16 Best Ways on How to Make Money Online in Kenya 2022

You’ve come to the right  place if you’re searching for methods to make money online. This post will teach you the top 16 methods for anybody to make money online.

One of the wonderful things about the internet is that you can start your own business from the comfort of your own home. You just need an internet connection to make money online.

Dive into the online world and you will be liberated from the daily grind of a desk job, giving you more time to travel, engage in hobbies, and spend time with your family.

Earning money has always been linked with and limited to conventional ‘offline’ methods. With the Internet taking over so much of our lives, more individuals are searching for methods to make money online in order to supplement their income.

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You should be cautious about the platform you choose. While there are many methods to make money online, some of them may be fraudulent. Also, don’t anticipate to make a lot of money fast if you use online money-making opportunities.

With more time at home and/or more free time in general, perhaps less working hours for others, some of you may have some spare time on your hands. The following are online platforms, websites, and technologies that may assist you in earning money online.

1. Start a Niche Blog

Blogging is still the most popular way to make money online in Kenya. This is Kenya’s best and trendiest online business, and anybody can do it.

Blogging is all about sharing knowledge. It might be about anything at all. From news to politics to sports to animals to jokes to local tales, everything is fair game. Any topic may be the subject of a blog.

You receive traffic to your blog after you start one. Then you may make money from your blog by using Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and other ways.

The great thing about blogging is that you can make money while you sleep if you work hard and develop your site. You will awaken to find money in your AdSense account. Your blog is earning money even when you are playing, traveling, or eating.

So how do you get started?

It’s simple: when you initially start your side hustle, you don’t have a lot of traffic or exposure. As a result, you should raise the price of your product early on in your blogging adventure.

One strategy is to start with a B2B consultancy funnel and sell to companies rather than individuals. Businesses have more money than people, so instead of concentrating on advertisements and affiliate schemes at first, concentrate on high-end consultancy.

This new blogging strategy for making money is built on three main success pillars:

  1. Choose a niche for your blog based on the audience’s financial possibilities, professional leverage, and market needs.
  2. You may increase your backlink acquisition and Domain Authority (DA) quicker by not writing as much and outsourcing some parts of your content and SEO operations.
  3. Finally, by implementing the right high-end blog monetization strategies at the right time in your blog’s lifecycle, you can 100x your revenue while only closing 3-4 high-end clients rather than hundreds of affiliate sales.

These strategies can help you earn thousands of dollars faster and with fewer visitors. If this piques your curiosity, be sure to read my whole article on the greatest ways to earn money blogging.

2: Start a Forum Website in Kenya

If you know you won’t have all the time in the world to produce material, starting a forum is a great alternative to starting a blog.

A forum is similar to the famous KenyaTalk in that users establish an account and gist about any current issues.

The material is created by the users; your sole role is to regulate what they write about.

When your user base and traffic grow, you may monetize it using Google AdSense or sell ad space on your website.

To begin, you will need a domain name, web hosting, and forum software that can be installed on WordPress. Bluehost will also charge you for site hosting, but your domain name and SSL certificate are free.

The forum software is also available for free installation! Begin your journey with Bluehost.

3. Affiliate marketing

There appears to be a trend in which online-only business models are still widely misunderstood. Add affiliate marketing to that list. There is no snake oil in this place.

So, how does this model work in terms of monetization? Publishers or individuals can essentially apply for affiliate programs wherever they are available in order to be added as an official affiliate.

When you are accepted (or simply approved), you will be given a way to share an affiliate link to the product or service you want to promote.

When someone purchases the product after clicking your link, you will be credited for the referral as well as paid a commission.

The amount of the commission depends on the affiliate program and the product being sold—commodity items on Amazon.com will not pay out much, but referring a high-ticket account may pay out hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

4. Create a YouTube channel

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One of the simplest methods to make money online in Kenya is to start a YouTube channel. Furthermore, this is a business that can be started with very little money. You also don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to run your channel.

All you need is basic computer knowledge and a little imagination. YouTube is a well-known platform. The YouTube platform receives over 5 billion visitors in a single day. A single YouTube channel with such a large number of viewers may earn up to 12 million dollars each year.

