10 Cheapest Louis Vuitton Bags You Can Buy in 2022

Louis Vuitton handbags are some of the most popular and sought after luxury goods in the world, but the high price tags make them inaccessible to many fashionistas.

If you’re looking for a deal, however, you don’t have to sacrifice your desire for designer goods. It’s possible to find cheap Louis Vuitton handbags that are still authentic and durable.

Despite the fact that it’s one of the best-known fashion houses in history, Louis Vuitton has been creating affordable goods since its inception in 1854.

The company was originally founded as a trunk-maker and has sold hundreds of thousands of products at inexpensive prices for nearly two centuries. You can still buy cheap Louis Vuitton handbags without sacrificing quality or authenticity.

Carrying a designer bag doesn’t mean that you have loads of money for it. Sometimes, all you need to do is find one that can really cut the cost but still appear contemporary, stylish and fashionable.

Below is a list of the top 10 cheapest new Louis Vuitton handbags currently on the market.

The 10 Cheapest Louis Vuitton Bags Money Can Buy

1. Louis Vuitton Montsouris PM Backpack Price – $2,360


The Louis Vuitton Montsouris PM Backpack is a great choice if you want to get a stylish and trendy backpack at a low price. This bag has a zipped pocket on the inside and comfortable handles so you can carry it easily with one hand.

It also features an optional shoulder strap so you can wear it as a backpack when you need your hands free. Made of calfskin leather, this bag has silver-tone hardware and gold-tone studs around the zipper.

There’s also a detachable key ring attached to the front zipper to help keep your keys in place. This small backpack style is roomy enough to carry all of your essentials and more, making it perfect for everyday use or for going out on the weekend.

The Louis Vuitton Montsouris PM Backpack comes in different colors that you can choose from. This bag has a lot of compartments inside which will help you organize your personal stuff such as your ID card, credit cards, business cards, gum and even pens and pencils.

The zippers on this bag are very secure and they will not open by itself when the bag is placed on the ground. This bag is definitely worth the price because it can be used for many years without any damages to it.

2. Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM Price – $1,620

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The Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM is the perfect handbag for the lady with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle, and the good thing is, it is one the affordable handbag your money can buy.

One of the best features of this handbag is that it can hold everything that you need to take with you throughout your day. If you are going out at night and need to carry your keys, wallet, cell phone, makeup bag, and other essentials, you can fit them all in your Neverfull PM.

Another great feature of this bag is that it has a large zipper pocket on the inside. This pocket is very convenient to store your items because they will not fall out! The most important feature of the Neverfull PM line is that it can be worn on your shoulder or carried by hand.

The handles are very durable and can support heavy items. If you are looking for a bag that will last you a lifetime and make an excellent investment piece, then look no further than the Neverfull PM! The straps are made out of a durable nylon material that can safely carry up to 200 pounds (90 KG).

3. Louis Vuitton Easy Pouch on a Strap Price – $1,590


The Louis Vuitton Easy Pouch on a Strap is made from cowhide leather. The flap of this bag features a magnetic clasp which ensures that it stays securely closed.

This versatile bag can be worn in 12 different ways including over the shoulder, across your chest or as a clutch. The interior is lined in smooth calfskin leather and has one zipped pocket and one slip pocket to help you keep your belongings organized.

This practical and stylish bag will match any outfit and comes with an optional long strap so that you can change how you wear it depending on the occasion.

Maybe you are looking for a more affordable option or you are new to Louis Vuitton and want to test the waters with a less recognizable bag. This is definitely a good choice. The bag is still very nice and has the LV logo on it as well as being monogrammed.

4. Louis Vuitton MM Graceful Price – $1,560

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The Graceful is a larger sized handbag and one of the cheapest louis Vuitton handbag available in the market. It’s great to use as a weekend bag or even as a day bag.

It has plenty of room to carry all your essentials, and it is easy to get into and out of the handbag. This bag features an inside magnetic snap pocket that is perfect for securing your cell phone when you are out and about.

The inside also features textile lining that can be wiped down to clean off any spills or messes that may occur.

The outside of this handbag has a great look; it is made of Damier Azur coated canvas, which gives the bag structure and shape, but doesn’t add too much weight. The trim on the outside is made with natural cowhide leather, which gives the bag a rich and classic look.

The goldtone hardware adds just enough shine to make this handbag stand out and add some glamour. There are two handles on the Graceful; one long leather handle and one short, adjustable chain handle. You can choose whichever you prefer for carrying your handbag.

5. Louis Vuitton Graceful PM Price – $1,550


Louis Vuitton Graceful PM is one of the most popular bag models right now yet one of the affordable handbag money can buy. The reason for this popularity lies in its versatility and spacious design. Many people love this bag because of its beauty, simplicity, and practical use.

The Graceful PM has a simple elegance that adds to its charm. In fact, it was designed to be graceful, hence the name of the bag! The hobo-style tote bag comes with one long strap that can be worn on your shoulder or across the body.

The strap is simple yet elegant, just like the rest of the bag. The exterior of the LV bag features a coated canvas material that creates an understated LV look. Another special touch that Louis Vuitton added were two golden zippers on each side of the bag. These zippers are meant to create an even more graceful look to the bag, which is what inspired the name of this stylish purse!

