28 Ways on How to Make Money Fast in South Africa [UPDATED 2022]

Do you want to know How to Make Money Fast in South Africa? If your answer is YES! Then we compiled a comprehensive list of the top 28 methods to make money fast in South Africa in 2021.

Everyone might benefit from a little fast cash now and again. While quick and simple money will not make you wealthy, you may use it to cover expenses, pay for a large future expenditure, or even splurge on something you truly desire in life.

What are the greatest strategies to make money fast? To get you started, we’ve compiled a comprehensive and practical list of 28 quick methods to make $100 or more.

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With so many suggestions, you should be able to locate at least a handful that will help you generate money sooner rather than later.

Keep in mind that some of these ideas may allow you to make a little amount of money fast, whilst others will need a little more time and work but may result in more money gained.

Make how much money you require and how fast you require it, and then devise a strategy.

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28 Best Ways Make Money Fast in South Africa

1. Become an Uber or Bolt driver

Companies like Uber and Bolt provide a wonderful way to make some quick money. You’ll need a clean driving record, a relatively new automobile, and the ability to work wherever you reside.

If you have all of those things, you can work whenever it is convenient for you, whether that is in the middle of the day at rush hour or in the early hours of the morning on a weekend. You have an option.

2. Start Dropshipping

One of the most popular ways to make money online. Dropshipping’s popularity is quickly increasing, showing its feasibility as a means to make money online, according to Google Trends.

There’s plenty of proof that dropshipping is a legitimate method to make money online, with success stories like how an entrepreneur made $6,667 in eight weeks or how a store owner made six figures selling just one product.

3. Look for a Part-Time Job

When you’ve done everything possible to make money fast but are still unable to make an impression, you may be forced to take on a part-time job.

Many of the money-making ideas on this list are excellent for gradual progression. They can also be quite successful in the long run.

However, if you are struggling to make ends meet, you may need to look for a part-time work in your profession.

Part-time employment can be found on job bank websites such as Indeed, Monster, or a job website specific to your sector.

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4. Become An Audiobook Narrator

“Audiobooks are becoming a more popular source of entertainment.

The convenience element of smartphones has resulted in an industrial boom,” International Living recommends. “As a result, there is a demand for freelance narrators.”

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5. Teach English Online

Teaching English online from home is a fantastic method to make money when you need it, and it may also be a great work-from-home job.

All you need is a camera and a good internet connection to get started.

VIPKid pays well and is dependable. If you’ve ever taught English, I recommend you give it a go.

If you do not fulfill the qualifications for VIPKid, investigate TakeLessons.com (which is less rigorous), or check Facebook groups and Google search for people in other countries who are interested in having someone teach English through Skype.

Most persons who speak English as their first language are eligible for this program.

6. Sell Your Handmade Items on Etsy

Do you have a desire to create things? Is making things a pastime of yours?

It is so simple to sell items online in 2021 and make a few hundred dollars here and there. Why? Platforms like Etsy make it simple to link your product with potential consumers.

Do you enjoy quilting? Do you make your own jewelry? Do you enjoy making surfboards? Open your own Etsy shop to sell your wares online!

Selling printables, or digital downloads, in your Etsy shop is a hot new trend.

What I like about digital downloads is that you only have to make the design once, but it may be sold hundreds of times. Furthermore, there are no shipping or fulfillment fees.

Even if it’s only a few dollars at first, your profits may build up to a lot of money over time with no extra labor.

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7. Work as a graphic designer and sell your work online

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Graphic design is a fantastic ability that may be monetized in a variety of ways. You may use print-on-demand to sell your designs on your own customized items.

Alternatively, you may submit your ideas to a crowdsourcing portal such as 99Designs. You may develop your own graphics, templates, and other items to sell on marketplaces such as GraphicRiver or Creative Market.

You may perhaps get some clients and work as a freelance graphic artist.

8. Make Money fast by Taking Online Surveys

Survey Junkie, for example, will pay you for your feedback. The average survey will pay between $0.50 and $1, and new surveys are added every day.

Survey Junkie is our favorite, but there are plenty of other alternatives. Many survey-based websites have been evaluated by us, and you can find links to their reviews below.

If you qualify, you may even access polls that pay more than $5 each survey on some websites. Many of the surveys are completed in under 5 minutes.

9. Contracts for flipping real estate

If you’re concerned about the expense, don’t be. Real estate contracts can be flipped without ever gaining control of the property.

This isn’t a fixer-upper project; it’s just getting a contract and selling it to a buyer. That’s all there is to it.

In most situations, you can open escrow for just a few hundred Rand. REWW is a company committed to educating people how to accomplish this.

It’s fantastic for generating a little money, but it may also be something more long-term.

10. Use Airbnb to make money fast in South Africa

Airbnb might work for you if you want to make money by renting out your property on a more flexible basis.

It allows you to post and set rates for a room or your entire house to visitors looking for a place to stay for a few nights to a week. If you reside near a sporting or festival site, you may make money by renting out your house to spectators or even players.

