Job Vacancy at Bolt Tanzania – Account Manager

We are looking for an Account Manager to join Bolt for Business. You’ll be the face of Bolt for Business, working closely with key businesses, to meet their needs and understand how we can grow their business with us.

B4B has big targets, the product is evolving, getting better and better and our ambitions are high – aiming for 10X growth in the next 12 months.

To achieve that, we’re looking for focused, hungry people, brimming with ambition and talent – just waiting for the opportunity to show us what they can do.

In this role you’ll get plenty of exposure to big business, you’ll be integral to the smooth running of the relationship, meeting the needs of our clients.

  • Managing a portfolio of key clients, proactively contacting them and helping them
  • Replying to client queries, replying to emails, calls and solving their challenges
  • Creating account plans to grow volumes from existing clients
  • Preparing and managing the flow of accounting documents and materials
  • Assisting the sales team with onboarding and client management
  • Communicating with an international team to solve local issues
  • Delivering volume growth each month
  • At least 2-4+ years of successful previous experience in account management
  • A self starter, keen, ambitious and hungry to get results
  • Proactive, organised and obsessed with details
  • Superb written and spoken communication skills in English
  • Comfortable and experienced speaking with clients, dealing with issues and generating positive outcomes
  • Strong business sense and industry expertise
  • Demonstrable experience of upselling and generating volume growth from existing clients



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