Despite being made out of coated canvas, this LV bag is surprisingly durable and lightweight. The thick handles and straps are made from leather and therefore add to the overall durability of this iconic handbag. In terms of functionality, this LV handbag has plenty of space for all your belongings!

6. Louis Vuitton XUF Pochette Accessories Price – $1,550

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The XUF Pochette is a smaller sized bag that has a very novel design. It has a very unique appearance with its textured Monogram canvas and cowhide leather trim.

The size of this particular model makes it very easy to carry in your hand or on your shoulder. It is perfect for carrying all the smaller items you want to take with you on your travels.

The interior of the bag is lined with the signature coated canvas material Louis Vuitton uses in all their accessories bags. This provides you with a much sturdier base than other bags you may have used.

The reinforced bottom of the bag allows it to stand up on its own when set down instead of flopping around like other bags tend to do. This makes it easier for you to find what you need in your bag as everything is not jumbled together as they would be in other bags.

The silvertone hardware used on this model makes it more stylish, but more importantly, it helps make the bag more durable. It will last longer than other brands because of this feature. It also has an extra strap that comes with it that allows you to wear the bag across your chest if desired.

7. Louis Vuitton Petit Sac Plat Price – $1,490

The Louis Vuitton Petite Sac Plat is a bag that can be used day to day but also can be dressed up! If you are looking for a affordable LV handbag, more casual, vintage inspired LV look, then this is the perfect bag for you!

The Petite Sac Plat has a ton of space inside and can hold your wallet, phone, make up, and keys with no problem! This is an incredibly versatile bag, so if you’re not sure whether you want to invest in a Louis Vuitton, this bag is the perfect choice for you!

This bag will only cost you $1,490 which is considerably less than most other bags on this list. With any Louis Vuitton bag it is important to keep in mind that although the price might be lower than expected, it’s still going to last a long time and not need to be replaced!

The Petite Sac Plat features a nude leather exterior, the interior of the bag is also made in nude leather. It has a one large compartment, two open pockets on each side and an extra pocket underneath the flap.

There are gold-toned hardware throughout this item. A zipper closure completes the look. This classic Louis Vuitton bag comes with a dustbag and a booklet that includes information about the serial number and authenticity card.

8. Louis Vuitton Petit Noe Shoulder Bag Price – $1,400

Louis Vuitton Petit Noe Bag is a handbag that is shaped as a “Noe” which is the perfect Louis Vuitton bag for any occasion. This bag has become a classic that can be worn everyday and work great for work or casual events.

The Louis Vuitton Petit Noe comes in different styles and colors. This bag is made out of Monogram canvas which makes it lightweight, sturdy and scratch resistant.

This bag comes with both shoulder straps and handles making it easy to carry around. The Louis Vuitton Petit Noe Bag also comes with gold hardware that gives it an elegant look.

A satchel style Louis Vuitton Petit Noe Bag has three compartments inside, one zippered pocket on the inside, two open pockets on the inside and one zippered pocket on the outside.

The inside also has two small pouches on the side of the bag making this a roomy bag to hold all your essentials. This bag opens up to reveal two sections of leather on the inside which gives it an even more luxurious look. If you are looking for an everyday bag that will last you years than this is the perfect choice for you!

9. Louis Vuitton Felicie Pochette Price – $1,240

The Louis Vuitton Felicie Pochette is a beautiful, timeless, and classic bag. The most affordable Louis Vuitton bag your money can buy in 2021 is the Felicie Pochette priced at $1,240.

This piece is great for someone who wants that classic LV look with a fun twist. The Felicie Pochette features an envelope style flap which opens up to a bright color inside.

Also this LV bag can be worn crossbody or removed the strap and it becomes a cute clutch. While this bag is the cheapest LV bag on their website, it is still a beautiful piece and would be worth adding to your handbag collection!

The Louis Vuitton Felicie Pochette features a very classic shape. The shape of the bag is called a pochette, which basically means pocketbook. This is because the bag has a short strap that can be used as a wristlet or removed altogether to be carried as a clutch. The flap on this bag opens up to reveal a fun pop of color.

Toward the bottom of the interior there is one small patch pocket and two open pockets. The bag also comes with one long shoulder strap and one removable shoulder chain. All in all, this bag is definitely worth adding to your collection!

10. Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Handbag Price – $1,140

The Speedy 25 is made from Monogram Vernis leather, a glossy, grained leather that resembles patent leather. There’s nothing subtle about this bag — it’s meant to be noticed and it does so with its bold colors and designs.

It has a shiny finish, but without the crackling effect of patent leather. The interior is lined in canvas and includes one flat pocket and two open pockets inside the main compartment as well as one zipped pocket on the back of the bag near its bottom.

The Speedy 25’s exterior pockets include a patch pocket on either side of the bag with a signature “LV” on each patch; both have flap closures secured by snaps and tuck away small items like your cell phone or keys easily and securely.

The Speedy also features an additional exterior slip pocket on each side of the bag with an open slit for instant access to your belongings, exactly like those that can be found on the iconic Keepall.

The Speedy 25 is a timeless, elegant and sophisticated piece created from Louis Vuitton’s coveted monogram canvas. This timeless bag exudes a casual chic look, making it perfect for everyday use. Whether you are going to work or to the gym, the Speedy 25 is the perfect choice for you.

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