8 Best Thermal Coffee Makers 2021 [Reviewed]

Some people prefer it to be spicy. Everyone prefers their coffee hot. Sure, we like a lovely, cold frappe here and then in the summer, but we all know that the essence of coffee is its hotness.

To be honest, I’d rather have a piping hot cup of coffee than a frappe any day of the week, especially in the summer.

However, there are occasions when you are compelled to drink cold coffee.

Here’s an example of a common circumstance. You get up early in the morning and go about your routine, which includes, of course, making some delicious coffee. Most of the time, you drink it right away, but sometimes your attention is diverted and you forget about your coffee.

When you finally come to, you’re greeted by an unpleasant surprise: a cold cup of coffee on your table!

There’s nothing else to do—you have to swallow it all all at once. My stomach overreacts to this, and I assume that all stomachs despise cold coffee.

But don’t worry, there is a solution: thermal coffee machines. These machines have a thermal carafe that retains the necessary heat. There’s no need to be concerned about cold coffee anymore, since your new thermal coffee maker will take care of it.

Review of the Best Thermal Coffee Makers 2021

1. Cuisinart Stainless Steel – Thermal Coffeemaker

This is, without a doubt, the hottest thermal coffee maker on the market! Of course, this is figuratively speaking. This Cuisinart 12-cup thermal coffee maker is one of the most popular coffee-related goods on the Internet. There is also an upgraded version that holds up to 14 cups for clients who enjoy throwing huge parties and entertaining a large number of guests.

This machine is available in a variety of hues, including normal silver, matte, copper, and white.

You will be able to select from a variety of strengths (bold and regular). Furthermore, this Cuisinart machine is programmed (up to 24 hours ahead of time) and includes a “self-cleaning” option. Obviously, no cleaning instructions are required for this Cuisinart product!

While the thermal carafe can store up to 12 cups, you can only prepare 4 cups at a time. In other words, you’ll need three “goes” to entirely fill it.

There’s also the “brew pause” feature, which is a little perplexing. It appears that it will allow you to pause the brewing process so that you may remove the carafe and pour some coffee that has already been brewed.

2. Bunn CSB3T – Speed Brew Platinum

This is a long-lasting thermal coffee maker! And if anything goes wrong, you’ll get your money back because this device comes with a 3-year warranty. It’s constructed and designed in the United States, which is another way of stating “all parts are produced in China,” although the former sounds much nicer.

The heated carafe has a capacity of 50 ounces, which leaves something to be desired. The good news is that all parts are dishwasher safe—yes, you’ll have to clean them by hand, unlike the Cuisinart models that offer a “self-clean” option. To be honest, I doubt there is a single product on the planet that does not require manual cleaning after a certain amount of time.

Because of its two walls and excellent insulation, the carafe should keep your coffee hot for around 2 hours.

Take note that the regular model does not contain coffee filters, pitchers, or basket filters, so you must purchase them separately.

This Bunn machine can brew up to 10 cups of coffee in under 4 minutes, which is a remarkable outcome. The company claims that it is considerably quicker than other items in its category. To be blunt, Bunn frequently discusses competition—for example, they claim that rival thermal coffee makers can surpass the 200 F threshold, which will damage the flavor of your coffee.

Their product, on the other hand, is temperature-controlled, resulting in a consistent brew and flavor. Finally, if you want to take advantage of the rapid brew option, you must leave this coffee machine on all day. This is why some customers believe it performs best in professional environments, but it wastes a lot of energy at home.

3. Cuisinart SS-20 – Thermal Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is unique in that it can brew both a complete carafe and a single cup of your favorite beverage! The carafe itself is a bit smaller, holding no more than 10 cups, but the options are much the same as with other Cuisinart thermal carafe devices.

This one, for example, has a “24-hour brewing start,” a self-cleaning option, and a variety of strength settings.The carafe has been modified so that you can always see how much water is left—via a “easy-view window.”

As always, the plastic used is BPA-free, so you don’t have to be concerned about your health. You will receive a three-year warranty, which is fantastic. Most other thermal coffee makers do not have this option, so Cuisinart deserves to be commended!

Let’s look at the single-serving option now. There are three cup sizes to select from (6, 8, or 10 ounces). The single-serve is K-Cup compatible and has its own filter, which is a plus. For individuals who are concerned about the environment, there is an energy-saving option.

Finally, there is a black version of this product, which appears to be extremely beautiful and sleek.

4. Bonavita – 5-cup Thermal Coffee Maker

This is most likely one of the best thermal coffee makers available for less than $100. For starters, it includes a one-touch brew option and an automated shut-off feature, so you won’t waste any energy with this one.

You’ll obtain the optimal brewing temperature (between 198 °F and 205 °F) with a precise and strong (1100 watt) heater.

The showerhead features a unique design that is excellent for small-batch extractions. This maker, according to the manufacturer, is “stainless steel-lined,” which I believe is another way of saying “we’ve put a lot of plastic in this thing.”

This showerhead will completely saturate the coffee grounds with water, ensuring optimal extraction.

Bonavita brews quickly, taking only 6 minutes to make a 5-cup carafe. The coffee you’ll drink after 6 minutes will be similar to, but not identical to, that of a pour-over, because Bonavita merely “mimics” the pour-over process.

5. Black+Decker – 12-cup Thermal Coffeemaker

12 cups is a type of industry standard for large-capacity items. Of course, the thermal carafe has double walls and is vacuum-sealed. The most essential feature, however, is the “no-drip Perfect Pour” technology. It’s as though Black + Decker read my previous evaluation, in which I noted that this is one of the most common faults with all carafes.

