systems, cctv cameras, security system installation, access control, armed guard, security companies, gate automation, surveillance cameras, security guard services, alarm systems, armed response, security guards, security camera are some of the services offered.

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The company is supported by a workforce of over 300 highly trained and skilled individuals who have also lifted the company’s standards to new heights.

HALT Group’s work is of high quality, full of innovation, security, perfect integrity, and sound quality, which has helped it successfully attract clients.

All of these aspects combine to make the company one of the top ten security companies in Cape Town.

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9. Star Home Protectors & Star Rapid Response

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Star Home Protectors & Star Rapid Response is a privately held security service provider based at 62 Blaauwberg Rd, Table View, Cape Town, South Africa.

The company is well-known for offering the best security and other services in and around Cape Town. Since its inception, the company has been a pioneer in the field of workforce management.

The company is well-known in the field of talent development and security services, and it has a reputation for offering the best services to its consumers over the years. The company has a strong presence in Cape Town and is hence one of the top ten security companies in Cape Town.

Alarm Installation, Alarm Monitoring, Armed Reaction, CCTV Installations, and CCTV Monitoring are all services offered by the company. All of this places the company among the top ten security companies in Cape Town.

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10. Premier security

Premier security is located in Cape Town’s southern suburbs at 395 Main Rd, Retreat, Cape Town, 7965, South Africa.

Premier security is a significant security firm that is also well-known for providing the best digital security in Cape Town. The company is a well-known and well-respected name in the sector of security spaces in Cape Town.

The fireball security company is one of the most well-known and respected names in the digital security industry, offering a wide range of services such as fleet and facility management, security testing, corporate investigation, guarding, products and systems, security consulting, and star properties.

All of these characteristics combine to make the company one of the best security companies in Cape Town.

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How To Choose the Best Security Company in Cape Town

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1. Determine whether or not your security company is licensed.

It is unlawful for any agency or group to operate without a license. As a result, the first thing to double-check is whether or not the agency is licensed.

According to the license, every security business in Cape Town must have supervisors who have received the requisite training and have the necessary abilities to ensure their guards are performing their duties as intended.

The statute specifies the conditions that would qualify or disqualify a guard, as well as the desired health condition and clothing code for guards.

2. Determine the guard attrition rate.

Guard attrition is fairly high in the security sector. This is due to reasons such as stress, low earnings, a lack of work security, and a lack of progress.

Checking the attrition rate of a security company in Cape Town is an important must. As a general rule, the rate of attrition is related to the agency’s dependability.

3. Request a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

SLAs define what the Cape Town security firm will and will not give to their consumers. The deal will cover everything, from video surveillance to guard control gadgets for their guard patrol.

SLAs also assist you in managing business processes for increased efficiency because they clearly describe established procedures in the event of an incident. As a result, it is critical that you are given with a SLA.

4. Ensure service quality

A double check on the quality of service before hiring a security company in Cape Town will pay dividends in the long term.

However, how do you assure that the service is of high quality? Here are some questions to ask to help you build trust: How is a guard’s misconduct dealt with? How well do they train them to deal with unexpected and stressful situations?

Is every security guard licensed? The responses will assist the decision-making team in understanding the quality of the service provided.

5. Check to see if the agency follows government regulations.

No questions asked, any security company in Cape Town must follow the basic rules of the state government. While various companies have different minimum working hours for its agencies, a minimum of 8 hours each shift is required.

6. Determine whether the agency is focused on providing excellent customer service.

Before hiring an agency, always go with the one whose top concern is customer service. A excellent customer service oriented agency will prioritize its consumers and positive experiences. Check to see if the agency responds to customer questions and complaints in a polite and efficient manner.

7. Determine the primary focus of the security company.

One of the most crucial questions to answer is, ‘What is the primary objective of the security company?’

… Is it merely security or do you provide other services as well? There are a few security companies in Cape Town that provide security as a secondary service. However, when looking for a security company in Cape Town, your main priority should always be the protection of your property or community.

8. Inquire about the security equipment that is being employed.

While looking for the best security firm in Cape Town, you should look into the equipment that is utilized to ensure the housing society’s safety.

Is it security hardware, manual checks, or an app-based security app? Because of the constant increase in crime rates, a sophisticated, high-end security system is always required to protect the community.

As a result, it is strongly advised to select a company that offers the most up-to-date and well tested security equipment.

9. Evaluate their responsiveness.

Even if all of the above criteria are met, they are rendered null and void if a guard fails to respond effectively during an emergency.

In the event of an emergency, the crucial differentiator is how the security firm manages the situation and fixes the issue. At all times, a security firm in Cape Town should be responsive to any notifications!

10. Think about the Budget

Choose an agency that meets your budget and delivers the level of security you require. Many agencies charge exorbitant fees and guarantee high-level security, but the cost is not justified.

Price is unimportant if the quality of service is uncompromised. To ensure better safety, discover the correct trade-off between quality and cost.

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