20 Business Ideas in Uganda with Small Capital in 2022

Tired of working as an employee and wish to start your own business? We’ve gathered some of the most profitable business ideas in Uganda to help you get started on the right foot.

These businesses are great for first-time entrepreneurs because they are inexpensive to set up, require little upfront capital, and have proven track records of success.

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If you’re ready to take the leap, use these small business ideas in Uganda to determine which one is right for you!

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1. Open a Mini Supermarket

Think about where you live and work – you’re bound to have seen at least one small mini-market tucked away somewhere.

And mini-markets are big businesses, accounting for up to 80% of all retail spending in some developing countries.

You don’t need an MBA to be a market owner; as long as you can successfully navigate your way through licensing and trade restrictions, consider becoming your neighbourhood mini-market owner.

It’s easy and profitable!

Best of all, once you get started, it will take care of itself while still allowing you ample time for other interests.

2. Open an Internet Cafe

The number of internet users is growing by leaps and bounds, and so are their internet needs.

With an internet café, you can cater to them all; from light web surfers to full-on gamers.

You don’t need a huge investment to get started with an internet café; a computer or two, access to high-speed broadband, a Wi-Fi router, and an electricity supply will do.

Make sure your bandwidth is fast enough for streaming video as well.

Don’t worry about it being too difficult: you can hire qualified technicians at affordable rates in Uganda.

3. Sales of Mobile Phone Accessories

Accessory sales are particularly good for small businesses because there’s little to no overhead; you don’t need much capital to get started, and your inventory doesn’t take up much room.

These factors make mobile phone accessories a great option for entrepreneurs just starting.

The possibilities for business expansion are also quite vast, so once you build a reputation as a reliable seller of phone accessories, you can branch out into other related products like cases and chargers.

4. Open a General Store

General stores have been around for ages; however, with modern consumers’ increasing demand for convenience, general stores have taken on a whole new meaning.

If you are thinking of starting a small business, think about what daily necessities you might be able to sell door-to-door in your neighbourhood.

Packaged food and beverages, cleaning supplies, and toiletries are some good examples.

This type of store is also an ideal side hustle if you already work a day job as it requires very little overhead to get started.

Just find an affordable place to rent where there is high foot traffic (maybe near a school or subway station) and start selling!

Be sure to incorporate value-added services such as delivery or offering local discounts/promotions for repeat customers.

5. Sewing Machine Services

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, turn your talents into cash by offering services to local seamstresses.

You could do basic repairs, alter clothes or make custom designs.

If you’re interested in starting a business but not sure where to begin, start by determining what kind of business you’d like to run.

There are six basic types of businesses: service firms, wholesale firms, retailers and distributors, manufacturers and importers, and consulting businesses.

6. Egg Supply and Distribution Business

Selling eggs can be a great way to make money, especially if you have enough chickens to support it.

To start an egg supply and distribution business, provide individuals or businesses with fresh eggs that you collected from your chickens.

This business idea will take more investment than just buying a few chickens and collecting their eggs, but can be very profitable as well.

Plus, you’ll have plenty of fresh, natural eggs on hand to eat!

7. Computer Technical Support

Many businesses across Africa are facing computer problems with their hardware or software.

You can use your IT knowledge to provide technical support and resolve these issues.

To make money, you’ll also have to help customers install/reinstall certain software (particularly antivirus and operating systems).

You can charge a flat fee for simple services or bill on an hourly basis for more difficult jobs.

To get started, you may want to look for clients who might benefit from having a backup solution (in case their computers crash).

Make sure that you have all of your licenses in order and pass any certification exams required by your state.

8. Mobile Phone Repair Center

Cell phones can be an expensive investment, but they’re also a necessity.

Not everyone is good with fixing phones, but everyone has had their phone break at some point—and when that happens, you need a good place to take it.

Mobile phone repair centres (also known as cell phone repair centres) are great for turning into moneymaking businesses because they have built-in demand.

Everyone needs their phone fixed eventually, so mobile repair shops simply need to advertise themselves and keep customers coming back for repeat business.

9. Start a Hair Salon

A hair salon is a small business idea that can also be an interesting and fun home-based business idea.

You’ll need to have training as a hairstylist or cosmetologist and you’ll need some working capital.

However, a good business plan for a hair salon should have a very low startup cost – you just really need to pay attention to your overhead costs so that they don’t get out of control!

10. Computer Repair and Maintenance

The demand for computer repair and maintenance has exploded over recent years, especially due to the development of new technologies.

With all of these fancy computers and devices out there, they will inevitably need some help from time to time.

By starting a computer repair and maintenance business, you’ll be able to take advantage of these growing needs by offering customers high-quality services at reasonable prices.

You’ll also be able to customize your services to provide better solutions for your customers.

Best of all, starting a computer repair business is low-risk – even if you don’t have any experience yourself!