Your profits will be heavily influenced by the amount of subscribers and views your material receives, as well as the degree of interaction it creates. Some of the most popular and lucrative YouTube categories to investigate are:

  • V blogs: V-blogging is the recording and distribution of creative videos. You may send your target audience unedited copies of your videos. Fitness, travel, cuisine, school, families, and humor are just a few examples of subjects that may be included in the material.
  • Technology videos are another popular area to investigate. You will rapidly accumulate a large following if you can evaluate various brands of current and future products or offer “how-to” lessons on the usage of software and gadgets.
  • Comedy: if you are a witty and skilled comedian, there is a great chance for you on YouTube. You’ll be amazed at the response if you record your funniest sketches and publish them online. Big comedians in Kenya live huge. This demonstrates unequivocally that there is money to be earned in humor and entertainment.
  • Tutorials: this is the most straightforward area to enter. As a student, you may volunteer to tutor other students online in areas where they are struggling. You might, for example, provide online accounting lessons. Simply create a YouTube channel and publish your lessons there.

5. Develop and Sell Online Courses

You may make money online in real time by creating online courses. Why not develop a course if you are a professional or expert in any area and feel confident in your ability to influence others?

Create an online course and market it to students who need your expertise and experience. You make additional money by sharing information after people join up to study. So, rather of hoarding information, share it and profit from it.

According to recent research, online instructors make an average of more than $10,000 per course. You have the potential to be one of them. Finally, there are many sites where you may build your course.

One of them is Teachable. You may join up for Teachable by clicking here.

6: Start Investing in Cryptocurrency

Another goldmine is bitcoin trading online. If you bought Bitcoin a couple years ago and held it till today, you’d be worth millions.

There are many crypto coins available for purchase and trading against one another. Even if you can’t sell them, you may purchase some and let them appreciate over time.

You’d be surprised at the results if you could accomplish this, or even better, conduct additional study on bitcoin trading.

The Binance app is a popular platform that allows you to purchase some of these coins and hold them in order for them to appreciate. Maybe just making an account would enough.

7. Become a Full-time Freelancer

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Offering freelancing services to customers online is a growing home business ideas.

Freelance writing, graphic design, data entry, digital marketing—virtually every job that an online company would employ for is available as a freelance service.

I’ve worked with writers, illustrators, and designers at Shopify for years, and the majority of them make a full-time income from freelancing, not just in their spare time.

Almost all of these services are best suited to business customers for the same reason that business software is a desirable product: business clients are prepared to pay.

Most freelancers quickly discover that when they frame their labor as results rather than deliveries, they have greater negotiating power over the amount they can charge.

To put it another way, companies employ freelance writers to produce content that promotes traffic and leads, not to hone their writing skills. Sell clients on the result and, when feasible, back it up with customer proof such as case studies and testimonials.

8. Start Drop Servicing

Drop servicing is one of my favorite online companies to start since it requires little to no capital. It is also one of the most recent methods of earning money online in Kenya.

And, in reality, you can get started with no upfront investment.

This business strategy involves selling services to your clients, but in reality, you are not the one delivering the services.

You provide the service to a freelancer (Fiverr), and you pay the freelancer from the money your customer pays you, keeping the difference as your profit.

Depending on the service segment you choose to offer your online services in, you may make up to $500 each transaction.

9. Language translating

Knowing a language other than English may possibly enable you to earn some additional money.

There are many websites that provide translation assignments requiring the translation of a document from one language into another.

This may include Spanish, French, Arabic, German, or any other language that is translated into or out of English.

For many, this may make the job time-consuming, so they employ translators accessible online from anywhere in the world.

Several companies, like Freelancer.in, Fiverr.com, Worknhire.com, and Upwork.com, provide a platform for you to work as a professional translation.

Those who lack the expertise or time to finish their projects on their own post their work on these sites, where you may register and begin bidding on translation tasks, earning between $1 and $5 per 100 word. For certain languages, this may be increased to $10.

10. Social Media marketing

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Social media marketing is all about assisting companies, people, and organizations in finding their social media audience.

The fact is that the majority of Kenyans today spend their time on social media sites like as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

This has created new possibilities for companies to reach out to customers and make sales.

To be a successful social media marketer, you must first understand your target social media platform’s algorithm and how you can leverage it to convert companies or people.

As more companies use the internet, social media marketing will continue to shine as one of the greatest methods to make money online in Kenya.

