How Much are Braces in South Africa 2022

Braces are a regular technique that will help you have healthier teeth. It does, however, come at a price.

What is the price of braces in South Africa? This is a frequently asked question. The price of braces is determined by a variety of factors, including the type of braces used.

Getting braces in South Africa may be a costly endeavor. Braces are not a luxury item, but they are a required orthodontic therapy for many children and adults in order to attain a beautiful smile.

Before you start receiving braces, it is critical to understand how much braces in South Africa cost.

Otherwise, you may remain startled and terrified for the rest of your life. You don’t want to wait too long and then find you can’t afford the therapy.

I hope this blog post makes you feel a lot better about the price of braces in South Africa.

How much do dental braces cost in South Africa? Dental braces cost, cost of repairing dental braces in South Africa.

We’ll look at how much dental braces cost in South Africa right now. We also discuss the various sorts of braces and why you may require such a dental appliance for your teeth.

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So, what exactly are dental braces?

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Braces are one of the most often used orthodontic procedures to improve tooth alignment.

They employ a set of metal or plastic brackets to keep the teeth in place using rubber bands that are tightened over time to shift the teeth into their proper position.

It is also possible to have them taken away.

Orthodontists are dental specialists that examine our dentition and create braces for people who have crooked teeth.

Because patients will have to cope with an ugly smile, uncomfortable biting and chewing, imprecise speaking, and so forth, this abnormal alignment can create serious self-esteem difficulties.

Braces are thus the solution to a variety of dental and psychological issues. However, not everyone is able to purchase braces. Let’s have a look at the expenses.

What are the Different Kinds of Dental Braces?

  1. Titanium
  2. Ligual braces
  3. Progressive, clear removable aligners
  4. Traditional wired
  5. Gold plated stainless steel
  6. Customized orthodontic treatment system

Orthodontic Conditions That Require Braces

How much do braces cost in South Africa? The projected cost of orthodontics is primarily determined on the problem that requires treatment and the type of device used.

The following are some of the major factors that influence how much you will pay for braces:

  1. Overbite – teeth on the upper jaw are too far forward, therefore, sticking over the lower jaw teeth
  2. Crowding – too many teeth for space in the mouth
  3. Spacing – gaps between teeth primarily caused by missing some teeth
  4. Open bite – problems with spacing between teeth when biting
  5. Underbite – lower jaw teeth are too far ahead, and upper teeth are too far back
  6. Crossbite – upper teeth do not come down slightly in front of your lower teeth during a normal bite

All of the following dental problems can reduce a person’s quality of life and have an impact on their speech and psychological well-being.

This is why it is essential to seek the assistance of orthodontists.

How Much Do Braces Cost In South Africa 2021?

What is the most affordable price for braces? According to orthodontic sources, the cost of these devices ranges from R3,000 to R55,000 depending on their kind, underlying disease, frequency of treatment, and appliances.

Other orthopedic treatments with this orthodontic device that do not need treatment plans may be less expensive.

However, the cost of children’s braces in South Africa is often cheaper than that of adult braces.

What is the average price of braces in South Africa?

From the entire projected costs of orthodontics in SA, the estimated costs of orthodontics, including all consultation and alignment expenses, are listed below.

  • Initial consultation, x-rays, diagnostic photographs, and treatment plan (R2,600)
  • Outside or labial braces (R25,000)
  • Inside or lingual braces (R42,000)
  • Upper (R2,800) and lower (R2,800) tooth-colored brackets are available as an option (R1,800)
  • X-rays, photographs, and retention devices after treatment (R2,900)

It is worth mentioning that the cost of Invisalign is around the same as the cost of ceramic braces.

The consultation cost at Sunset Dentistry in Fourways, Johannesburg, is around R500. A lump amount of around R24,000 is required for comprehensive treatment.

Fortunately, the hospital offers monthly payments of R1,400.

Another breakdown of the approximate cost of different types of braces based on several dentist Cape Town price lists, including metal braces cost in South Africa, is shown below.

Prices Of Braces In Johannesburg (Fourways)

Sunset Dentistry is a good place to start; the consultation cost is around R500. A full course of therapy may cost around R24,000.

The hospital, on the other hand, allows you to make monthly installments of R1,400 until you have paid off the debt in roughly 17 months.

