The 10 Best Esthetician Schools in Atlanta, Ranked in 2022

If you love to pamper yourself and want a career that will make others feel good about themselves, consider becoming an esthetician.

An esthetician is a skincare expert who specializes in different types of treatments including facials, waxing, makeup application, and much more.

Becoming an esthetician can be a great career choice for many reasons. What makes this profession attractive is that it offers skincare specialists both flexibility and stability.

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The top reasons to become an esthetician are as follows:

Flexibility: Estheticians have the option of working part-time or full-time at salons, spas, resorts, or hotels.

They can also choose to provide their services on a mobile basis where they come to clients’ homes, offices, or even other venues like yachts.

Some estheticians may even decide to open their own salon. There are plenty of options for flexibility when it comes to the field of esthetics.

Independence: Becoming an esthetician gives you the chance to work independently or with a team of other professionals depending on your preferences.

You can choose which days and times you would like to work as opposed to being tied down to specific hours by another professional who owns the business.

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10 Best Esthetician Schools in Atlanta

Cosmetology is a rewarding and lucrative career that suits people who are artistic, social, and driven to succeed.

While some people go into the beauty industry without any formal training, a cosmetology license can help you find a job quicker and make you more employable in the long run.

You can get your license by attending an accredited cosmetology school in Atlanta.

The best esthetician schools in Atlanta include Elaine Sterling Institute, Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Atlanta, CEI Hair Schools, and Beaver Beauty Academy.

These Cosmetology schools in Atlanta offer programs that prepare students for the state licensing exam.

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Let’s get started!

1. Elaine Sterling Institute

Founded by a licensed esthetician, Elaine Sterling Institute is one of the best esthetician schools in Atlanta.

They offer hands-on training in esthetics and cosmetology, as well as business and management courses.

For more than 25 years, they’ve been helping students achieve their goals for a rewarding career in the beauty industry.

This Beauty School has a reputation for producing skilled graduates who can succeed in a range of beauty fields, including skincare, nail care, business and management, product development, research, and education.

The core curriculum at Elaine Sterling Institute is designed to give students a solid foundation in the science behind skincare.

Students learn how to provide their clients with services that create beautiful results while also promoting skin health.

2. CEI Hair Schools

CEI Hair Schools is one of the best esthetician schools in Atlanta. Their spa offers unique treatments from microdermabrasion to oxygen facials and body wraps.

CEI Hair Schools’ mission is to provide a world-class education in esthetics and to prepare its students for successful careers.

Their training program goes far beyond the basics, equipping our graduates with knowledge of both business operations and the latest medical esthetic procedures.

They also offer continuing education courses for licensed professionals, so you can grow your career in esthetics right along with CEI Hair Schools.

CEI Hair Schools wants you to be ready to put your newly earned skills to work — which means making sure you’re well-versed in every aspect of operating an esthetics business.

3. Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Atlanta

Aveda Arts have a long-standing tradition of excellence in the field of esthetics.

The school knows that its graduates will be working with some of the most amazing clients on the planet, so it strives to provide an environment where students can learn about the science behind skin and develop a strong business foundation.

They have designed their programs with this in mind — to foster an environment where we can help you reach your career dreams in a supportive and innovative space.

Their programs are accelerated at 12 months (including externships), but you are allowed up to 18 months to complete the programs.

4. Beaver Beauty Academy

Beaver Beauty Academy in Atlanta offers a world-class curriculum combined with comprehensive training from leading beauty professionals.

The academy aims to make you a fantastic esthetician and help you get your career started on the right foot.

The esthetics program at Beaver Beauty Academy cosmetology school in Atlanta prepares students for their future careers.

They have master instructors who will teach you everything from proper skin care techniques to how to communicate with clients.

You’ll also learn how to perform facials, body treatments, and more.

Throughout your time as a student, their instructors will be there to support you both inside and outside of the classroom.

You’ll learn in a fun, creative environment that encourages hands-on learning and teamwork.

In addition to coursework, they’ll also help you prepare for your state exam by providing practice exams and test-taking tips.

