10 Best Stunt Scooters in 2022 for Driving Tricks

Scooters have existed in some form or another since the early 1900s. Those ancient scooters don’t look (or ride) like contemporary scooters, yet they’re functionally equivalent.

Scooters fell out of favor when bicycles got more cheap, but they’ve made a return in the past fifteen years or so. So much so that freestyle scootering is now as popular as skateboarding as a craze and sport.

There are many pleasures to be had freestyling on your scooter, but you won’t be able to accomplish it with a regular scooter. They’re too hefty and unbalanced to execute feats and stunts effectively. While you may collaborate with them, they are not the ideal place to begin.

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The popularity of freestyle scooters has resulted in the creation of stunt scooters that are specifically designed for stunts. Stunt scooters are lighter and more aerodynamic, allowing you to execute feats with more ease and agility. They are excellent for novices learning the ropes of freestyle scootering since they are built for freestyle.

Fortunately, stunt scooters aren’t too costly, and you can buy a great one for around $200. You’ve come to the correct spot if you want to start into freestyle scootering but don’t know what scooter to purchase.

In a Hurry? Here is Our Editor’s Choice

Albott Pro Scooters Stunt Scooter: The Stunt Scooter is constructed of high-quality steel and has a 21.7-inch Y-bar with non-slip TPE grips. The 3.9-inch wheels with ABEC-7 bearings are constructed of PU + PC and provide a smooth ride. The 360°handlebar allows for some amazing acrobatics.

Things to Think About

1. Size of the Scooter

Because not all individuals are the same size, not all scooters are the same size. Make certain that the scooter can hold your weight. You don’t want to purchase a scooter that is too big for a young adult. Stunt scooters aren’t too pricey. If you are concerned that your kid may outgrow a smaller scooter, wait until they are older before purchasing a more costly one.

2. Material of the Scooter

Metal is important. Most scooters will be constructed of aluminum since it is both strong and light. Steel may be used in the construction of more costly scooters. However, not all aluminum and steel are of the same quality. A higher metal grade implies more durability.

3. Weight of the Scooter

One of the most significant characteristics of a stunt scooter is its little weight. A hefty scooter will make performing feats and tricks more difficult, thus negating the point of purchasing a stunt scooter in the first place.

4. Wheels of the Scooter

Some wheels are more efficient than others. Purchase a scooter with well-designed wheels. Having excellent tires will also assist, since your tricks will put a lot of pressure on them.

5. Cost of the Scooter

More costly does not always imply superior. Sometimes you have to pay for a brand. The price of a scooter may be a fair indicator of its quality, but don’t allow it be your sole deciding factor. You should never go overboard with your spending.

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10 Best Stunt Scooters in 2021

1. Albott Pro Scooters Stunt Scooter

The Stunt Scooter is constructed of high-quality steel and has a 21.7-inch Y-bar with non-slip TPE grips. The 3.9-inch wheels with ABEC-7 bearings are constructed of PU + PC and provide a smooth ride. The 360°handlebar allows for some amazing acrobatics.

Unfortunately, the Y-bar is set at 22.9 inches and cannot be adjusted. To get the most out of it, make sure your kid is the appropriate height. The scooter weights 7.3 pounds, which may be too heavy for smaller children to utilize for trick riding.

What I truly appreciate about it is the design. Scooters, unlike bicycles, do not allow for much cosmetic modification. It’s really about the decals, and the deck has a fairly cool design that will appeal to guys and adolescents.

2. Vokul K1 Pro Stunt Scooter

We’re getting into more serious terrain with our scooters with the K1 Pro Stunt Scooter. This model is intended for children above the age of seven, as well as adolescents and adults who are serious about stunting.

The design isn’t spectacular, yet that’s what makes it stand out. Its dark metallic black hue conveys seriousness. The frame is a cut above the rest. The K1 frame is constructed of a variety of materials.

The Chromoly steel handlebar is robust enough to endure more difficult stunts. It features noiseless brakes, a T-6061 aluminum deck, and a forged alloy fork. The wheels are still constructed of PU, but they now feature ABEC-9 bearings, making them much more durable. This is a fantastic scooter.

The handlebar is 24 x 22 inches and is covered in easy-to-grab protective grips. The surface is also anti-slip treated to minimize the possibility of losing grip with your shoes. It also features a silent brake to bring you to a halt if you get into difficulty. This is an excellent scooter at an affordable price.

3. Dominator Bomber Pro Scooter

Another beginner-to-intermediate stunt scooter is the Dominator Bomber. This one is very strong and long-lasting. The deck of this scooter is made of military-grade metal and will endure a long time.

The major problem here is the wheels. Because the 100 mm wheels are constructed of plastic, they are less robust than the rest of the scooter. It’s not a big issue, but I’m afraid a big accident or a large pothole might ruin the wheels. Still, the price is unbeatable, and the performance is excellent.

The bar is 20 inches tall and 20 inches broad, making it somewhat larger than the X-3. The dimensions of the deck are 19.5 x 4.4. The bar’s rubber grips are both comfortable and durable. It can withstand a maximum weight of more than 200 pounds.

4. Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

I’ll be the first to confess that I’m not an expert in scooters. I know how to ride one, but stunts aren’t my strong suit. I do, however, understand what goes into creating a decent scooter. The Fuzion X-3 Pro is an entry-level scooter. It is cheap, making it an excellent option for those who are just getting started.

It features a 20 x 4-inch aluminum deck and handlebars with hand grips that are 18 inches long. Its wheels, however, are constructed of ABS polymer, which is not the finest material. These wheels will deteriorate with time and against abrasive surfaces.

The scooter weighs seven pounds but cannot hold more than 140 pounds of weight, making it unsuitable for adults. Because I weigh 160 pounds, I was unable to test it out for myself. However, for youngsters, this is a fantastic low-cost scooter that comes in a number of colors.

5. Madd Gear Carve Pro Stunt Scooter

This scooter is a lot of fun, but it’s actually intended for children, and it’s heavy enough that pros may want to reconsider. The Madd Gear Marvel Pro’s primary selling point is the superhero graphics painted on the metal.

Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and my personal favorite, Spider-Man, are all playable characters. The stunt scooter is made of solid metal, but it’s also very hefty – almost nine pounds.

This implies that younger children are unlikely to be able to do many feats. The comic book-style graphics should appeal to your child, but a teenager or adult may prefer something a bit lighter.

6. Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter

If you’re searching for a sturdy, dependable, and most importantly, lightweight stunt scooter, you should look into the Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter. This one is built to endure the most difficult stunts. How?

It features an aircraft-grade aluminum reinforced deck, bar, and clamp, 6061 aluminum 110 mm wheels, and an 18-gauge steel spring brake to guarantee a safe ride. It is very light, weighing just 6.4 pounds, and your child will like it. You may, however, appreciate this scooter since it can transport up to 220 pounds.

The deck is 19 by 4.5 inches in size, and the bar is 23 by 22 inches in size. The oil slick pattern on the wheels and under the clamp elevates this scooter to the level of a well-thought-out vehicle.

7. Lucky Prospect Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

The Prospect Complete Pro Stunt Scooter, like other Lucky Pro Scooters, is on the more expensive side, but the features more than make up for it.
The deck, bar, and clamp are composed of aircraft-grade aluminum, while the remainder of the scooter is constructed of tough alloy components.

The Lunar HollowCore 110 mm wheels provide a sturdy and safe riding, while the concave top deck provides a smooth ride. It is adorned with works by Northwest artist Shogo Ota.

The Prospect is 19.5 by 4.5 inches in size, and the bar is 24 by 23 inches in size. Steely brakes provide a quick stop when needed, and the fork is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, making this scooter very durable. This one is lightweight as well, at just 6.6 pounds, making it easy for youngsters to handle.

8. Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooters

The design of the Fuzion Z250 is a bit more interesting than that of the Vokul K1: mainly black with a few red accents. You may also choose from a palette of ten distinct colors. Awesome.

The scooter performs exactly as good as it seems. The robust aluminum deck and Chromoly steel handlebar are constructed of high-quality materials and are built to endure for years. The Z250 also features handlebar steel supports and hex grips, as well as a grip surface and high rebound 88a PU wheels on the aluminum deck.

This scooter features quiet, quick brakes on the rear wheel, making it simple to stop. The alloy core wheels are 110 mm in diameter and offer additional strength and durability. This is an excellent scooter that provides excellent performance at a reasonable price.

9. Xspec Complete Pro Stunt Kick Scooter

The Xspec Pro Stunt Kick Scooter features a unique design. The fork, wheels, and clamp are an oil slick hue, while the frame and deck are matte black. It is composed of a variety of materials that have been blended to produce a long-lasting stunt scooter.

The clamp is constructed of 6061 aluminum, while the shape is constructed of a strengthened steel alloy. The deck has a non-slip surface that provides a firm grip. The 88a high rebound PU wheels provide a smooth ride, while the ABEC-7 bearings increase the scooter’s stability during rapid rides.

The Pro Stunt Kick Scooter is light enough for youngsters to take about when not doing stunts, yet strong enough to support an adult’s weight. The metal flex fender brake guarantees that you may stop at any moment.

10. Envy Scooters KOS S6 Complete Scooter – Heist

The most costly model on the list is the Envy KOS S6 Complete Scooter. To complement the price rise, we discover an increase in wheel size, this time to 125 mm. Smooth polyurethane hollow core wheels are more durable and pleasant to ride on.

The metal deck with the 82.5-degree slant is one of the features I loved about this stunt scooter. It’s really useful while you’re spinning around in different tricks. Furthermore, the aluminum reaper bars are very robust and have a 26.5-inch height, allowing them to be used by adults as well.

Because the KOS S6 only comes in one color, there is no way for you to select which one you like. The scooter is a bit hefty at almost 9 pounds, which some people may not enjoy, and it is definitely too heavy to be a stunt scooter for youngsters. However, it will provide you with a thrilling ride and let you to do the feats you have always desired.


There are many scooters available on the market. This is by no means an exhaustive list of scooters, but they are among the finest on the market, with something to suit every need and price.
Whether you want an introduction scooter for your kid or you want to practice your skills at the skate park, this list is guaranteed to have a fantastic scooter for you. Have fun shopping!

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