Register A Company With BRELA Online Registration System: BRELA ORS

What is BRELA Online Registration System BRELA ORS?

ORS is an abbreviation for Online Registration System, a system designed to harness the process of registering businesses in Tanzania under Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA)
BRELA Online Registration System (ORS) is equipped with the ability to register a new business name, update particulars of exiting business name, pay an annual maintenance fee, apply for the cessation of an existing business. With ORS you can update the information about your business name.

Advantages of BRELA Online Registration System (BRELA ORS)

  1. For the company, the system gives you capabilities to register a new company. You can change the particulars of an existing company. Ability to file company-related documents and annual returns to Tanzania business registration authority.
  2. The system enables you to apply for Industrial License, change particulars of existing Industrial License. You can file an annual progress report for your industry. BRELA’s system allows you to cancel an existing Industrial License.
  3. The system allows you to register service or trademark, file and upload mark related documents, ability to register patent rights. Allows you to file patent or utility model related documents.
  4. Besides the system allows you to apply and extract short or detailed information about the business name, company, industrial license, mark or patent. You can also order Mark index review.

Steps To Register a Company with BRELA Online Registration System (


To register your business in Tanzania via Online Business Registration System, first, you need to create a user account so you can be able to login into the system.
By creating a user account, the system allows you to register a business, make modifications, upload documents, download documents for your business and do more. Once you get your user account then you can start registering your business name, company, trademark or patent rights.
Disclaimer: Small Business Mate is not affiliated with BRELA, we earn no money for covering the steps on how to register a company in Tanzania. BRELA is a government agency.
Directors must have a National Identification Number (NIN) from NIDA and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) from TRA. Non-citizens must have passport number from their respective countries.
THEREFORE, for Registration of a company through an online registration system, one has to pass the following steps.

  1. The one responsible for handling the registration process must have a National Identification Number. Further, the shareholders and Directors must have National Identification Number and Tax Identification Numbers for Directors must be available too. Note if Directors are foreigners their Passport Number shall be
  2. Visit Online Registration System through BRELA website (BRELA), whereby in its display one has to click Limited company registration section to which as a new user has to open an ORS account.
  3. After opening an ORS account, one has to click for E-services for registered users to which one has to log in after he/she has entered the user name and
  4. Click start then select new e-services.
  5. Select “Company’’
  6. In the service type, select “Registration of New Company”, then Click
  7. In the display of company type, select the appropriate company type you intend to register E.g., Private Company Limited by shares then click
  8. The online registration form will be displayed to which one has to fill the specified field with a red asterisk /star sign (*).
  9. Make sure you save every entry by clicking the word save to avoid date
  10. In the applicant section, fill the representative statement whether is (Secretary/ Director/ agent).
  11. If the applicant can update the date in ORS Click “can update in ORS” button.
  12. On the information about the company section fill the accounting date and the company Name, if you managed to reserve the company name enter “Reservation Number”.
  13. Make sure the required fields are filled in the Section “Principal Place of business/registered office/registered office in Tanzania”.
  14. In the Business activity Section, Click Add to select business activities or objectives in accordance with ISIC
  15. On the Directors Section, click “Add” to add directors of the company. At least two (2)
  16. On the “company secretary” section, fill all the particulars of the Company
  17. On the “Authorized share capital” section of the company, select either ordinary or
  18. On a class of shares section, click “Add” and you have to specify the “number of shares’ and ‘value”.
  19. On the shareholder’s section, click “Add” to fill the particulars of the
  20. On “number of shares taken” particularize the number of shares for each shareholder by selecting the shareholder in the “select for a shareholder from the list” then select a class from “the select class of shares from the list” then click add “shareholder to the table below”
  21. On the persons who can update data on the ORS section, specify the person(s) who can update data in the system. If Directors/shareholders can update the data, click can update the data in ORS in each Director or shareholder information block and click
  22. The applicant has to wait for consolidation form to be generated.
  23. Download the consolidated form, print, sign and date the form then scans
  24. Download the Integrity form, sign and stamp
  25. Scan the MEMARTS (Memorandum Association and Articles of Association) and upload as attachments then click “proceed”.
  26. On the payment page, select payments Mode then click start payment. Few Minutes the control number/ invoice will be generated and make payment. Click on the view or download button to view the payment information or
  27. Once payment has been made, the application is automatically submitted to BRELA for
  28. Once the application has been submitted to BRELA and the payments made thereof, the application shifts automatically from my list to applications in the Left Menu Links of the Online Registration System
  29. IN the application one will see all applications made or submitted to BRELA through
  30. When the applicant     sees     in the finished      column   the word “YES” for the application means you have properly and successfully completed the application and you can access the result of the application that is downloading the certificate of incorporation by clicking view
  31. When in the finished column there appears the word No and under Task Name column: –
  32. Says Process and enter Recommendation that means your applications waiting to be assessed by BRELA processing officials.
  33. Says Make final decision means the application is on the final stages of approval by

These steps are somehow complicated therefore one has to contact the person who is conversant with an online company registration system for assistance particularly when is in front of the registration challenges.

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