11. Copywriting

Several websites are seeking for your services if you are a skilled copywriter. Authority websites are constantly on the lookout for new material to help them grow their user base.

They are looking for new teams to work on content research, curation, and editing. They will pay you much to do research and write for them.

It is simple for you to become a freelance writer as a Kenyan student. First, you must get appropriate training on the job’s requirements.

Following that, you may sign up for various writing sites such as Upwork, Freelancer, or Textbroker, where you can discover prospective customers.

You’ll also need a strong laptop and access to a dependable network. This online specialty is excellent for students who like writing and have the time to do it.

12. Start a podcast

A podcast is a digital audio recording that you upload to the internet for others to download and listen to. You may create a podcast that is accessible in installments.

When your subscribers connect onto a particular platform, they will immediately get fresh audio recordings. If you want to make a lot of money, sell your podcasts instead of giving them out for free.

However, in order to effortlessly get customers, your podcast should be smart, relevant, engaging, and unique. The great podcast will create a lot of traffic and active interactions, allowing you to make a lot of money. The podcast does not require a large investment.

Unlike online films, you do not need to invest in a costly studio. You may capture the audio at any time and from any location.

13. Start an eCommerce business

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ECommerce is a business that has the potential to make you a billionaire. Jeff Bezos, the world’s wealthiest man, is involved in the eCommerce industry. I’m sure you’ve heard of Amazon, which he owns.

ECommerce is the online purchase and sale of goods. You may set up your own online shop and sell your goods there. You have the potential to become the next wealthiest person in your city.

If you don’t have the funds to construct a warehouse and store goods, you may still run your company without them.

Dropshipping is a term used to describe the practice of selling products online. All you need to do is set up an online store. Copy inventory for the world’s top manufacturers.

When someone visits your online shop and makes a purchase, the information is sent to the manufacturer or supplier, who ships the items to the customer, collects the money, and you retain your share. You take no action!

14. Become Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) handles all aspects of business from the comfort of one’s own home. Virtual assistants essentially work remotely with their customers to manage the parts of their company that they are too busy to handle themselves.

When working as a virtual assistant, you have the option of working as an employee or starting your own company. VAs are experienced, home-based professionals that provide administrative assistance to corporations, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Making phone calls, email correspondence, Internet research, data entry, scheduling appointments, editing, writing, bookkeeping, marketing, blog management, proofreading, project management, graphic design, tech support, customer service, event planning, and social media management are some of the major areas of work.

Depending on your credentials, being a VA may require some training or briefing.

However, if you have good communication skills and can use applications such as MS Office, you can simply sign up on sites like Elance.com, 24/7 Virtual Assistant, Assistant Match, eaHelp, Freelancer, FlexJobs, People Per Hour, Uassist.Me, Upwork, VaVa Virtual Assistants, Virtual Staff Finder, Worldwide 101, Ziptask, Zirtual, and so on.

15. Become an Online Tutor

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If you are an expert in a certain topic, you may make money by teaching others online. Online tutoring allows you to connect with kids of all ages from around the nation to offer homework assistance and tutoring in the areas in which you have shown competence.

Sign up as an online instructor on websites such as Vedantu.com, MyPrivateTutor.com, BharatTutors.com, by establishing a profile and stating the topics or courses you wish to teach, how much experience you have, what your credentials are, and so on.

Some platforms may provide flexible and convenient hours for working as an online teacher.

Most platforms follow this procedure: they invite you to apply by filling out a short form, following which you must provide a teaching demo to their specialists.

16. Become a Web Designer

Not all company owners are computer adept, yet having their own website is becoming more important.

Those with a penchant for all-things-tech, particularly those connected to websites, may assist small companies in setting up their own websites and earning a living from it.

Coding and web design are critical components in the creation of websites. Furthermore, websites need upkeep and may necessitate regular changes, which may increase one’s income.


These online business opportunities should provide you with a plethora of options for earning money online in Kenya.

Take everything you’ve learnt from this article and start experimenting with your own ideas. It will take some effort.

But it will be well worth it when you find yourself on the path to financial independence in no time.

We will be adding additional ideas and possibilities to this article as time goes on, so save this page for future use.

You may also share this with your friends who may be looking for ways to make money.

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