You can learn more about computers online or by taking classes at your local college or university.

11. Become a Virtual Assistant

Want to start a business that’s small and scalable? Consider working as a virtual assistant.

With so many companies and individuals hiring remote workers these days, there are plenty of opportunities to get started.

According to FlexJobs, one of The Top 10 Online Job Sites for Remote Jobs, freelancers can earn anywhere from $25-$100 an hour by providing administrative, creative, technical, and other services for clients across different industries.

If you already have expertise and relevant experience under your belt – like blogging or social media management – then becoming a virtual assistant is ideal for you.

Many experienced professionals also choose virtual assisting because it allows them to work flexible hours around their existing commitments or even as a second job!

12. Start a Profitable Blog

Do you want to make money online? Do you want to start a profitable business that gives you freedom, location independence, and security?

If yes, then blogging might be for you. There are hundreds of ways to monetize your blogging efforts.

You can become an affiliate marketer on other people’s products, sell advertising space on your site or brand yourself as an expert and sell your knowledge and experience via one-on-one coaching or training programs.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to turning your passion into profit.

13. Dairy Farming

Although most people think of dairy farms as large-scale operations, you can milk a cow on a small scale.

The animals only need to be milked once a day and milk production per cow isn’t that high — usually around one gallon per day.

Still, it could be enough to provide extra income for your family.

Just remember that caring for cows is time-consuming; you’ll have to milk them every day and make sure they get plenty of water and food throughout the day.

You may also want to consider feeding them grain since it gives them more energy and makes their milk taste better.

Although there are challenges associated with dairy farming, you could still make extra money from home if you wanted to get into it!

14. Poultry Farming Business

Poultry farming is one of the best business ideas you can consider. In addition to making a profit, it is also a source of income that provides enough work for yourself and your employees.

If you have land and equipment, you can start with as little as $1,000 to build your poultry business.

Chickens are easy to raise – just feed them food scraps and they will provide your family with eggs regularly.

The big benefit of raising chickens is that they provide fresh eggs each day while requiring very little care and space (1 square meter per bird).

Besides selling your home-grown birds, you can also sell fertilized eggs to farmers who don’t want to bother with incubation themselves or raise chicks from those eggs.

15. Bee Keeping Business

Beekeeping is one of those profitable businesses you can start with less than $200. One of the most rewarding and amazing businesses to run.

A simple beehive plus equipment costs between $70-200 while each package of bees costs $40-50 and that’s all you need to start a Beekeeping business in Uganda.

You’ll get honey, beeswax, and other products from your hives and these products will fetch you between 100 – 150% return on investment every year.

This is an amazing small business idea for anyone looking to invest less than $500 but expecting over 300% ROI annually.

16. Fish Farming Business

Fish farming is a lucrative business as you only need basic supplies and simple skills to get started.

To keep your fish healthy, it’s important to provide them with clean water, and a place to swim and feed.

Fish are cold-blooded animals and prefer water that is between 16 degrees Celsius (60 Fahrenheit) and 28 degrees Celsius (82 Fahrenheit).

The tank or container should be covered at night so that no light will enter. This will prevent algae from growing.

Use a thermometer to test your water regularly and maintain healthy temperatures during both day and night time hours.

Place plants around your pond so that they shade some of your pond’s surface area; they also serve as food for small fish.

17. Open a Restaurant

This small business idea is attractive to many because it doesn’t take much capital to get started, and you can easily run it from a smartphone or laptop.

In fact, for some micro restaurants, all you need is an idea, some basic kitchen equipment, and a food truck.

Also, licensing requirements vary from city to city so it’s easy to set up shop where permitting is lax.

18. Open Bakery Store

Did you know that one cake is sold every 2 seconds? To many people, cakes are a way to celebrate events and give expression to their feelings.

Even if it’s a just because gift, cakes still hold a special place in our hearts and make us feel loved.

If you have been looking for ideas on how to start a small business and want to work from home while being your boss, then starting a bakery store might be just what you need.

It won’t cost you much money to start up; all you will need is some time at first for research.

19. Become an Online Tutor

Start tutoring online and you can make money working from home or even on vacation.

If you’re an expert on a particular subject, like math, science, or English grammar, consider making money from home as an online tutor.

To get started, sign up for one of the many websites that will connect you with students and parents looking for help.

You can also create your tutoring website to advertise your services to interested parents directly.

From there, it’s just a matter of building your business—which is relatively low-cost—and making connections with families in need!

20. Open an E-Commerce Store

Starting a brick-and-mortar business takes up a lot of your time, effort, and money—not to mention that most retail businesses fail within five years.

But an e-commerce store lets you focus on what you do best: finding good products to sell, researching sales trends, and marketing your business.

E-commerce has become so popular because it’s a no-brainer for small businesses.

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