The 10 Best Manufacturing Companies in Chicago

Chicago is home to more than 1,300 manufacturing companies, employing over 62,000 people. Manufacturers in Chicago produce everything from auto parts to medical devices and equipment.

In fact, Chicago boasts the largest concentration of advanced manufacturing companies in the nation.

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The city’s thriving manufacturing sector is supported by a skilled labor market, access to markets and transportation networks, and pro-business infrastructure.

It’s one of the reasons why Chicago has been ranked among the top 10 cities for manufacturing in America by Forbes and Crain’s Chicago Business.

Chicago is also home to the nation’s first Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII), a public-private partnership between UI LABS and more than 200 partners from industry, academia, and government.

DMDII aims to accelerate the development of new digital manufacturing tools that will help increase productivity for manufacturers of all sizes — from small shops to large-scale enterprises.

Below are some of Chicago’s top manufacturing companies:

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1. Sciaky, Inc. — Annual Sales $100 to 249.9 Million

Sciaky, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of advanced metal additive manufacturing solutions.

Sciaky’s EBAM Metal 3D Printing Systems has the capability to deposit metal up to 10 times faster than competing technologies and produce parts up to 19 feet (5.8 meters) in length.

Sciaky’s EBAM technology has been used by industry-leading manufacturers such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, and other top companies around the world.

Sciaky is a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries (PSI), a multi-industry manufacturer that has been providing innovative solutions for customers since 1945.

By combining Sciaky’s innovative electron beam technology with PSI’s extensive experience in welding and automation, we continue to offer the most advanced metal additive manufacturing solutions on the market today.

2. Howe Corporation — Annual Sales $10 to 24.9 Million

Located in Perry, Ohio, Howe Corporation manufactures refrigeration equipment for the perishable food industry.

Their products include ice flakes, condensing units, ice storage bins, water filtration systems, compressors, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, receivers, accumulators, and intercoolers.

Howe Corporation has been a leader in the refrigeration industry since 1962 and its mission is to provide its customers with quality products and services at competitive prices.

They are proud to have served the ice rink industry since its inception and they continue to support this growing industry by providing customized solutions for every unique situation.

Howe’s client base includes many of the largest food processors in the world as well as small local businesses.

They also offer custom design and manufacturing services to meet all of your specific needs.

3. Flexicraft Industries — Annual Sales $1 to4.9 Million

Flexicraft Industries is an expansion joint and flexible connector manufacturer.

Their products include flexible pipe connectors, braided hoses, metal bellows, pump connectors, expansion joints, and more.

Their standard size range includes both molded rubber expansion joints as well as heavy-duty fabricated rubber joints up to 60″ diameter and 130 lengths.

Flexicraft’s expansion joints are used in piping systems throughout the world for compensating for thermal growth, absorbing vibration, misalignment, and noise reduction.

They have been employed successfully in a wide range of projects including high-rises, hospitals, bridges, stadiums, chemical plants, refineries, power plants, and more.

Flexicraft has been an industry leader in rubber expansion joints since 1975. They have supplied millions of expansion joints over these years with excellent quality and service.

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4. Hosecraft USA — Annual Sales Under $1 Million

Hosecraft USA is your source for quality industrial and commercial hoses of every type in the sizes, lengths, and materials you need.

All of their hoses are made to order and are available as finished assemblies or in bulk lengths with custom fittings crimped on.

They also provide custom-made assemblies to meet your unique requirements.

Their assemblies are made of high-quality hoses and fittings that are guaranteed to handle the pressure of whatever you throw at them.

All their assemblies are tested by qualified technicians before they leave the shop.

The company wants you to be 100% confident that you will be receiving a superior product each time you order from them.

They pride themselves on manufacturing quality products that will stand up to tough work conditions and years of service.

It is important to the company that its customers get a premium product for their money. Hosecraft USA understands this and has been supplying quality hoses for over 15 years.

5. ENM Company — Annual Sales $10 to 24.9 Million

The ENM Company is a manufacturer and supplier of digital counters, tachometers, hour meters, and timers.

Their product line includes battery discharge indicators, mechanical counters, electronic counters, electromechanical counters, preset timers, maintenance meter counters, and pedal switches.

ENM specializes in manufacturing products that are widely used in various industries including aerospace, military and defense, medical equipment manufacturers, and service companies.

Many of ENM’s products are used as original equipment or replacements by major manufacturers of industrial equipment.