Prices Of Braces In Cape Town (Century City)

Century Medical Suites, Century City, Cape Town, South Africa is worth a look if you’re in the area.

The following are some of their services and prices: Orthodontic retainer costs between R4,500 and R8,000.

Braces at this orthodontist typically cost between R12,000 and R28,000: Adults often pay between R12,000 and R35,000, while children pay between R8,000 and R25,000.

Please keep in mind that these are only estimates; please speak with your orthodontist to determine the precise cost of your braces.

Prices Of Braces In Cape Town (Kromboom And Burwood Rds, Rondebosch East)

Kromboom Dental Centre is located at Kromboom/Burwood Rds/Rondebosch East, Cape Town.

You may reach them by phone at 087 550 3622. In any case, a retainership at this Orthodontist would cost between R1,000 and R3,000.

Braces will cost you between R8,000 and R30,000. Braces for adults will cost between R10,000 and R30,000.

Prices Of Braces In Pretoria

If you’re in Pretoria, you might want to stop by Intercare Medical and Dental Centre, which is located at Glenfair Blvd Corporate Office Block, 1st Fl Lynnwood Ridge Pretoria, South Africa.

Braces generally cost between R22,600 and R34,000 for orthodontic treatment and braces.

Braces are available in a variety of styles, colors, and materials at the factory.

How Much Are The Cheapest Braces In South Africa?

Braces in South Africa range in price from R3,000 to R8,000.

How Do You Get Free Braces In South Africa

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What Should You Do If You Can’t Afford Braces? Braces and dental care are provided at no cost. Because most South Africans cannot afford braces or the associated follow-up procedures, we may take solace in the fact that certain health insurance packages include dental care, including braces.

After all, it is why we pay for insurance: so that when we require medical attention, we are not left to suffer in silence.

Please bear in mind that each health insurance provider has its own set of policies.

Some health insurance companies may not cover dental treatment as part of their plans, whilst others may cover the entire cost of dental care.

1. Bonitas

Bonitas uses the Denis dental procedures to pay the cost of orthodontic treatment.

2. Discovery Health

Discovery Health, a leading health insurance provider in South Africa, handles orthodontic benefits from your savings account. As part of their health insurance coverage, they provide comprehensive dental care.

3. Fedhealth

Fedhealth covers the cost of pre-approved orthodontic treatment. This money comes from your out-of-pocket expenses and/or savings.

4. Momentum Health

Momentum Health pays for your dental care through your dental benefits, which are included in your Health Insurance plan.

5. Medshield

Once pre-authorized, Medshield will cover the full cost of your orthodontics from your daily benefits. Because this is a complicated procedure, you may need to seek advice before enrolling in health insurance.

Where To Get Cheap Braces In South Africa

1. Kromboom Dental Centre

Kromboom Dental Centre is located at the intersection of Kromboom and Burwood Roads in Rondebosch East, Cape Town, 7780. The dental hospital may be reached via phone at 087 550 3622 ext: 66876.

Orthodontic retainership at Kromboom Dental Centre costs between R1,000 and R3,000 and entitles you to follow-up treatment.

You would then be charged between R8,000 and R30,000 for the braces, with adults typically paying between R10,000 and R30,000. Clear ones typically cost between R12,000 and R50,000, while metal ones cost between R8,000 and R28,000.

Lingual costs between R20,000 and R40,000, while DamonTM costs between R10,000 and R30,000.

2. Dr. Johan Hartshorne

Intercare Medical and Dental Centre employs Dr. Johan Hartshorne. He may be reached by phone at 087 550 3622, extension 64087.

Braces cost between R22,600 and R34,000 at this medical center, and we understand that the prices encompass orthodontic treatment regardless of whether the patient is a kid or an adult.

3. Dental Centre Century City

Century Medical Suites, Century City, Cape Town, 7441, is where you’ll find Dental Centre Century City.

You may acquire an Orthodontic retainer for R4,500 – R8,000 at this facility, which enables you to follow-up treatments.

Braces at this facility typically cost between R12,000 and R28,000, while for adults, the price ranges from R12,000 to R35,000. Children would have to pay between R8,000 and R25,000.

Clear aligners would cost between R25,000 and R55,000, while metal aligners would cost between R3,000 and R33,000. Ceramic ones cost in price from R16,000 to R37,000, while fixed ones cost from R13,000 to R33,000.

