Job at Church World Service (CWS) – Cultural Orientation Senior Trainer

  1. Job Title: Cultural Orientation Senior Trainer
  2. Grade: 5 (N)
  3. Level: Specialist
  4. Division: Programs
  5. Department: Cultural Orientation Location: Kasulu, Tanzania

Primary Purpose

This position is primarily responsible for daily oversight of Resettlement Support Center (RSC) Cultural Orientation (CO) circuit rides (CR) in Tanzania and throughout the region (solo CRs and leading groups), in accordance with US Refugee Admission Program (USRAP) guidelines and RSC Africa CO standard operating procedures. This position also provides cultural orientation training to refugees approved for resettlement to the United States, while actively overseeing all aspects of the implementation of CO circuit rides, including the preparation for and implementation of training for diverse populations, circuit ride logistics and security, standard operating procedures and relationships with CWS/RSC Africa partners in the field.


This position reports to a Cultural Orientation Supervisor.

Essential Duties


  1. Ensures all CO training functions strictly adhere to the PRM, RPC, CWS and RSC Africa policies, guidelines and
  2. Ensures implementation, dissemination, monitoring and adherence of standard operating procedures (SOPs) during
  3. Demonstrates abilityto conduct field activities including Cultural Orientation

Data Management and Analysis

  1. Assists in ensuring RSC circuit rides are planned, revised and updated as needed until confirmed, and staff are prepared while ensuring all functions are completed in the most operationally responsible manner.
  2. Acts as the point person for Trainer and Program Assistant inquiries regarding CO while on
  3. Runs quality control checks that ensure accuracy and
  4. Writes trip reports for distribution throughout CWS and in consultation with the CO Manager, follows up on issues related to partners and


  1. Develops and maintains effective relationships with RSC implementing partners, including PRM, IOM, and
  2. Ensures partner communication from the department is professional, timely and
  3. Represents organizational policies and culture to
  4. Ensures the workforce is professional when representing CWS/RSC Africa to refugees, partners, the under and

Performance Management

  1. Runs quality assurance reports and ensures accuracy of
  2. Monitors staff time and attendance while on

Staff Care

  1. Monitors and ensures a safe, healthy and professional work
  2. Actively supports staff by promoting safe space, open-door and the escalation policy on
  3. Establishes and communicates clear expectations to staff to foster a predictable and consistent work environment on
  4. Ensures staff are safe in the field by coordinating with the RSC Staff Security Coordinator and disseminating information related to safety to staff in the

Program Administration

  1. Liaises with vendors in the field to decrease costs associated with CO provisions in coordination with Logistics and tracks lunches/tea
  2. Oversees contractor activities including hiring and payment of interpreters, childminders and other vendors.
  3. Schedules and facilitates circuit ride briefings and debriefings when
  4. Oversees the scheduling of eligible individuals for cultural orientation training in collaboration with the Scheduling
  5. Participates in training and on-boarding new
  6. Maintains records of all correspondence with

This position also undertakes other duties as assigned by CWS/RSC Africa Management.


Bachelor’s degree or four (4) years of paid work experience in lieu of a Bachelor’s degree is required.


  • Two (2) years related experience is
  • Three (3) years training experience is


  • Excellent interpersonal and innovative training
  • Proficiency with MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Outlook).
  • Thorough knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System (WRAPS) database and Operations Policies and


The CO Senior Trainer must have the ability to:

  • Travel to the field as needed
  • Take initiative in formulating training plans;
  • Travel occasionally, sometimes at short notice;
  • Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing;
  • Follow instructions from the Supervisor with a positive and receptive attitude;
  • Deal effectively and courteously with a large number of associates, outside agencies, refugees and members of the general public;
  • Conduct oneself in a professional and courteous manner to represent the best interests of RSC Africa and CWS/IRP;
  • Maintain a high performance standard with attention to detail;
  • Carry out all of the duties of the position efficiently and effectively with minimal supervision;
  • Pass a job knowledge assessment in order to be confirmed at the end of probation;
  • Maintain a job knowledge assessment score of 80% or higher, demonstrated through semi-annual assessments;
  • Accurately type 35 WPM at 93% accuracy;
  • Work independently and contribute to overall operations of RSC Africa;
  • Take initiative in the development and completion of projects;
  • Lead others and address issues as they arise;
  • Maintain strict confidentiality with RSC Africa administrative and operational information;
  • Manage a large and diverse workload under pressure with competing priorities
  • Analyse and solve complex problems and make sound decisions;
  • Work well as a team in a multi-cultural environment while maintaining a high level of motivation;
  • Effectively manage RSC Africa’s resources
  • Actively participate in the implementation of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP).

Working Conditions

Physical: This position requires sitting, handling objects (manual dexterity) and using fine finger movements.

Environmental: Normal office working conditions.

Special Requirements: Police Clearance Certificate issued within the last one year (12 months) is required before the start of employment. Employee will be entrusted with the receipt, custody and payment of money.

A valid passport and the ability to maintain a valid passport throughout the entire appointment is required, which includes having enough passport pages for travel. The candidate should be of good health, willing and able to travel extensively in often difficult conditions, and have a high degree of flexibility. Must have proof of Yellow Fever vaccination before traveling for CWS RSC Africa. Employee will be entrusted with the receipt, custody and payment of money.

Licensing/Certification: None Competencies Communication

Ensure effective   exchanges of information with    others. Examples of    skills    and    behaviors include

speaking to others respectfully;   expressing ideas    in    a    logical, organized way;    sharing information appropriately; and clarity and conciseness in written communication.


Ensure constructive and supportive interactions with others. Examples of skills and behaviors include being positive and supportive when working with others; sharing information and resources freely; resolving conflict constructively; and proactively working to remove obstacles to success for others.

Job Knowledge

Utilize and apply job related knowledge to complete job tasks at a level that meets or exceeds expectations. Examples of skills and behaviors include utilizing job knowledge to solve problems or develop new approaches; maintaining or enhancing skills through continuing education; and taking on projects that will develop or enhance skills.


Work effectively and contribute as a member of a team. Examples of skills and behaviors include supporting other team members  by  sharing  information;   covering the work of   others   during absences, vacations etc.; and actively participating in developing ideas for ways to increase team effectiveness.

Problem Solving

Analyze  information  and  develop  solutions to  challenges that  arise  during the  course of  performing  a job. Examples of skills and behaviors include researching and collecting facts; defining the issues and the parties affected; formulating options/solutions for addressing the problem; and engendering support for and implementing the solution.

Program Planning and Management

Organize work     and/or      plan      projects      and      ensure timely      completion      and/or   successful implementation. Examples of skills and behaviors include identifying and analyzing program options; identifying the tasks    and    deliverables required for     successful     completion; managing one’s time; monitoring  the resources involved   and   ensuring that they are   directed most effectively; and working with all involved to ensure successful completion.


Guide and direct oneself or other individuals and groups toward a desired outcome. Examples of skills and behaviors include taking the appropriate level of initiative to resolve problems or remove obstacles, bringing individuals together around a common goal; evaluating information and making decisions; navigating  conflict  and  obstacles;  and  ensuring that   communication takes   place   between   all parties involved.

Resource Building and Stewardship

Balance the acquisition or investment of organization resources with responsible use of those resources in line with the organization’s mission. Examples of skills and behaviors include taking advantage of all opportunities to cultivate potential donors; evaluating situations to identify the best use of resources;

and making responsible investments of resources that increase organization effectiveness.



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