Epol Chicken Feed Prices in South Africa

Epol are currently the leading poultry feed brand in South Africa and have been for over 20 years. The brand offers a full range of poultry feeds for all your needs such as starter, grower, layer and breeder feeds.

The company has an array of feed mills in North West, Free State and Eastern Cape spread across these areas; this enables the company to deliver quality products at competitive prices to the best possible markets.

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Feed your whole flocks with Epol chicken feeds, conveniently delivered right to your door. Available in a variety of packages and sizes to meet your needs, every bag is filled to the brim with quality ingredients, ensuring your chicken has a healthy meal every time.

Epol chicken feeds come with a satisfaction guarantee, removing any risk you may feel when deciding which feed to choose.

Epol Chicken Feed Prices in South Africa

Epol produces some of the best, creative, natural and innovative poultry feed, ​containing a unique blend of carefully selected and scientifically advanced ingredients, as well as minerals and vitamins in the optimum quantity.

The feed is delivered in healthy, dynamic packaging, while the complete aminoacid profile makes Epol Chicken feed a distinctive product compared to other poultry feeds.

Epol Chicken feeds are an easy way to offer your flock the right nutrition. Their unique formula promotes healthy egg production, improves feeding efficiency for layers and has high energy levels for active foraging.

It offers optimal levels of D3 for eggshell formation and is heat stabilized to ensure that the product’s natural goodness is protected from damage during storage and transit.

Here are the latest Epol chicken feed prices in South Africa

FeedWeightPrice in South Africa
Epol Surelay Grower (Pellets)40KGR250.00
Epol Optigro Starter40KGR297.00
SG 1 Broiler Starter40KGR280.00
SG 2 Broiler Finisher40KGR259.00
SG 3 Broiler Post Finisher40KGR246.00
Sure lay phase 1 mash40KGR219.00
Sure lay phase 2 mash40KGR219.00
Sure lay grower mash40KG R230.00
Sure layer pellet III40KGR214.00

Where can I buy Epol Chicken Feed in South Africa?

Epol chicken feed can be purchased from thefeedshop.co.za or at any of the mills listed below.

Epol Mills is available in the following provinces: Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Limpopo, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mpumalanga, North West, and Gauteng.

To find the contact information for a dealer near you, go to https://epol.co.za/contact-us/.

How to choose chicken feeds?

Chicken feeds are material that provide essential nutrients for chickens. Most chicken feeds include corn, soybean meal, sorghum, mill run, fish meal and a vitamin supplement. Chicken feed are used to feed chickens of all ages and sizes. For example, broiler chicken feed is different from layer chicken feed.

broiler chicken feed: Broiler chickens are raised for their meat. They need to be fed more protein than layers in order to get large enough before they are butchered because of their short life cycle.

High-quality feed is essential to the development of large healthy broilers and fast-growing start-to-finish systems. Sufficient protein must be included in broiler diets at all stages of production for adequate meat production

Protein is particularly important during the last three weeks of finishing when it should comprise about 20 percent of the diet by dry matter

The amount of protein required for optimal performance can vary depending on the age, type and weight gain of the birds, and whether or not vitamins A and D are included in the diet

Layer chicken feed: Laying hens need a balanced diet that contains high-quality protein sources as well as other nutrients like vitamins and

Chicken feed needs to provide a balanced diet that contains high-quality protein sources as well as other nutrients like vitamins and minerals (see below for more information about these). Protein is vital for healthy egg production, and to keep hens healthy and productive.

The protein source can be either a grain like corn or wheat, or animal by-products such as meat, fishmeal or blood meal. The protein content of the feed should be 15% to 20%.

Grain, Grains provide carbohydrates and energy, which the hens need to grow and lay eggs. A good mix should contain at least three grains such as corn, wheat and barley.

Do check with your local agricultural extension service as many states have restrictions on how much grain can be used in layer chicken feed.

Vitamins and minerals, Layer chicken feed also needs to contain vitamins and minerals that promote health and egg production.

This can include calcium, which strengthens bones for healthy egg laying; protein for muscle growth; magnesium for healthy bones; selenium for antioxidant protection; and vitamins such as A, D3 (for bone development), E (for egg yolks) and B12 (for red blood cell production).

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