DSTV Packages and Prices Tanzania 2021

DSTV Tanzania is the popular choice for Premier League, Spanish league, WWE championship, various sports, news, and entertainment channels.

There are 6 unique DStv packages and two types of decoders to give every subscriber a choice. Today, we’ll be discussing about these DSTV Tanzania packages.

DSTV Packages and Prices Tanzania 2021

1. DStv Bomba Package: 139 channels

The price for one month of DStv Bomba in Tanzania is TZS 19,000 It has 139 channels.

The DStv Bomba package plan is the cheapest that’s available to subscribers which costs TZS 19,000. It is suitable for students or the elderly who are only interested in listening to local news on Channels television or seeing the latest music videos on sound city.

This plan is an entry-level plan and as such missing many premium DStv channels. Its selling point is local news, Nat Geo Wild, minor entertainment, religion, music videos. With this DSTV Package you’ll be able to watch some of EPL matches, La liga and Serie A.

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2. DStv Access package: 118 channels

The price for one month of DStv Access in Tanzania is TZS 19,900. It has 118 channels.

The DStv Access Package is the introductory package to the DStv family, designed to offer choice and value for money. DStv Access introduces an exciting viewing experience with a variety of channels from Movies & Entertainment, News & Commerce to Culture Religion and Lifestyle.

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3. DStv Family: 141 channels

The price for one month of DStv Family in Tanzania is TZS 29000.00. It has 141 channels.

DStv Family offers a range of entertainment at an affordable monthly subscription. Designed with the whole family in mind DStv Family offers a selection of channels including Universal channel Sony Max, Africa Magic Movies and more, with DStv Family there’s something for everyone.

4. DStv Compact Package: 165 channels

The price for one month of DStv Compact in Tanzania is TZS 49,000. It has 165 channels.

DStv Compact gives you access to a wide variety of programmes and hours of entertainment. For entertainment fans, the DStv Compact package includes premium channels like M-Net Action and M-Net Series while animal and nature lovers can enjoy channels like the Animal Planet and National Geographic.

5. DStv Compact Plus Package: 174 channels

The price for one month of DStv Compact Plus in Tanzania is TZS 89,000. It has 174 channels

6. DStv Premium Package: 191 channels

The price for one month of DStv Premium in Tanzania is TZS 139,000. It has 191 channels.

DStv Premium combines the best entertainment from around the globe with groundbreaking technology to provide a truly premium viewing experience. DStv Premium prides itself on offering the widest variety of on-screen entertainment in Africa. With more than 100 world-class television channels and 30 CD-quality audio channels on the menu you’ll have all the live sport coverage latest news top documentaries non-stop movies series kids’ programming.

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