John Dorys Menu Prices in South Africa 2022

John Dorys restaurant is one of the best seafood restaurant in South Africa, offering fine dining and a wide variety of seafood.

They are open every day for lunch and dinner, as well as hosting special events at various venues around major cities in South Africa.

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Their menu has been created over many years by combining their own knowledge with feedback from satisfied customers and includes only the freshest ingredients.

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John Dory’s can cater for any occasion including birthday parties, weddings and private functions. They offer a range of menus from business lunches to special occasions.

Their team consist of experienced chefs who prepare each meal with passion and pride ensuring that every time you visit you will leave with a smile on your face.

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Here is the latest John Dory menu with prices in South Africa:

Starters Menu

Calamari Strips 68.00
Mussel Bowl 59.00

Kids Meals Menu

200g Ribs 63.00
Quarter Chicken 52.00

Fish Market Menu

Calamari Strips 129.00
Hake & Chips – 1 Piece 79.00
Hake & Chips – 2 Piece 109.00
Family Meal Deal 199.00
Sole (180g) 129.00

Combos Menu

Double Hake & Calamari Strips 139.00
Sole & Calamari Strips 115.00
Sole & Prawns 129.00
Hake & Prawns 119.00
1/4 Chicken & 400g Ribs 159.00

Prawns & Platters Menu

Ten JD’s Prawns 129.00
Fifteen JD’s Prawns 169.00
Coastal Platter 129.00
John’s Platter 155.00

Sushi Menu

Bean Curd 54.00
California Rolls (4 pieces) 39.00
Sandwiches (2 pieces) 39.00
Hake Nuggets 45.00
Maki (3 pieces) 39.00
Salmon Roses (3 pieces) 69.00
Hand Roll 59.00
Vegetarian Futomaki 39.00
The Bomb (4 pieces) 58.00
Prawn Tempura (3 pieces) 58.00
Rainbow Rolls (4 pieces) 58.00
Cucumber Rolls (4 pieces) 58.00
Prawn Avalanche 58.00
Prawn & Cheese Spring Rolls 45.00
Strawberry & Cream Pudding 54.00
Rose Parcels 65.00
Vegetarian Rainbow Roll 58.00
Tuna/Salmon Trio 54.00
Samurai Salmon Rolls 59.00
Tuna Roses 49.00
Deep Fried Futomaki 58.00
Nigiri 45.00
Prawn Surprise 58.00
Valentine Roll 58.00
Tempura Rainbow Rolls 58.00
Smoked Cali Rolls 58.00
C&C Bombs 58.00
Snow Crab Rolls 58.00
Prawn Reload 85.00
Caterpillar Roll 58.00
Two Oceans Sushi Platter 109.00
Maritime Platter 279.00
Rainbow Warrior Platter 125.00
Family Sushi Deal 269.00

Desserts Menu

Ice Cream & Bar-one Sauce 36.00
Peppermint Tart 39.00

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