List of All Dulux Paint Prices in South Africa

If you are interested in finding the best Dulux paint prices in South Africa or even the cheapest Dulux paint price in South Africa then you have come to the right place.

We have made a thorough research throughout the south African Market (online and offline stores) and we have come up with the latest Dulux paints prices in South Africa.

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Dulux paint is the leading paint manufacturer in South Africa and the only company to offer a complete range of paints, coatings and varnishes. Dulux paints in South Africa offers a range of high quality products to meet customer’s needs.

Dulux paint success is based on providing the best customer experience possible, which has enabled the company to set itself apart from other paint companies in South Africa.

Dulux paint offers almost 1,500 products and provide a superior selection of colours available in liquid, powder or flat finishes.

Dulux manufactures its own products in South Africa using high quality raw materials sourced locally and abroad. Dulux is passionate about providing a product that is innovative, high performing and easy to use.

Dulux provides an easy-to-use system with simple application instructions so you can achieve great results at home or at work every time.

Dulux Paint Prices in South Africa

Dulux is the biggest selling brand in South Africa with a unique colour palette offering wide ranges of colours for every taste and style. Here are the latest Dulux paint prices in South Africa.

Dulux PaintPrices
Dulux Luxurious Silk Paint – Brilliant White 20LR1,868
Paint Interior Exterior Matt Dulux Acrylic Pva Morning Orchard 20LR927
Leroy Merlin Paint Roof Dulux Roofguard Heritage Green 20LR1,098
Paint Interior Exterior Matt Dulux Acrylic Pva Oat Fields 20LR927
Dulux Wall & Ceiling Rockgrip Paint – White 20LR898
Paint Interior Premium Matt Dulux Easycare White 20LR1,897
Paint Interior Premium Mid-sheen Dulux Luxurious Silk Champagne Grey 1LR499
Interior Paint Da Dulux Lux Silk Cosmic Grey 5LR499
Dulux 5l Floorcote GreyR679
Paint Interior Exterior Matt Dulux Acrylic Pva Granite Pestle 20LR927
Dulux – Hammerite SmoothR170
Leroy Merlin Paint Enamel Gloss Dulux Brilliant White 1LR279
Interior Paint Dulux Luxurious Silk Dove Grey 5LR499
Dulux 20l WeatherguardR849
Dulux – Weatherguard StoneR849
Paint Interior exterior Dulux Acrylic Pva Brilliant Wht 20LR898
Dulux Luxurious SilkR629
Dulux Weatherguard 20l PalominaR849
Dulux Weatherguard MohawkR849
Leroy Merlin Paint Interior Exterior Matt Dulux Acrylic Pva Almond White 20LR927
Dulux Acrylic Rockgrip Roof Paint – White 5LR247
Paint Enamel Quick Dry Dulux Black 5LR437
Dulux – 20L Weatherguard Matt Castlewood CanyonR849
Dulux – Weatherguard 20L MalagaR849
Dulux Weatherguard 20L Moroccan GoldR849
Dulux Maxicover Plaster Primer 20lR899
Dulux – 20L Weatherguard Matt Beige SandR849
Dulux Maxicover Wall Coat White 20lR879
Dulux Pva Acrylic Paint 1L – BlackR310
Acrylic Paint 1LR219
Maxicover Pliotex Matt Textured Exterior Paint White 20LR719
Quickdry Enamel Paint – White 1 LitreR324
Wall & Ceiling Rockgrip Paint – White 5LR550
Bathroom Paint 1LR199
Maxicover Pliotex Matt Textured Exterior Paint Anchored Rock 20LR719
Maxicover Pliotex Matt Textured Exterior Paint Deep Cast 20LR719
Easycare Interior Matt Finish Paint White 5LR699
Enamel Paint 1LR349
Enamel Paint Signal Red 1LR279
Maxicover Pliotex Matt Textured Exterior Paint Soft Metal 20LR719
Pre-paint Dampshield Waterproofing 20LR1,299
Pre-paint Dampshield Waterproofing 5LR499

How to choose the best Paint for your Project

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Choosing the best paints for you is one of the most important things to do. Paint does not have to be expensive to be good, and it does not have to be cheap to be bad.

Paint is paint – the biggest factor in choosing the best paint is how it will look on your walls. Paint can make your walls look smooth and seamless or bumpy, uneven and amateurish.

The following tips will help you make the right decision for your project.

Usage – The first step in choosing a paint is figuring out its intended use. You’ll want to determine if it’s a primer, topcoat or both; some paints are even used as both primer and topcoat!

Consider The Surface – Before choosing a paint’s finish, consider the surface it will cover. Flat paints cover surfaces well, but they’re not great on wood because they tend to absorb over time, especially if they’re older.

High-gloss paints look gorgeous on wood but aren’t ideal on textured surfaces like stucco or brick because they don’t hide imperfections as well as lower-sheen options do.

Paint Color Selection – Paint color selection is key when choosing the right paint for your project. Consider the room you’re working on and the colors that are already in place.

Paint manufacturers have a wide range of colors to choose from, and they also offer a variety of different shades, tints and tones of each color.

It’s important to understand how these colors will affect the overall look of your room once final touches are added such as molding, flooring and lighting fixtures.

Paint Brands – There are hundreds of paint brands on the market today, ranging from inexpensive house paints to premium brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr and Glidden.

These companies have developed a variety of different paints designed for specific projects and uses. Some paints are designed for one-coat coverage while others require multiple coats for full coverage. Some paints have a matte finish while others have a high sheen.

Tint when choosing the paint – it is very important that you consider its color or tint. When choosing a tint for a particular room, make sure that it complements the colors of the objects inside the room.

For example, if there are yellowish walls in your room, then it is better to choose a green tinted paint than any other color because green brings out yellow in any object.

Paint Names – Painting companies name their products depending on their quality and appearance. They name their products using terms such as Flat, Eggshell, and Semi-Gloss.

Flat paints are perfect for interior surfaces such as walls while Semi-Gloss and Eggshell paints are more preferred for wooden furniture due to its glossy effect on wooden surfaces

Tint – Paint comes in many different tints, but knowing what tint to choose can be a bit confusing. Tint basically means the color and the degrees of intensity of that color. For example, a semi-gloss white will have less tint than an eggshell white.

Generally, people choose their tints based on room lighting and personal preference, but there are some other things you should consider when choosing your tints, such as:

Natural light – If you’re looking to paint a room with lots of windows or a large skylight, then you may want to choose a lighter tint because it reflects more natural light. Darker tints absorb more natural light and can feel more like a cave.

So if you have lots of windows in your room, then you may want to consider using a lighter tint rather than darker ones.

Color temperature – Color temperature is another factor to think about when choosing your tints. For example, warm colors like yellow and red feel warm and cozy

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