Job Description – Definition and Meaning of Job Description

You’ve probably heard the term “Job Description” for the first time, which is why you’re reading this page. If you Googled the keyword “What is a Job Description,” you would have discovered the definition below.

Description of the responsibilities associated with a given job.

Job description (JD) is a word often used by Human Resource Managers to describe a position’s tasks and responsibilities. defines

A thorough written description, agreed upon by management and the worker, of all the duties and obligations that comprise a certain job.

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Job Description Elements

A job description often contains the profile’s tasks and responsibilities, who the candidate will report to, pay range, qualification, skills necessary, and goals.

  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Qualification
  • Salary Range
  • Skills
  • Goals

The roles and duties listed in the JD are just intended to offer the candidate an idea of what a company is looking for in a prospective recruit. When the candidate joins the organization, he or she may be given new duties.

The qualification part of a job description covers the minimal qualification necessary for the job as well as the desired qualification.

Typically, a fixed pay is not specified in the Work Description; rather, HR managers indicate a compensation range that the candidate would receive after he starts the job. In most cases, people get paid depending on their existing CTC.

It also covers the talents needed to accomplish the job. In general, skills are a specific and, at times, the most essential component of a job description since, in technical positions, companies place a greater emphasis on abilities than qualifications.


Although it is recommended to write a JD for a job, it does have certain restrictions. A job description is inappropriate in the following scenarios.

  • For senior-level positions in which they must make judgments at their own level.
  • Companies in areas where technological development is rapid.
  • A profession that necessitates a dynamic individual capable of handling numerous duties in an organization.
  • The method through which an organization creates job descriptions may be inefficient.

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