Aside from that, this is a normal thermal coffee maker-maybe it is a bit more compact than other large-capacity goods, so it looks a little weird with that enormous carafe and the maker’s body being a little small.

The water tank features a large aperture, allowing you to clean it easily. It’s a bit amusing that the company recommends cleaning it with a wet cloth. One would anticipate some high-tech equipment, yet it’s just a moist towel.

6. BUNN BT – Velocity Brew

This, in my humble view, is the most attractive product on my list! It features angular lines and is rather edgy.

Interestingly, the BUNN BT features a unique thermostat that allows it to function even at elevations above 5000 feet. The tank is constructed of stainless steel, while the handle is made of plastic. BUNN can brew up to 10 cups of coffee in under 3 minutes, making it one of the quickest items on the market.

Once again, the producer advertises that their product is constructed and developed in the United States, which differs from “manufactured in the United States.”

The tremendous pace of this product may occasionally cause major issues with plastic parts and the general quality of the coffee.

7. Ninja CM407 – Specialty Coffee Maker

This is my favorite product on the list, and I’ll be purchasing it soon!First and foremost, there is the name. Ninja. Exactly like that.

Of course, there are many more intriguing features, such as beverage variety—the Ninja CM407 will make lattes, cappuccinos, iced coffees, and so on. Furthermore, there is an option between a rich and traditional brew. In a nutshell, a rich brew is a stronger beverage.

There are six sizes available: a single cup, an XL single cup, an XL travel mug, a travel mug, a full carafe, and a half carafe. Do you know those people who just don’t know what they want to drink? They’re going to have a lot of difficulties with this Ninja creator!

You’ll also receive a fantastic milk frother (for all those lattes, cappuccinos, and other drinks). The Ninja CM407 does not require any pods.

This thermal coffee maker has Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology, which ensures perfect timing for coffee blooms, constant saturation, and temperature control. Ninja products have received the Specialty Coffee Association Home Brewer Certification as a result of this technology (SCA).

8. Hamilton Beach – Programmable Front Fill Coffee Maker

This is the conventional machine—what we all think of when we hear the phrase “coffee maker.” Hamilton has a very large water tank (12 cups). It offers three brewing choices and a programmable timer.

You’ll be able to pick between bold and ordinary coffee, as usual.

To guarantee optimum heat-sustaining capabilities, the manufacturer recommends rinsing the carafe with hot water before brewing. They also claim drip-free pouring, which is not always the case, so bear that in mind. I know this because I’ve seen one in action, and I’ve heard other people complain about it leaking when they’re pouring coffee. To be honest, most thermal coffee makers have this issue, so it’s not that big of a bother.

Finally, the thermal capabilities of the carafe are not very high. After approximately an hour, you might wish to re-heat your beverage.

Thermal Carafe vs Glass Carafe

It all comes down to the question of whether a thermal carafe is superior to a glass carafe. To begin with, double-wall isolation water tanks are sometimes significantly more costly than conventional glass water tanks. When one analyzes the costs of some of the aforementioned goods and their glass-carafe equivalents, this becomes clear. Thermal carafes have a tendency to increase in price, frequently considerably.

The glass does, in fact, provide some heat insulation. However, this is insufficient to keep your coffee warm for lengthy periods of time. The average insulated water tank, on the other hand, will keep your beverage warm for around 2 hours.

This is most likely their limit, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a company who provides a super thermal carafe that exceeds this criteria. Making a super-duper thermal water tank would most likely be too expensive and useless, at least for the typical user.

In other words, if you want to make a large amount of coffee at once that will keep you warm for extended periods of time, a thermal coffee machine is the ideal option.

Capacity: Of course, capacity is another factor to consider. The majority of the items on this list produce a beverage that is similar to pour-over coffee, which is, as we all know, fairly weak. It’s no surprise that Americans like brewing liters of coffee and sipping it throughout the day.

You should then select a large-capacity water tank. Don’t be fooled by the stats. 12 standard cups (which is the most common capacity) isn’t all that much when compared to 2 or 3 large coffee mugs.

On the other hand, if you just need one or two coffee cups, a smaller water tank is an option. You will also save money as a result of this.

Speed: Some of the goods on this list have a lot of capacity, but the speed isn’t there. If you want to buy a thermal coffee maker for your business, you need to think about its speed. The last thing you want is a long queue in front of the machine, with individuals waiting for their daily dosage for hours.

When applicable, I’ve highlighted the quickest coffee makers on my list. However, there are certain disadvantages to making coffee too rapidly! There’s a reason there’s a whole machine dedicated to it- espresso machines. The better the ground is, the more complicated the entire procedure is. The majority of thermal coffee makers are quite simple (and lack the power) to provide quality quick coffee.

So be wary when a manufacturer brags about their quick coffee maker.


Can I buy a thermal coffee maker with a grinder?

True, but these are a little more difficult to come by. Cuisinart does make a couple of good grind and brew machines (for example, the Cuisinart DGB-650 BC).Capresso is another option, but this company appears to be less serious and professional than the other manufacturers listed in this article. Therefore, I chose not to put it here.

What is the best manufacturer of thermal coffee makers?

This is almost certainly a Cuisinart. These people manufacture a large number of items in this category and sell a large number of them on a daily basis. I had to stop myself from listing 5 distinct Cuisinart items in this paragraph, since there are so many! Perhaps I’ll write a book about Cuisinart appliances.


That’s all there is to it; you’re now more than ready to go out and get the best thermal coffee maker you can find.

I’ve highlighted the top ten products, and I utilized numerous factors when conducting my studies. I have created a sort of breakdown of all the essential aspects to consider if you want to go out and get the finest product.

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