Such possibilities may be provided by the Edinburgh and Glastonbury festivals, as well as events like Wimbledon and Henley.

11. Affiliate Marketing Can Help You Make Money Fast in South Africa

One of the most common methods to make money online is through affiliate marketing. Its popularity has risen and fallen over the years, but it remains a reliable way to make money online.

The wonderful thing about affiliate marketing is that you can become an affiliate for almost any brand, from Shopify to Amazon to Uber to FabFitFun.

Affiliate marketing allows you to make money by advertising other people’s products. If you’re a skilled marketer, you may make money by marketing retail items, software, applications, and other services.

While a tiny commission may appear to be insignificant, bear in mind that you may be an affiliate for several businesses and use multiple affiliate links in a single blog article.

12. Become A Freelance Copywriter

Selling the proverbial sand to a desert dweller may be within reach if you know your Dale Carnegie from your Don Draper (apart from the fact that one is a fictitious character).

Even if you don’t, there are a plethora of courses available to walk you through the motions. Earnings might begin to trickle in after only a few weeks after getting started.

Freelance writers come in various forms and sizes, and while copywriting pays well, you may also be interested in content writing, technical writing, academic writing, and ghostwriting.

13. Become A Freelancer On Upwork

If you have a talent that can be done remotely for a customer, it is virtually certain that someone on Upwork is looking for it.

Upwork is a website that links freelancers with clients in a variety of specializations. The service is especially beneficial for freelancers who have not yet established their own personal network of work contacts and who need to generate revenue as soon as possible.

The following are some of the most popular categories on Upwork:

  • Graphic design
  • Customer service
  • Accounting
  • Administrative support
  • Web and mobile development

14. Become A Virtual Assistant

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The need for virtual assistants is projected to rise as the workforce shifts to remote work.

Virtual assistants, or VAs, operate remotely to assist with administrative duties for individuals, teams, or businesses.

An administrative assistant’s duties often include answering phones and taking messages, managing social media accounts, arranging appointments, and conducting research, among other things.

It might be difficult to find your first customer when establishing a VA business. VAs can find customers via social media channels such as LinkedIn or Facebook groups, virtual or in-person networking events, word of mouth, or freelance sites such as Upwork.

15. Start Selling On Amazon Or EBay

Many small companies offer their wares on Amazon. It’s a fantastic method to interact with buyers all across the world.

Individuals can also sell their wares on the internet. Your books, CDs, clothing, collectibles, dishes, appliance components, and so on might all find new homes on Amazon.

eBay is another tried-and-true way for reselling anything online.

There is a lot of money to be earned on eBay, whether you are starting a dropshipping business to sell other people’s inventory or buying large amounts and reselling them yourself.

People with a strong entrepreneurial spirit want to purchase goods at a low cost and then sell them at a higher cost. It takes time and effort, but you can earn a nice side income.

16. Food Delivery for Local Restaurants

Restaurants that receive a high volume of meal delivery orders recruit full-time staff who only deliver food.

But what about eateries that don’t get many delivery requests? It doesn’t make sense for them to hire specialized delivery personnel.

This problem has been solved by technology, and it is a simple method for you to make additional money.

Here’s how it works: Uber drivers transport passengers from one location to another. Uber Eats drivers, on the other hand, deliver food orders from restaurants to clients.

Instead of notifying you that a passenger requires a transport, the app notifies you that a restaurant requires food to be delivered.

17. Become A Personal Training

You might work as a personal trainer if you understand fitness. People pay a lot of money for personal trainers only to have someone keep them on track. You may contribute value while also benefiting financially.

This might also be divided into nutrition and aiding people with food plans, among other things. You may recruit people at your local gym, but depending on where you reside, you may need some sort of accreditation (not to mention the gym’s clearance).

18. Work as an App Developer

If you’re not a developer, you’re probably feeling a little stuck when it comes to this money-making idea.

Fortunately, there is a technique to have an app created that does not require any programming knowledge.

Marketers are increasingly turning to freelancing marketplaces to locate low-cost developers to construct apps for them.

When it comes to generating money with your software, adding it to Google Play and the App Store is your best chance.

And, contrary to popular belief, having a free app can help you make more money than having a premium app.

You may make money by adding advertisements or premium features to a free app. Because the free software will attract a larger number of users, it will be easier to upsell them.

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19. Start A Niche Blog in South Africa

While some may claim that a blog isn’t a quick way to make money, there’s no reason you can’t start making money right away.

Whether you sell printables or products, if you can get people to visit your website, you can make a lot of money. You’re all set if you do guest articles, AdSense, or InfoLinks.

You may also use your blog to make money from sites like Amazon via their Amazon Associates program.

Making money with affiliate marketing may be a consistent source of revenue and give financial freedom once you start receiving regular visitors.

20. Provide consultancy services

Consulting is enormous business, and anybody who is an expert in a certain field may become a consultant.

Consultants are used by both startups and existing businesses to help them make strategic choices, simplify operations, and provide feedback on goods and services.

Assume you wanted to establish a coffee shop in your town but had no prior expertise in the business.