The information provided above reflects what we believe to be low-cost braces and dental treatment at trustworthy dental care facilities. Let us now investigate ways to obtain absolutely free braces and dental care.

4. Sunset Dentistry

You must first pay a consultation charge of around R500 at Sunset Dentistry in Fourways, Johannesburg.

Surprisingly, the dental institution only charges around R24,000 each visit. For a comprehensive treatment that includes cavity filling, x-rays, braces, and follow-up care. Furthermore, the hospital provides monthly compensation of R1,400.

Does Government Hospitals Do Braces In South Africa

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Yes, braces are available at government hospitals in South Africa for both children and adults.

The requirement is that you have a Centrelink Concession Card, a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Concession Card, or a School Card, or that you are under the Minister’s guardianship and have an orthodontic issue that might benefit from treatment, as determined by the School Dental Service dentist.

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Types Of Braces And Cost In South Africa

Location: Century Medical Suites, Century City, Cape Town, 7441

  • Orthodontic retainer: R4,500 – R8,000
  • Braces: R12,000 – R28,000
  • For adults: R12,000 – R35,000
  • For children: R8,000 – R25,000
  • Clear aligners: R25,000 – R55,000
  • Metal ones: R3,000 – R33,000
  • Ceramic ones: R16,000 – R37,000
  • Fixed ones: R13,000 – R33,000

Location: Cnr Kromboom and Burwood Rds, Rondebosch East, Cape Town, 7780.

Telephone: 087 550 3622 ext: 66876

  • Orthodontic retainer: R1,000 – R3,000
  • Braces: R8,000 – R30,000
  • For adults: R10,000 – R30,000
  • Clear ones: R12,000 – R50,000
  • Metal ones: R8,000 – R28,000
  • Lingual: R20,000 – R40,000
  • Damon™: R10,000 – R30,000

Location: Intercare Medical and Dental Centre, 43 Old

  • Braces: R22,600 – R34,000 for orthodontic treatment applicable to both children and adults

How To Sign Up For Free Braces In South Africa

Children who qualify for an orthodontic program must satisfy the requirements listed below and be motivated to adhere to the assigned orthodontist’s treatment plan, which typically lasts between 20 and 36 months.


  1. Must be 7-18 years old (application must be received before to the child’s 19th birthday);
  2. Have “excellent” dental hygiene and no cavities that aren’t filled;
  3. Have a moderate to severe need for braces;
  4. You should not be wearing braces right now.
  5. Family must satisfy the SCL financial criteria (which vary by geographic region); and be prepared to pay the non-refundable $30 (USD) application fee as well as the necessary $650 (USD) financial commitment (per child).

Fill out the application online

While the online application may be completed on a cell phone, it is easier and potentially faster if completed on a desktop PC.

We have also created an Application Checklist for you to use, which describes the needed things in further detail.

Before you begin the online application, we also recommend that you read the Program & Application Process Overview.

In addition to the application, the download includes extensive instructions, a checklist to assist you complete the application completely, and certain permission papers to sign.

PLEASE NOTE: SCL will only accept the most recent version of our application. By clicking the button above, you may download a current program.

Furthermore, regardless of the costs indicated on the application, all applications received will be subject to the most recent price structure.


Which Medical Aid Covers Braces In South Africa

Most medical assistance plans in South Africa cover some or all of the expenses of orthodontic treatment. However, the manner in which the benefits are paid varies greatly from plan to scheme.

As an example,

  • Discovery Health pays for orthodontics benefits out of your savings account
  • Fedhealth covers the cost of pre-authorised orthodontics treatment from your out of hospital benefits and/ or savings component
  • Bonitas covers the cost of orthodontics treatment subject to the Denis dental protocols
  • Momentum Health pays for pre-authorised orthodontics treatment from your dental benefits
  • Medshield covers the cost of orthodontics from your day to day benefits, once pre-authorised. Fail to get pre-authorisation and you’ll be liable for all related expenses.


Braces are essential because they enhance the quality of life for those who have crooked teeth.

As you can see, braces in South Africa range in price from R3,000 to R55,000, depending on the type of braces and the condition for which they are required.

Unfortunately, free braces are quite difficult to obtain in South Africa.

The simplest option is to contact your Medical Aid Provider. They may not cover the entire cost, but they may be able to pay for the therapy out of your funds. If you do not have enough funds, you may need to be patient.

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