46 Best Small Business Ideas You Can Start at Home in 2022

Working from home (WFH) allows you to be flexible, these small business ideas will help you, whether you want to supplement your income with a side hustle or create a full-time business. WFH allows you to be your own boss and set your own hours, depending on the services or goods you sell.

Remote employment is the way of the future. Indeed, up to 74% of working professionals anticipate WFH to remain. You will not only save money on travel and office space, but you will also achieve greater work-life balance. The independence that comes with owning your own business will allow you to spend time working on something you actually enjoy and care about — the workplace’s utopian ideal!

Setting up your own business from the comfort of your own home allows you to thoroughly consider your alternatives and plan. Maybe you want to establish your own business and want to be a successful entrepreneur. Whatever you decide, be sure you’re enthusiastic about it and have the means to make it a reality.

Are you stuck for ideas or waiting for inspiration? We’ve put together a list of the best 46 small business you can start from home.

Small business ideas in media and marketing

1. Blogging

If you’re passionate about something and have a strong command of the English language, blogging may be your big break! You may construct your own website from start or utilize a website builder to handle the hard work for you – the key is to identify your specialty.

It’s doubtful that you’ll become an instant success with blogging, but with the appropriate tools and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, you might start generating a profit. Some of the most successful bloggers in the field earn up to $50,000 a year – a nice sum for doing something you enjoy!

2. Freelance writer

Working as a freelance writer, whether part-time or full-time, allows you to create flexible work schedules.

To find jobs, you may either engage with a recruiting agency or look for them on employment sites like Upwork and Copify. It is critical that you choose your specialty and whether you will be producing B2B marketing copy or content marketing copy. If you take the independent path, you must create a brand for yourself and make your profile stand out among other copywriter freelancers. Building relationships and a strong portfolio is the foundation of every successful writing career.

We’ve all seen the’struggling writer’ on TV who spends all day at a coffee shop, but don’t be misled! Copywriting and content writing are constantly in great demand, and as you gain expertise, you’ll begin to create a loyal clientele.

3. Podcasting

If you currently have a company or a blog, starting a podcast is a simple method to increase traffic to your site. Though podcasting may be done as a stand-alone profession, it will be more profitable and successful if you combine it with something else you already do. If your voice is already known, podcasting might provide you a significant advantage over competitors in your niche.

4. Influencer in social media

If you currently have a sizable following across your social media networks, it’s time to capitalize on it! Instagram and TikTok are two of the most popular sites for aspiring influencers, or those who use social media to promote items or brands.

Influencers frequently make the most money through affiliate marketing, so connect with and cooperate with businesses that match your specialty well.

5. YouTuber

If you can get into the appropriate area and have a flair for generating relevant and engaging material, YouTube is a fantastic business opportunity. Once you start gaining subscribers, you’ll be able to monetize your audience and earn money from advertisements and affiliate marketing on your channel.

6. Photographer

Being a photographer is a simple way to make money while also developing your creative side, whether you do it as part of a content marketing gig or as your own business. Begin by developing a website, a portfolio, and a consistent customer base to promote your skills.

7. Digital marketing manager

If you’re well-versed in SEO, advertising, and B2B/B2C, a job in digital marketing is just up your alley! You may either work for corporations and recruiting agencies as a freelancer or start your own business where you work for yourself.

8. Ghostwriter

If you’re excellent at editing, writing, and grammar and want to make some additional money in your spare time, ghostwriting is a fantastic path to take. You’ll also need to grasp your clients’ idea and turn it into a reality on paper, so start by developing your portfolio and obtaining a few references.

9. Freelance PPC consultant

Freelance PPC consultants, like SEO experts, will have a flair for marketing and optimizing advertising for PPC campaigns. It will be simpler to get into this job if you already have a history in advertising, but there are numerous online courses available to help you learn more.

10. Publish an eBook

Writing a book is no longer limited to literary greats; with the development of the Ebook, anybody with a passion for writing may now write their own books. It’s never been easier to get your name out there, and you can do it from your favorite coffee shop or from the comfort of your own home! When it comes to getting your book out there, you have two options: employ marketers to do the legwork for you, or use Amazon’s promotional services for a fixed fee.

