Jobs in Tanzania at Sandvik – Project Manager

Manage the day-to-day activities of the contract team so that the organization’s sales and services teams are effectively supported and all commercial activities are processed efficiently, accurately and economically.

Plan, prioritize, and schedule the team’s activities so that resources are used effectively and that work schedules and targets are met.

Monitor the status of sales and services activities to identify problem areas and adapt procedures to improve the overall performance of the team.

Liaise with functional or operational area managers (for example in sales, marketing, finance, supply and logistics) to ensure that sales and services activities are integrated with other parts of the business and appropriate for current and future sales and marketing activities.

Oversee the most complex, large or difficult contracts to maintain positive customer relations.


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Lead, direct, evaluate and develop contract management professionals team so that activities are completed accurately and on time.

This position will be based in a mine site.

About you

Bachelor’s Degree is a minimum requirement.

At least 5 years Project Management Experience.

You have a good track record managing successful projects and are good at coordinating studies & planning activities in complex environments.

You have experience in project execution and understanding of what delivering a successful project requires, but even more importantly you adapt quickly to new ways of working & processes and are good at communicating effectively in a cross-functional environment.

A proactive way of working and excellent skills in problem solving will be needed to succeed in the position.


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