10 Most Valuable Coins in South Africa [UPDATED 2022]

Which are Most Valuable Coins in South Africa? Coins generally have a low face value and are not worth investing in, however this is not always the case with rare SA coins.

On top of its initial worth, they are a gemstone with an affordable price tag. As a result, it is critical not to ignore this ancient means of trade when sorting through your treasures and riches. As a guide, see a list of the most valuable South African coins.

Coins are generally priced based on their face value, which isn’t always a lot. Rare South African coins can appreciate so much that they become valuable investment instruments at times.

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With that in mind, I decided to compile a list of the top 10 most valuable coins in South Africa.

Such coins are what fuel most notable coin collections and get attention for the high prices they command at auction. Several circumstances might cause a coin’s value to skyrocket.

The primary ones include the coin’s rarity, the substance from which it was created, the function of the coin or what it is connected with, and lastly the condition of the coin at the time of sale.

A coin’s rarity, like that of any other commodity in the world, makes it exclusive and drives up demand. Collectors desire it to complete their collections, while investors want it for its long-term value appreciation.

The rarest coins are those that were used years ago when they were not mass-minted, and many may have been lost or reminted through time, leaving only a handful in circulation.

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10 Most Valuable Coins in South Africa 2021

1. 1898 Single 9 Pond

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The 1898 Single 9 Pond is the first among the top most valuable coins in south Africa, and it is also the most valuable of all the coins I discovered throughout the search.

It is the only coin of its sort ever produced, making it one of the most valuable coins in the world.

That’s a big claim to make about the price of a coin, so without further ado, how much is the 1898 Single 9 Pond worth today?

The 1898 Single 9 Pond is now valued at R15,000,000. There is only one of these coins in existence, and it was most recently sold for R20 million, or roughly $4 million, to a private bidder who desired to remain anonymous.

The backstory is also rather interesting.

The coin was created during the Anglo-Boer War, when the government was looking for international recognition.

Because the nation lacked the dies required to issue coinage at home, it contracted with a mint in Germany to create the dies.

Unfortunately, British soldiers intercepted and confiscated the German-made dies on their route to South Africa.

Due to the lack of new dies, the Dutch were obliged to utilize old dies from 1898 and stamp a number “9” on the obverse to indicate the piece was issued in 1899.

On the first coin, however, they made a mistake by printing the “9” too big, causing it to protrude into President Kruger’s profile.

When they realized their error, they stopped using that punch, and the coin was placed away, becoming known as the “single 9.”

The Dutch then utilized two smaller 9’s, and 130 coins known as “double 9’s” were produced.

The single 9 was delivered to the United States in order to create the South African Dutch government as a separate state with its own coin.

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2. Kruger Double Nine Ponds (1899)

kruger double 9 one pond coin south africa

Kruger Double Nine Ponds is the second in the list of the most valuable coins in south Africa

The coin was created when stakeholders agreed to replace the single-nine branded coin. The production of around 137,000 one-pound coins began, resulting in the 1899 Kruger Double Nine Pounds.

Only 133 of the coins minted got a 99-numeral stamping, garnering them the moniker “Double 99 ponds.” Due to the rarity of these 130 coins, their value has risen to more than R1.5 million.

3. 1874 Burgers Pond Coarse Beard

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This batch of Burgers Ponds differed considerably from the original 695 coins known as the “1874 Burgers Pond Fine Beard.”

The dies broke after the initial batch was created, so a new die was used, resulting in the coins having a coarse beard and the numeral 8 seeming to be double-struck.

Minting was suspended when the president presented 50 of these coins to the People Council, which had an unfavorable reaction to the coins.

The 1874 Burgers Pond Coarse Beard may sell up to R1,750,000, and only 142 pieces were struck, making them extremely rare.

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4. Sammy Marks Tickey (1898)

1898 sammy marks ticky

The Sammy Marks Tickey is one of the most valuable South African coins. These were never used as legal coin, yet they are still extremely valuable.