11. Transcription services

If you’re a quick reader and proofreader, selling transcribing services is a simple method to supplement your income. You can work for clients as a freelancer and on a variety of assignments, such as transcribing podcasts and radio interviews.

12. Proofreader

Proofreaders are needed to ensure that the text is succinct and clear of grammatical mistakes or misspellings in this relatively straightforward industry. If you’re always pointing out your friends’ language errors, being a proofreader could be a good fit.

13. Bid writer

Bid writers are in more demand than ever before, and an increasing number of businesses choose to use freelancers rather than permanent workers. You must have prior expertise with PQQs and tenders, but you may always take online courses to brush up on your abilities.

B2B services and agencies

14. B2B agency/startup

Running a start-up or B2B agency might be in your future if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding company ideas. This path requires a lot more patience and time than others, but if you have a strong business strategy and can fund your start-up expenditures, it is possible.

Whether you operate as part of a team of small company owners or do it alone, strive to find your specialty and specialize – the market is saturated with the big fish of the agency world, so specialization eliminates some of the competition.

15. Virtual call centre agent

If you want to work from home, being a virtual call center agent might be the next step for you. Call center agents are constantly in great demand and may quickly obtain employment through recruiting agencies, making them ideal for students or anyone wanting to balance work with other obligations.

16. SEO expert

SEO is popular in the worlds of marketing and business, so if you have experience, capitalize on it! You may begin by freelancing or starting your own business – seasoned experts can earn up to $81,000 per year!

17. Online bookkeeping

If you enjoy numbers and accounting, a job as a bookkeeper might be ideal for you. Because you’ll be working with a company’s ledgers and transactions, you’ll need to be familiar with money, although online courses are accessible for those who wish to learn more.

18. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are often self-employed individuals who work from home to assist small business owners or clients. You’ll typically get paid on an hourly basis, but you’ll have the option of working remotely and managing other responsibilities as well.

19. Virtual assistant

Motivational speaking might be your next career if you’ve had a life-changing event or have intriguing stories to tell. Build a brand around yourself and advertise why you’re valuable to potential clients; what value does your speaking provide, and how can others develop and learn from it?

Personal business and services

20. Dropshipping

Drop shipping is an excellent business for earning passive money since it entails purchasing items from a seller and selling them on several internet platforms (without ever handling them). Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify are some of the most prominent dropshipping websites.

The good news is that this form of selling takes less cash and can be scaled more easily. If you want to be successful, you’ll need a good business plan in place, but it’s worth it — top eCommerce merchants may earn up to £100k per year.

21. Online crafts vendor

If you have the ability to produce homemade items, you should try selling your wares to supplement your income. Being an online craft vendor can be highly beneficial if you have a product marketing strategy in place and know what sort of business you’re operating.

Maybe you wish to offer personalized t-shirts or Christmas decorations online – the option is yours!

22. Mobile hair and beauty services

Do you enjoy doing your hair and makeup? If this is the case, providing your services to the general public might be an easy method to earn money while doing something you enjoy! If you are talented in nails or hairdressing, you may either provide mobile services or work towards opening your own salon from home.

23. Online bakeshop

During the epidemic, online meal delivery has surged, and it appears to be a trend that will continue. So, if you enjoy baking, now is the time to start your own business! You can advertise your items on social media and eventually get a spot on Deliveroo or Uber Eats.

The greatest small businesses constantly remain ahead of their competitors, so research your industry and see if there is something unique you can offer foodies in your region.

24. Uber driver

If you’re searching for part-time job, being an Uber driver is a wonderful way to make quick money while working your own schedule. Whether you choose to work for a food delivery service like Deliveroo or Uber Eats or as a cab driver, this profession provides a degree of freedom that is difficult to find.

25. Personal trainer

Do you consider yourself to be a budding fitness enthusiast? If so, being a personal trainer might allow you to work in a popular and ever-changing sector. You’ll need to obtain a personal trainer license first, but after you do, you’ll have several alternatives. You may either create your own YouTube fitness channel or sell your skills to clients online – the decision is yours!

26. Personal shopper

Personal shopping may be a good fit for you if you have strong communication skills and an eye for detail. Your job will entail advising clients on the best products to purchase, so being up to date on the newest trends is essential.

27. Event organizer

An event planner profession is excellent for anybody who enjoys planning parties and gatherings. Event planning might be beneficial if you have an eye for design and the ability to make your client’s idea a reality.

