Job Opportunity at Evolve People Solutions Tanzania – Lead Chemist

The Lead Chemist will be conducting experimental work in a petrochemical laboratory. Specific duties include catalyst preparation, performing analytical and performance testing, reporting results, troubleshooting, and maintaining equipment for the laboratory. The candidate will provide interpretation and analysis of data resulting from various tests. The candidate must be able to maintain accurate records of all analytical tests. Candidate will also be responsible for the maintenance and calibration of Lab equipment. Must be able to work with all chemicals, petrochemicals, and petroleum products. He/She will be responsible for managing lab inventory as well as customer relations. Knowledge on a variety of Chemistry equipment and computer alongside problem-solving skills are essential to succeed and progress in this role.

• Must be result-oriented, prioritize achievement of lab goals, and meet deadlines as requested.
• Must have lab managerial experience or minimum of 2 years of experience in analytical science/ analytical lab operations.
• Petrochemical or gas processing industries is preferred.
• Multitasker and a problem solver.
• Must be able to perform a variety of Quality tests, surveying, and certification.
• Knowledge of Oil marking and water analysis are a plus.
• Data integrity is critical. Candidate must have the ability to accurately collect/interpret/document experimental/scientific data as required.
• Must demonstrate good oral and written communication skills in English language.
• Must be able to communicate additional training needs and any issues to management.
• Must Understand and keep current with all laboratory analysis methods.
• Responsible for the maintenance and calibration of laboratory equipment.
• Must possess the ability to understand ASTM standards and procedures.
• Prepare audit, internal production, and quality performance reports.
• Must record and investigate internal product quality concerns.
• Position requires a dependable and reliable individual whose daily presence adds to the success of the department.
• Must have flexible schedule as position will include evenings, weekends, and holidays based on customer needs

All qualified and interested candidates shall send their CVs ONLY to [email protected]
While we appreciate all applicants who trust us enough to apply with us, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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