All Drip Sneakers Price in South Africa 2021

It is a brand that is committed to designing the future in collaboration with consumers. Everything they produce is based on design and quality. They are approachable, and work with others to maximize our effect.

Drip is a rapidly expanding business that creates well-designed, appealing shoes for young people.

Lekau Sehoana, a young leader from Ivory Park in Tembisa, formed it in 2003.

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Image Credit: Drip South Africa

Sehoana began her company using just recycled materials. His first shoe was made from a ripped Adidas sneaker, which he reconstructed using denim and polyurethane.

His objective was to get out of poverty, not realizing that his business path was just beginning. +17 years of shoemaking later, DRIP has its own offices and staff who have sold over 3000 sneakers in 6 months.

Drip Sneakers is one of the most successful business ventures to emerge from South African slums.

From No-Shoes to creating a fast-growing shoe company in South Africa’s competitive industry.

With over 12 outlets around the nation, this sleek and gorgeous sneaker is now closer to you.

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Lekau Sehoana, also known as “The Township Dreamer,” is living evidence that circumstances do not determine one’s success in life; rather, DREAMS do.

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Image Credit: Drip South Africa

All Drip Sneakers Price in South Africa

Bundle of Joy Drip Sneakers Prices in South Africa

Bundle of Joy Drip Sneakers Series Prices
Bundle of Joy- Baby Blue R700
Bundle of Joy- Black R700
Bundle of Joy- Gold R800
Bundle of Joy- Peach R700
Bundle of Joy- Purple R700
Bundle of Joy- Red R700
Bundle of Joy- Yellow R700

Canvas Drip Sneakers Prices

Canvas Drip Sneakers Series Prices
Baby Blue Canvas R1,200
Black Canvas R1,200
Blue Canvas R1,200
Gold Canvas R1,200
Light Orchids Canvas R1,200
Orange Canvas R1,200
Red Canvas R1,200
Solid Red Canvas R1,200
Solid Yellow Canvas R1,200
Yellow Canvas R1,200
Light Orchids Canvas R1,200

Likwidz Drip Sneakers Prices

Likwidz Drip Sneakers Series Prices
Likwidz Black R1,000
Likwidz Gold R1,000
Likwidz Grey R1,000
Likwidz Military green R1,000
Likwidz Navy blue R1,000
Likwidz Red R1,000
Likwidz White R1,000
Likwidz Yellow R1,000

Root of Fame Drip Sneakers Prices

Root of Fame Drip Sneakers Series Prices
Root of Fame Black Salmon R990
Root of Fame Grey Wolfs R990
Root of Fame Off-white R990
Root of Fame Orange Zest R990
Root of Fame Triple White R990

Slip-On Drip Sneakers Prices

Slip-On Drip Sneakers Series Prices
Drip Slip-Ons Brown R1,100
Drip Slip-Ons Gold R1,100
Drip Slip-Ons Grey R1,000
Drip Slip-Ons Lime R1,000
Drip Slip-Ons Orange R1,000
Drip Slip-Ons Purple R1,000
Drip Slip-Ons Sky blue R1,100
Drip Slip-Ons White R1,000

Art of War Drip Sneakers Prices

Art of War Drip Sneakers Series Prices
Art Of War Green R1,200
Art Of War White R1,200
Drip Slip-Ons Grey R1,200
Art Of War Lime R1,200
Art Of WarOrange R1,200
Art Of War Purple R1,200
Art Of War Red R1,200
Art Of War Yellow R1,200

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