You would have a far better chance of success if you hired a consultant who is an expert in the coffee sector.

If you are an expert in a certain subject, you can set up a profile on a site like Clarity.FM and connect with entrepreneurs who are looking for advice.

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21. Sell Your Photographs Online

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Do you have photographic talents or do you reside in a region where photographs are in high demand? “Stock picture websites are massive collections of photos, spanning virtually every imaginable subject you can imagine,” International Living says.

So, how exactly does it work? Photographers can post their photos to any of a number of massive databases, where they can be purchased by magazine editors, designers, or any company with a website.

The beauty of stock websites is that photos may be sold an unlimited number of times, allowing you to make money indefinitely.

Shutterstock, Photoshelter, and Getty Images are just a few of the photography websites to check out.

22. Become A Private Tutor

Turn your ability in math, science, foreign language, or exam prep into a lucrative side hustle by becoming a private tutor.

People can be tutored online or in person. What you charge might vary depending on your experience, skill, and market demand.

To get started, check Craigslist for tutoring needs or establish a profile on sites like Tutor.com or Care.com.

You may also promote your business in local schools and community centers.

You’ll require extensive expertise in a subject that people need help comprehending, such as mathematics, a foreign language, or exam preparation. The time it takes to get started is determined on the demand in your area.

It may take some time before you acquire your first pupil. If you’ve never tutored before, you’ll want to give yourself enough time to prepare so that students feel like they’re getting the most out of their time with you.

23. Online Market Trading

While it is not always a simple method to make money, investing in the markets may be profitable if done correctly and securely. By the same token, if you do not take it seriously, you may incur huge losses.

There is no longer any need to support the yachts of Wolf of Wall Street-style stock traders. With the aid of internet market trading platforms, you can do it all yourself.

I’ve started playing with the prominent site eToro.com after spending many hours investigating this new possibility.

eToro has over 12 million members globally and provides free practice accounts. It has appeared in the BBC 2 programme “Traders: Millions by the Minute” and sponsors a number of Premier League football clubs.

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24. Start a Twitch Streaming Channel

Twitch streaming is growing more popular. While it began as a game platform, it is rapidly expanding to incorporate other sorts of content.

To make money fast on Twitch, you must first build your following. Streaming on Twitch may help you fast establish a big audience if you are consistent.

So that people can quickly locate your material, you’ll need to select a popular game or channel that isn’t excessively competitive.

To make money online through streaming, you must establish a consistent style for your channel: will it be humorous, informative, or entertaining?

Participating in Twitch’s chat function is another method to increase your following. You should communicate in popular chat rooms. However, you should also interact with individuals who are talking on your feeds.

25. Create and distribute a Kindle eBook

If there is one thing that students excel in, it is research and writing. Anyone may use the Kindle shop to publish an eBook and earn money on Amazon.

And, because the Kindle app is now available on nearly any device (laptops, iPads, cellphones, and, yes, Kindles), your worldwide market potential is enormous!

You receive 70% of the sale if you price your book between $1.49 and $6.99. Given that Amazon is the ultimate selling machine (and keep in mind that people are wanting to spend), it is a terrific offer.

The best part about this profitable idea is that once you’ve put in the time (say, 20 hours), you’ll receive a passive income for years to come!

26. Invest In Stocks

Investing in stocks is another way to make money fast. If you aren’t an expert at choosing stocks, you might want to pass on this money-making opportunity.

While it has one of the biggest payouts, it may also result in a loss of money if you are unskilled. Look into your company’s financial plans if you currently work a 9 to 5 job.

Do they enable you to buy business stock? Sign up if this is the case. As an employee, at least with a corporate stock program, you have some say in the business’s performance.

If your business offers an RRSP matching program, you can sign up for it if you want to save for retirement or a down payment on your first house.

27. Create an Online Course

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Alternatively, instead of producing an e-book, develop a whole online course complete with lessons, PDF downloads, and videos.

It’s an excellent approach to generate passive revenue since individuals will pay for the information and may go at their own speed or ask questions about the course in a dedicated group.

LearnWorlds, which allows anybody to benefit from their expertise and experience by developing an online program, is one resource for producing and selling online courses.

28. Start A YouTube Channel

There are several young YouTubers that earn thousands of dollars each month from YouTube ad revenue.

The average Youtube channel earns between $1 and $20 every thousand views, so the money may quickly add up.

The best part is that a 13-year-old can start a YouTube channel!

So, if you want to make videos on a regular basis, start today!

Starting young provides you a significant edge because you have more time to develop your channel and discover out what types of videos you love making.

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Final Thoughts on How to Make Money Fast in South Africa

Growing your business takes time, and you will most likely need to combine multiple distinct income streams. Find methods to combine several revenue-generating components into a single company plan.

For example, you may be primarily interested in vlogging, but you also make money from affiliate marketing and an online course you established that teaches others how to create their own YouTube channel. Find Out How Much Do Youtubers Earn In South Africa 

There are several ways to earn money from home; don’t be scared to experiment with different choices to make the greatest match for you.

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