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Job Vacancy at Mehta and Associates – HR Consultant



•   Bachelor’s degree in Law, human resources, business administration,or similar:
•   A minimum  of 3 years of experience as an HR consultant or similar.
•   Excellent computer skills and experience with ATS, Payroll, and HR management software.
•   Full understanding  of Tanzanian  Labor Law, HR legislation, policies,and procedures.
•   Experience of managing CMA issues
•   Excellent understanding of HR evaluation metrics and methods.
•   Good knowledge of recruitment practices and techniques.
•   Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
•   You must be well-connected with the broader circle not just Limited to social media and digital world.
•   Excellent computer skills – Power Point, Excel and Word
•   Excellent presentation skills

The Deadline is January 9th , 2022 .

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