During Kruger’s presidency, these coins served as keepsakes. The commander in chief commended Sammy Marks, a mining businessman, for the extraordinary services rendered to the state by these coins.

Among the 215 pieces created by the mining, magnate was sent to high-ranking figures such as family members, friends, people’s council leaders, and the president.

The Sammy Marks Tickey coins have appreciated in value to more than R750 000 due to their scarcity and historical significance.

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5. 1874 Burgers Pond Fine Beard

1874 Burgers Pond

In 1874, the then-President of the Republic of South Africa decided to commission the production of indigenous coins for the country.

He sent a portrait of himself and the government’s coat of arms to the Republic’s Consul General JJ Pratt in London, along with riches collected from the fabled Pilgrim’s Rest.

The first batch, known as the Fine Beard Burgers Pond, consisted of 695 pieces.

The 1874 Burgers Pond Fine Beard is highly valuable, having sold for as much as £93,600 (R1,842,664) at a London auction in 2014.

Other 1874 Burgers Pond Fine Beard coins range in price from R300,000 to R700,000, depending on condition.

6. VeldPond (1902)

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The pricing list of ancient South African coins is never complete without including the VeldPond.

Only 986 pieces were produced in a desperate bid to aid the Boers in their trade activities.

A violent conflict during the period of the VeldPonds made it nearly hard for Boers to obtain goods from African tribes.

The coin arrived to assist boost their commerce and oppose the British, who were on the verge of destroying them.

The VeldPond is also known as Pilgrim’s Rest. Because these valuable metals are hand-pressed, each one is unique.

VeldPonds have a price range of around R350,000, depending on the quality and condition of the specific item.

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7. Mandela 90th Birthday Coin (2008)


The excitement surrounding the celebration of a South African liberation warrior and the country’s first black president drew attention to these coins.

They’ve been going about since their release on the eve of Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday. A total of 22 million R5 Mandela coins were produced.

In recent years, the value of these limited edition coins has risen by the day.

Which South African R5 coins are valuable? The most valuable coins are the commemorative R5 coins issued in 2008.

These South African coins are valued at R150,000 according to the Bid or Buy listing. Ungraded bits of metal that are not in circulation, on the other hand, are worth around R1,000.

8. 2018 Mandela’s 100th Birthday R5 Coin

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Another coin created to commemorate Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday is the 2018 Mandela’s 100th Birthday R5 coin.

They were for the R5 denomination, like the 2008 coins, but their rarity and emotional value can make them worth more if they have excellent grade, and uncirculated coins retail for as much as R9,995.00 on auctions.

A standard 2018 R5 coin, on the other hand, is just worth R5, and they were meant to be used as regular money.

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9. Mandela Inauguration Coin (1994)


The Mandela Inauguration is a value metric and a symbol that sets South African history in economic context. These coins were produced in limited quantities.

Investors and collectors rushed to buy them as soon as they became available. They have remained valuable in the hands of a few fortunate individuals.

As a result, they are no longer widely available in public circulation.

10. 1893-1894 Kruger Half Ponds

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Even though the first single shaft half ponds (called from the picture of a single-shaft ox cart on them) were produced in 1894, these are the rarest of all ordinary Kruger coins, especially those carrying the year 1893.

Because of their scarcity, they command significant prices for such common coins, with prices starting at R200, 000.

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Final Thoughts

The coins listed above are some of the most valuable in South Africa, and they may be a good investment.

When collecting rare South African coins, it is essential to always seek for grading and to try various but trustworthy vendors to obtain the best possible price and to wait for the value to rise before selling.

For the most part, the prices of South African coins have altered dramatically in recent years.

It should be noted that these prices are susceptible to the fair dynamics of a fair market and may thus fluctuate in the future.

Nonetheless, collectors and investors stand out among those who are always on the lookout for the most valuable South African coins.

Do not throw away this archaic means of trade; it may be a worthwhile investment.

This is supported by the prices of rare South African coins, which will tell you how much that ancient coin is presently worth.

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