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Do you know what FNB branch code is? 250 655 is the universal or general FNB branch code. The goal of this post is to assist South Africans in locating FNB Branch Codes. First National Bank is most likely South Africa’s biggest bank.

The bank has locations across the nation and is increasingly well-known for its creative solutions, financial products, and strategic relationships with retail suppliers.

When doing online transactions, you may need the FNB universal branch code. In South Africa, we have the option of financial institutions with universal branch codes or banks with unique codes for each branch.

If you want a user-friendly bank with a universal code for all branches, you will quickly find that there are plenty to select from. Did you know that various nations across the world have distinct banking and branch codes?

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What is the meaning of universal branch codes?

These are just a set of numbers assigned to various banks for overseas transactions. Central banks are usually in charge of assigning them.

For example, if you wish to transfer money to another nation, you will undoubtedly need their branch code. This article will provide a list of FNB branch codes, including the FNB universal branch code.

Why FNB universal branch codes?

You may be wondering why universal branch codes are used. In every online transaction, you will be prompted for your bank’s universal branch code. As a result, branch codes are critical in all aspects and should not be overlooked.

Why Should You Use a FNB Branch Code in South Africa?

Every branch of FNB (First National Bank) has its own code. A branch code is a unique code for a certain bank branch. Each FNB branch has an own branch code. The Banking Association South Africa assigns each FNB branch code.

FNB branch codes are used to ensure that payments are sent to the right recipient. Some individuals, however, just use the universal branch code; as long as the account number is accurate, the EFT will be successful.

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FNB Branch Codes List

List of FNB Branch Codes The following is a list of some of FNB’s most common branch codes. Visit this page for a complete list of FNB branch codes.

  • FNB Braamfontein Branch Code – 251 905
  • Park Station Johannesburg – 210 026 FNB Branch Code
  • Use Instead, use the FNB Universal Branch Code.
  • FNB Pretoria Branch Code – 251 445
  • The Glen FNB Branch Code is 259 605
  • FNB Branch Code Kempton Park – 210 016
  • FNB Branch Code Lenasia – 210 007
  • FNB East London Branch Code – 260 210
  • FNB Midrand Branch Code – 210 553
  • FNB FourwaysView Branch Code – 251 655
  • FNB Branch Code Greenstone – 201 510

FNB has hundreds of branches across South Africa and throughout the world. Because there may be more than one branch in a town, branch names and codes may be difficult to remember.

However, there is a better option for customers. The FNB universal branch code system is available. The method allows for the use of a single 6-digit code for all branches throughout South Africa.

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So, what is the universal branch code for your FNB?

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The number is 250 655. For online banking services such as eft payments to other FNB accounts, use the universal FNB code. This will save you a significant amount of time and worry.

How Do I Locate The FNB Branch-Specific Code?

If you recall a branch-specific code, you are free to use it. The code will be used by the bank to identify the region in where your account was created. Using the FNB branch finder tool, you may find your particular branch code.

The program will provide you with all the information you need about a branch (branch name, code, contact information, and so on), as seen in the image below:

The FNB universal branch code 250 655, on the other hand, is the ideal replacement to the conventional branch coding scheme. When you utilize a generic or universal branch code, your payment/transaction will be completed fast.
As a result, you won’t have to worry about entering erroneous account information while making an online payment.

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Swift Code vs. Universal Branch Code

Customers often mix up the universal branch code with the fast code. As previously stated, the FNB universal branch code is a general 6-digit number that is used to identify branches throughout South Africa.

The fast code, on the other hand, is an international banking code assigned and approved by the central bank. FNB fast code allows you to transfer and receive money from anybody outside of South Africa. If you need to make an international payment, here is the FNB’s swift code: FIRNZAJJ

The code serves as a unique identification for FNB in the worldwide banking sector. South African banks all have a fast code. When assisting you with an overseas payment – currency exchange – banks often provide a mockup. Depending on who you bank with, you may have to pay a significant markup.

To check the FNB universal branch code, go to www.fnb.co.za and get in touch with them immediately.

Complete List of FNB Universal Branch Codes

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