All Drip Sneakers Price in South Africa 2022

It is a brand that is committed to designing the future in collaboration with consumers. Everything they produce is based on design and quality. They are approachable, and work with others to maximize our effect.

Drip is a rapidly expanding business that creates well-designed, appealing shoes for young people.

Lekau Sehoana, a young leader from Ivory Park in Tembisa, formed it in 2003.

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Image Credit: Drip South Africa

Sehoana began her company using just recycled materials. His first shoe was made from a ripped Adidas sneaker, which he reconstructed using denim and polyurethane.

His objective was to get out of poverty, not realizing that his business path was just beginning. +17 years of shoemaking later, DRIP has its own offices and staff who have sold over 3000 sneakers in 6 months.

Drip Sneakers is one of the most successful business ventures to emerge from South African slums.

From No-Shoes to creating a fast-growing shoe company in South Africa’s competitive industry.

With over 12 outlets around the nation, this sleek and gorgeous sneaker is now closer to you.

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Lekau Sehoana, also known as “The Township Dreamer,” is living evidence that circumstances do not determine one’s success in life; rather, DREAMS do.

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Image Credit: Drip South Africa

All Drip Sneakers Prices in South Africa

Bundle of Joy Drip Sneakers Prices in South Africa

Bundle of Joy Drip Sneakers SeriesPrices
Bundle of Joy- Baby BlueR700
Bundle of Joy- BlackR700
Bundle of Joy- GoldR800
Bundle of Joy- PeachR700
Bundle of Joy- PurpleR700
Bundle of Joy- RedR700
Bundle of Joy- YellowR700


Canvas Drip Sneakers Prices

Canvas Drip Sneakers SeriesPrices
Baby Blue CanvasR1,200
Black CanvasR1,200
Blue CanvasR1,200
Gold CanvasR1,200
Light Orchids CanvasR1,200
Orange CanvasR1,200
Red CanvasR1,200
Solid Red CanvasR1,200
Solid Yellow CanvasR1,200
Yellow CanvasR1,200
Light Orchids CanvasR1,200


Likwidz Drip Sneakers Prices

Likwidz Drip Sneakers SeriesPrices
Likwidz BlackR1,000
Likwidz GoldR1,000
Likwidz GreyR1,000
Likwidz Military greenR1,000
Likwidz Navy blueR1,000
Likwidz RedR1,000
Likwidz WhiteR1,000
Likwidz YellowR1,000


Root of Fame Drip Sneakers Prices

Root of Fame Drip Sneakers SeriesPrices
Root of Fame Black SalmonR990
Root of Fame Grey WolfsR990
Root of Fame Off-whiteR990
Root of Fame Orange ZestR990
Root of Fame Triple WhiteR990


Slip-On Drip Sneakers Prices

Slip-On Drip Sneakers SeriesPrices
Drip Slip-Ons BrownR1,100
Drip Slip-Ons GoldR1,100
Drip Slip-Ons GreyR1,000
Drip Slip-Ons LimeR1,000
Drip Slip-Ons OrangeR1,000
Drip Slip-Ons PurpleR1,000
Drip Slip-Ons Sky blueR1,100
Drip Slip-Ons WhiteR1,000


Solemate Drip Sneakers Prices

Solemate Drip Sneakers SeriesPrices
Black SolemateR1,499
Yellow SolemateR1,499
Solid Black SolemateR1,499
Rose White SolemateR1,499
Black and White SolemateR1,499


How to Maintain your Drip Shoes

Drip Sneakers are the trendiest shoes nowadays in South Africa. The fashion of wearing sneakers is becoming more popular day by day. People like to wear sneakers for its comfort and style. Wearing Drip sneakers can also reflect your personality.

Sneakers tend to be more delicate than other types of footwear, so it’s important to take care of them. Here are seven simple ways to make sure you get the most out of your sneakers:

First of all, you must make sure that your sneakers are clean and dry before wearing them. Your feet may get stinky if your shoes are wet or dirty. You may feel uncomfortable when wearing them.

Secondly, keep the laces clean to prevent the growth of bacteria inside the shoe. If you notice any fraying on the laces, it’s better to replace them with new ones as soon as possible. That will help you reduce the chances of getting blisters on your feet.

Third, choose the right size for sneakers that fit well on your feet; otherwise, you will get soreness because they are not comfortable enough or too tight on your feet. Use a shoehorn instead to avoid damaging the sides. If you don’t have one handy, try folding a sock and using that as a good alternative.

Fourthly, remember to remove shoes every now and then when at home. Your foot needs a chance to breathe out from long hours of being stuck in the same position while walking or standing up which could cause foot odor due to sweat and bacteria that stay inside your shoe all day long.

Fifth, Keep an eye on the weather. If it’s wet or raining outside, you should probably wear rubber-soled shoes instead; if it’s snowy and cold, wear boots with rubber soles rather than sneakers. Cold weather can cause salt in the road to damage leather and suede shoes (which can ruin their texture and even cause holes).

Sixth, Take good care of them when they’re new and during storage in-between wears. A quality pair of sneakers should last at least a few years with proper care – meaning that checking on their care doesn’t have to be an everyday task.

The seventh way to take care of your sneakers is to repair them. Repairing your sneakers after every use keeps rips and tears from getting worse and ruining the material completely.

Pro Tips for your Drip Shoes

  1. Always wipe off your Drip sneakers after wearing them. Wiping away the dirt ensures that it won’t get worse and stick to your shoe. It also helps to remove the excess dirt from the sneaker’s surface. If you find that wiping out your Drip sneakers is taking too much time, you can buy a cheap sneaker brush.
  2. Treat stains at the first sign of appearance on your Drip sneakers. Use a mild detergent or just water for stubborn stains. Rub the detergent on the stain with a soft-bristled toothbrush, then wipe it off with a damp cloth until gone.
  3. Wash your Drip sneakers after every two weeks of use, or if you notice that there are visible signs of dirt or stains on the sneaker’s surface. Avoid washing your Drip sneakers in hot water as it may reduce its life expectancy and might cause shrinkage.
  4. Let your Drip sneakers dry naturally before storing them away. Don’t place them near sources of heat such as radiators as they might shrink or warp when dried under such conditions.
  5. Store your Drip sneakers in cool, dark areas that are not prone to humidity and moisture. Never store your shoes near sources of heat such as radiators to avoid causing them to shrink or warp.
  6. Use saddle soap. Saddle soap is an excellent way to clean your Drip sneakers if you are willing to put in a bit of elbow grease. Saddle soap helps to break down dirt and oil on the leather and can be purchased at most saddle shops and tack stores or online. Clean your Drip sneakers using water and saddle soap by applying small amounts of saddle soap onto a towel and then wiping down your Drip sneakers. Rinse off excess soap with water and let air dry.
  7. Saddle soap is an excellent product for keeping your leather looking good as well as removing stains from the surface of your leather shoes, but do not use this product on suede or fabric shoes, because it is designed for cleaning only leather shoes.

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