Highest Paying Jobs in Tanzania and their Salaries 2022

Having an idea of some of the best paying jobs in Tanzania is essential when choosing a career. It is good you compare salaries for different careers. When students are selecting careers, they want to know how much they can expect to earn after they graduate and get employed. However, factors like work experience and academic qualifications determines one’s salary. The following are some of the best paying jobs in Tanzania and their respective salaries.


Politics is the highest paying job in Tanzania. Considering the level of education required, it is the best paying job. Among the positions available for politicians in Tanzania include the presidency, vice president, Ministers, Members of Parliament, Regional commissioners, Members or County Assemblies. The basic salary of a Member of Parliament Assembly is Tsh 12,000,000 exclusive of other allowances per month.


Aviation is a lucrative industry with pilots earning good salaries that comes with hefty allowances. Pilots undergo thorough training before getting employed. The cost of training a private pilot is around Tsh 3.2 million while that of commercial pilot is 5.5 million. The basic salary of a pilot in Tanzania  is from 902,000 TZS to 2,950,000 TZS and other allowances.


Law is a prestigious career and those in it make good money. Under Law. you can work as a judge, magistrate or a lawyer. To practice in any of these categories, you need to have a Law degree from a recognized university. You must also take a 3 years degree course in any of Tanzania universities and attend School of Law for 1 year. Once you pass the bar exams, you can practice Law. You can work for a private company, law firm, a public entity, government or an NGO. Renowned lawyers in Tanzania make over 1,530,000 TZS to 5,010,000 TZS per month.


Medicine is the other well paying job in Tanzania. To get a job in the medicine field, you need to have a Bachelors degree in Medicine or Pharmacy from a recognized university. Doctors train for 7 years and need to have adequate experience before getting employed. There are many private and public hospitals that employ doctors while others get employed in NGOs and developed countries. The basic salary of a surgeon in Tanzania is at least 2,250,000 TZS to 7,370,000 TZS and other allowances.


Engineering is the other best well job in Tanzania. Engineering is wide and you can work as a Civil, Mechanical, Architectural or Geo spatial engineer. Regardless of which field of Engineering you fall in, it is a well paying career. With the discovery of oil in Tanzania and construction of roads, there had been an increase in the demand for geo-spatial and civil engineers. On average, an engineer takes home Tsh 1,350,000  to Tsh. 4,420,000 TZS per month.


Journalism is also a well paying career in Tanzania if you land in a good media company. Experienced journalists in Tanzania earn over 1 million per month. However, the industry is flooded and you need personal branding to make it to the top, regardless of whether it is a news presenter, hosts and comedians. You need to be a celebrity to make it in journalism.

To make it in the media industry, you need to have a degree in Mass communication or Journalism from a recognized university. Then you need to draw massive viewership. In Citizen TV, a presenter takes how at least Tsh 1,200,000.

Non-Governmental Organizations

NGOs are among the best and well paying employers in Tanzania. Most NGOs employ Law and Social science graduates. Some of the best paying organizations in Tanzania include USAID, UNEP, United Nations, UNHCR and Oxfam. The average salary by NGOs in Tanzania is Tsh 3,950,000.

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Accounting and Actuary

Finance is the other paying industry in Tanzania. Financial experts are the custodians of financial records of a company. For instance, a company must have an accountant to balance its financial records. Insurance companies employ actuaries to analyze risks uncertainties.

There are very few actuaries and making it to become one is rewarding. To become an actuary, you need to have a degree in Actuarial Science and get a certification from the Society of Actuaries. On the other hand, to become an accountant, you need to have an accounting degree and a certification from their professional body (CPA).


Lecturers are also among the best paid employees in Tanzania. Although teaching is viewed as one of the least paying jobs, dons take home good salaries. To become a lecture in a University, you need to have at least a Masters. Those with PhDs are usually in high demand by top universities. University lecturers take home at least 1,080,000 TZS to 3,540,000 TZS in a month.

Information Technology

With many companies adopting technology, information technology is increasingly becoming in demand and it is well paying. To work as an IT expert, you need to have a degree in IT from a recognized university. Then you need to demonstrate skills in IT to make it to the top.

Marketing Directors

Marketing directors are in charge of increasing the revenue of their organizations. They are directly responsible for generating business and they are well paid for that reason. Salary Range: from 812,000 TZS to 2,650,000 TZS


There are many factors that affect one’s salary like work experience, academic qualifications and organization. The above figures are average estimates and do not reflect salaries across the entire career and by all organizations. It is a rough estimate of what you can expect if you consider factors like experience.

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