How to Start a Car Dealership in Nigeria 2022

This year, used car dealerships industry earned more than $118 billion in income. This business may be ideal for individuals who want to sell vehicles without having to go through a big automotive manufacturer’s franchise system.

Many used car dealerships are privately owned and include vehicles of different brands, models, conditions, and prices. As a result, there is lots of space for you to make the company your own.

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If you want to get started in this business, here are some of the fundamentals you need know.

Conduct Market Research

Before you can begin working as a used car dealer, you must first understand your market. You should first learn about the customers in your region. What kinds of vehicles are they searching for? Where does the issue of cost come into play? What draws them to a certain dealer?

Then you should familiarize yourself with the competition. Is there already a concentration of a certain kind of car dealer in your area? Is there a method for you to stand out in another manner, or should you concentrate on a less crowded market?

Select a Location

During your investigation, you should choose a site for your used car dealership. Ideally, it should be at a convenient location with ample car flow to attract consumers. Begin by obtaining a rough concept of the area you desire, then narrow your search to locate an open lot with adequate room for all of the vehicles you ultimately want to include in your inventory.

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Identify a Market

Even though many used car dealers are not particularly affiliated with a single vehicle manufacturer, you may find it beneficial to choose a specialty for your company. You might sell just one brand of car or perhaps only one pricing point. This will allow you to advertise to your target demographic more effectively. You may always expand into additional brands or pricing points as you grow.

Find Out More About Regulations

Used car dealerships must follow the Federal Trade Commission’s used car regulation, which says, among other things, that dealers must provide a buyer’s guide for each vehicle and enable customers to examine the vehicle before buying. Car dealerships are also subject to regulations in certain states and local municipalities. So, before you begin, make sure you’ve done your research on compliance requirements.

Register Your Company

To get started, you’ll need a company license, a dealer’s license, and you’ll probably need to register with your state’s DMV. Specific procedures differ depending on the state and local community. Check with your state and local governments, or speak with someone from your local chamber of commerce, to ensure you fulfill the standards in your region.

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Create an Inventory

When establishing a used car business, you are most likely not franchising with a vehicle manufacturer. As a result, you must get them on your own. Register with local auctions to locate low-cost automobiles to sell, or look for cars on social media. Most independent dealers will need to start small and gradually increase their inventory as they make money.

Jamie Jones, who has managed car dealerships throughout the United States for more than 25 years, said in a video, “As your cash flow grows, your workflow must grow.” That’s exactly how it works. You’ll have to crawl a little bit. Then you pick up the speed a little bit. Then you begin to walk. Then you start running.”

Create Purchasing Policies

Moving ahead, you’ll need to devise a strategy for maintaining your lot supplied with cars while without depleting all of your resources. Whether you are in charge of stocking your inventory or depend on a team member or partner to do so, it is critical to establish a limit or quantity.

In his book, Like I See It: Obstacles and Opportunities Shaping the Future of Retail Automotive, Dale Pollak said, “I suggest that every dealer impose a hard ceiling or restriction on their used car inventory investment.” Managers have X dollars to spend and manage in each given year.”

Create an Online Presence

Before visiting a dealership, today’s car buyers do extensive internet research. That implies there should be adequate information about your company and the goods it provides on the appropriate internet channels. Garrett Smith of RepCheckup believes that having accounts and correct information on online company directories, social media sites, and review platforms is critical. In order to drive more traffic to your dealership, you may also offer vehicles on your website and other marketplaces that customers can readily discover online.

Consider establishing a Service Department.

Used vehicles need more repairs and maintenance than newer ones. As a result, you have the potential to generate substantial additional revenue by providing a service facility directly at your dealership. This may be something you decide to launch after you’ve been growing your dealership’s revenue for a time. You’ll need a garage, some tools, and experienced mechanics to accomplish this. Then you might provide discounts or incentives to keep car purchasers returning to your service facilities rather than other auto repair businesses.

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