Jobs in Tanzania at Zenith Media – Signage Manager

Job Title: Signage Manager

Based at: Zenith Media PVT LTD, Production Site, Unga Limited, Arusha

Position reports: Operations Manager, Director of Operations & Finance.

Job Purpose Summary: This position is to be filled with the most experienced operator and also one who knows extensively about the relevant machines and processes used in Signage making. This said, the purpose of this position holder is to act as Designer, Operator and Manager, of the Signage department.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:


  • Leading and directing the Signage department in order to facilitate timely and efficient completion of jobs, ensuring subordinates fulfill their duties and relevant procedures are followed.
  • Communicating job information to team.
  • Delegating jobs to department employees.
  • Planning and organizing jobs to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Constantly improving the department through training and sharing of relevant knowledge and information with subordinates.
  • Communicating and working with clients regarding design. (Only personnel authorized to communicate directly with clients in the department).
  • Advising and communicating operational information with the Operations Manager & Director of Operations & Finance.
  • Communicating relevant information, as requested by other Directors, and to the Accounts Department.
  • Constantly communicate with the subordinates in the department and encourage a culture of open communication.


  • Advising on signage options.
  • Designing creative and professional looking signage.
  • Creating both 2D/3D designs.
  • Constantly introducing new concepts to make for The Company.
  • Maintaining a record of the design files of customers
  • Working alongside designers in a joint effort for a project.
  • Making small amendments to designs within the department.


  • Knowing how to and operating all Signage department machines. Including, but not limited to, the AXYZ Router/Cutter, Laser Engraver, Acrylic bending machines, finishing machines (i.e. drills, grinders) and etcetera..
  • Delegating and performing routine cleaning and maintenance on the machines, and report problems.
  • Delegating and performing the various types of machine calibrations as and when required.
  • Guide finishing personnel. Communicate with sign makers, carpenters and metal fabricators, whether within or outside The Company.


  • Keeping the relevant work space organized and clean.
  • Following safe practices and adhering to safety standards (as stated in policies and procedures).
  • Attend training as and when specified by company.
  • Attend meetings when required.
  • Research and keep updated on current and upcoming technology.
  • Appropriate administration, budgeting, monitoring, reporting, communication and liaison.
  • To undertake self-development relevant to the position.
  • To complete other tasks as required by the company

Dimensions/Territory/Scope/Scale: The scope of this position is throughout the Signage department over which this position extends control. They are responsible for the performance of the entire Signage department.

Date and other relevant internal references: For further information on organizational structure, processes and all other work related rules, regulations, policies and procedures please refer to the ‘Policies and Procedures’ handbook of the Company. If information is not available therein then refer to the Directors.



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