Customers around the world rely on ENM’s ability to design simple or complex instruments when they require precise control or recording of time or distance.

ENM’s success comes from listening to the customers’ needs and designing innovative solutions to meet those needs.

6. H & B Machine Corp. — Annual Sales Under $1 Million

H & B Machine Corp. is a manufacturer of 1 to 20-ton aluminum gantry cranes, 5000 lb capacity flat-top dollies, aluminum, and steel I-beams, and lightweight angle skates.

H & B offers a wide range of quality, cost-effective options to meet virtually any material handling need.

They build and sell single or multiple pieces as well as complete systems.

Their products are stocked and ready for immediate shipment, so call today and we’ll get you exactly what you need.

The company has a full line of aluminum gantry cranes available in different capacities, spans, and heights.

All cranes are open-sided for easy loading and unloading of equipment or workpieces.

They are fully adjustable to accommodate many applications and can be used in conjunction with our flat-top dollies and angle skates for even more versatility.

Their 5000 lb capacity flat-top dollies provide easy movement of heavy machinery or equipment with no damage to flooring or tires.

These units are lightweight yet sturdy so they’re easy to move but can take a beating in the field.

7. Phoenix Electric Manufacturing Co. — Annual Sales $5 to9.9 Million

Phoenix Electric Manufacturing Co. manufactures standard and custom brush holder assemblies for the electric motor, power tool, consumer appliance, and generator industries, including many constant force designs.

Phoenix Electric is a certified manufacturer with over 100 years of successful experience in product quality and customer satisfaction

Phoenix Electric manufactures standard and custom brush holder assemblies for the electric motor, power tool, consumer appliance, and generator industries.

Their products include AC/DC field service generators. Phoenix Electric also provides professional prototype design as well as product development assistance to its customers.

Capabilities include molding of non-conducting materials, plating on ferrous base metals (zinc, cadmium, and copper) plus stamping of ferrous metals.

Phoenix Electric also offers a full line of sprung carbon brushes to meet your most demanding requirements.

8. Naylor Pipe Co. — Annual Sales $10 to 24.9 Million

Naylor Pipe Co. is one of the largest manufacturers of drainage pipe and water system products in North America.

Using a state-of-the-art, computerized manufacturing facility, and quality materials, Naylor ensures that its customers receive only the finest products available.

Products include concrete brick, pipe, grade rings, and manholes.

Naylor Spiralweld Pipe Company maintains a large inventory of both spiral weld pipe and structural plate at locations throughout the U.S.

Naylor Spiralweld Pipe manufactures spiral weld pipe for numerous industrial applications, including water, sewage, drainage, storm sewer, culvert, penstock, pump station piping, and structural piling.

Naylor Spiralweld Pipe also manufactures standard shapes of structural plate sections for bridges and other highway structures.

9. Chambers Gasket & Manufacturing Co. — Annual Sales $10 to 24.9 Million

Chambers Gasket & Manufacturing Co. is one of the best manufacturing companies in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Their experience in the industry has allowed them to offer their clients a wide range of products and services, including custom gaskets, custom seals, metal stampings, plastic injection molding, and much more.

Chambers Gasket & Manufacturing Co. has been serving the community for over 25 years.

Its mission is to provide top-quality products with competitive pricing and on-time deliveries.

They are dedicated to being a reliable partner in your manufacturing needs.

Whether you are looking for a custom gasket or seal, or you want to get your car repaired, they will help you!

The company has been serving the needs of customers throughout Chicago and beyond for decades – from corporate giants like McDonald’s Corporation to small auto repair shops like yours.

The company takes pride in its ability to provide you with the best products at competitive prices while maintaining our commitment to customer service excellence every step of the way.

10. Metraflex Co. — Annual Sales $5 to 9.9 Million

Metraflex Co. is one of the best manufacturing companies in Chicago that has great customer service and has been providing quality products and services for years.

Metraflex is a national supplier of expansion joints, anchors, rubbers, metal bellows, pump connectors, check valves, and more.

The company provides a wide range of products for commercial and industrial applications covering a variety of markets.

Whether you require a single unit or high-volume quantities, we have the product knowledge and resources to provide you with what you need for your project.

For more than 60 years, Metraflex has been manufacturing top-quality products designed to meet the needs of large commercial, industrial and institutional applications worldwide.

Their dedication to innovation and customer service distinguishes the company from other manufacturers in our industry.

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