28. Remote real estate agent

The emergence of the distant real estate agent is gathering steam. If you have strong communication and bargaining abilities, this career path might be great for you. If you have a degree, you are more likely to be accepted into a branch, although training is still accessible for individuals seeking to get experience.

29. Dog walker

Dog walkers have the pleasure of earning money for doing something they enjoy, which is ideal for animal lovers and students. As you become more well-known in your region, more and more people will begin to trust you with their pets, so work hard to establish a solid reputation.

30. Pet sitting

Pet sitting, like dog walking, is great for individuals who enjoy animals and is especially beneficial for teens or youngsters seeking for extra pocket money.

31. House sitting

House sitting is a simple profession that pays you for just watching over a house and making sure everything is in order!

32. Laundry services

Have you ever needed to use the laundromat? Because costs might be exorbitant at times, giving inexpensive laundry services to individuals in your neighborhood is sure to acquire momentum.

33. Laundry services

If you’re a natural cleaner, why not offer your skills to people in your community? Just make sure you vet the folks you’re giving your services to, guaranteeing your safety and well-being before entering their houses.

34. Daycare

If you have childcare expertise, starting your own daycare from home is a fantastic way to make money. You’ll need a natural connection with youngsters and patience, but with enough time, it might grow into a full-fledged company!

Babysitting is number 36 on the list.

Babysitting is ideal for college students or those wanting to supplement their income since it allows you to work from home and choose your own hours. Word of mouth is important in this business, so make sure you’re devoted and do what your parents say – this way, you’ll acquire even more clients!

35. Landscaping

If you have a natural talent for gardening, landscaping might be a fantastic method to supplement your income!

36. Food truck

Consider starting your own food truck if you have a flair for cooking. Make sure you first scout out your region to see what the newest cuisine trends are and what new you can add.

37. Catering services

Catering services, like launching a food truck, take a little more of a business strategy, and you’ll need a crew on hand to make it a reality. If you have the resources and catering, this might be a very successful company to start.

38. Man with a van (Delivery Service)

If you have a vehicle that you don’t use much, make the most of it by advertising delivery and removal services in your neighborhood to start making some additional money.

39. Tour guide

Being a tour guide offers you the freedom to pick your own hours and wax lyrical about your local area’s hotspots and history, which is ideal if you live in a major tourist location.

40. Airbnb

If you own two or more houses, listing one on Airbnb for tourists or travelers is an easy method to make a passive income. You will, however, need to maintain your Airbnb profile in order to become famous. Superhosts can make more money than normal sponsors. Increase your profit potential by keeping your listed houses spotless and constantly going the additional mile for your visitors.

Educational services and online learning

41. Online tutor

Whether you’re a college student or a degree holder, make the most of your expertise by becoming an online instructor! Use your topic knowledge to give distance learning to clients, accumulating referrals as you go to boost your popularity.

42. Educational course creator

The popularity of online courses has skyrocketed throughout the epidemic and appears to be here to stay. If you are an expert in a certain field or area, you may share your knowledge by teaching paid online courses. With enough expertise and popular reviews, your course development may become a full-time, profitable company!

43. Language and translation services

Offering language and translation services online is an easy method to generate money if you have the gift of being multilingual.

Small business ideas in Technology

44. App developer

If you’re good with computers and electronics, being an app developer might be a lucrative and interesting career path for you. You’ll need some technical knowledge, but seeing your code transform into a fully-fledged software will excite you and might lead to a lucrative income.

45. Freelance graphic designers

Combine your love of technology with your passion for design, and you may find yourself working as a freelance graphic designer in no time. Your everyday responsibilities will focus upon creating the layout and idea of publications and advertising, therefore you must be creative and have an eye for detail.

46. Web developer

If you have a passion for coding and computer languages, a career as a web developer might be a profitable one – senior developers can make about $107k per year!

Start a company checklist as the next stage.

Whether you operate alone or want to collaborate, it’s critical that you start your endeavor with a business checklist. A checklist, like a business plan, will lay out the road map for your internet company ideas, taking into account:

  • Resources required
  • Costs of money
  • Time
  • Structure of a company
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Unique selling points (USPs) Best business concepts
  • How RingCentral can assist your company

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