By the end of our 600-hour program, you should be ready for the next step in your life.

5. Paul Mitchell The School

Paul Mitchell The School is one of the best esthetician schools in Atlanta. With their program, you will receive hands-on instruction and training in the latest techniques for skincare, including facials, peels, waxing, microdermabrasion, and makeup application.

They also provide training in important business skills to help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

After completing our 600-hour esthetician program, you’ll have the option of pursuing a career at a spa or salon or opening your own aesthetics business.

You’ll be prepared to take state exams and get your cosmetology license so you’re ready to start making money as soon as possible.

Paul Mitchell The School helps you develop a professional portfolio including headshots and photos of your work.

You can use this portfolio to find jobs in the industry or to attract new clients.

They are dedicated to helping our students follow their dreams — that’s why we offer job placement assistance for any graduate who needs it.

Their goal is to help you build a successful career in esthetics so that you can live the life of your dreams!

6. Health and Style Institute

Health and Style Institute in Atlanta teaches students facial massage techniques, waxing, and eyelash application.

Students also learn how to perform chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

The school has a variety of programs that include cosmetology, barbering, and esthetics.

Their esthetics program is tailored to fit their students’ needs, whether they are looking for full-time or part-time study.

Students receive practical training in facials, make-up techniques, waxing, and more.

Upon completion of the Health and Style Institute’s Esthetician Program, students will be ready for one of the most dynamic careers available today.

Makeup artists can work in salons, department stores, and spas. They may also work for photographers or film companies.

7. Empire Beauty School

If you’re looking for an esthetician school in Atlanta, Empire Beauty School may be right for you!

The city of Atlanta is a great place to study esthetics and make your mark in the world of skincare.

The Empire Beauty School in Atlanta is conveniently located near hotels, restaurants, shopping, health clubs, and other activities in the area.

As one of the largest providers of cosmetology education in the United States, Empire Beauty School offers students a well-rounded beauty education that covers hair, skin, and nails.

Their goal is to provide you with a solid foundation of skills so that you can pursue a successful career as an esthetician.

Whether this is your first step into the workforce or you hope to gain new skills to change careers, an education from Empire can help you prepare for success.

8. School of Glamology

School of Glamology is one of the best esthetician schools in Atlanta, offering an accredited skincare program that teaches students all the skills and techniques needed to become licensed estheticians.

The school has two locations in the Atlanta area, which are dedicated to providing students with a hands-on education taught by industry experts.

The school’s mission is to develop confident, knowledgeable professionals from all backgrounds interested in becoming licensed estheticians.

They provide their students with the training and certifications they need to open their own business or work at a high-end spa or salon.

9. Style Mobb University Cosmetology School

School of Glamology is one of the best esthetician schools in Atlanta that focuses on skincare, makeup, and nail care to prepare our students for a successful career in the beauty industry.

As a new student at their school, you can take advantage of their approach to teaching.

School of Glamology is your stepping stone to becoming a professional esthetician.

They keep their classes small so that they can provide individual attention to each student.

Their classes are designed to give students the hands-on experience they need to succeed in the beauty industry.

They teach their students the art of facials and skin care and prepare them for the Georgia State Board Exam.

Their instructors are all licensed estheticians who have years of experience in the field and can easily guide you as you begin your new career.

10. Atlanta Beauty & Barber Academy

Atlanta Beauty & Barber Academy is one of the best esthetician schools in Atlanta for those of you who want to learn the art of skincare and makeup.

They provide a quality education that will help you launch a successful career in the beauty industry.

Their esthetics program can teach you all aspects of skincare and make-up techniques, including how to apply makeup for different occasions, how to use different makeup products, how to take care of your skin properly, and how to properly cleanse and moisturize your face.

You will also learn about the history of makeup, the different types of makeup products available on the market today, and how they work together to achieve the look that you want for yourself or your clients.

You will learn about different types of facial treatments such as facials, microdermabrasion treatments, chemical peels, laser treatments, exfoliation treatments, and more.

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