New MPesa Charges and Tariffs in Tanzania: Makato Mapya Mpesa 2021

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MPesa Charges, Makato mapya M-Pesa 2021 | Charges, Ada mpya M Pesa Vodacom, Makato mapya M Pesa, Tozo mpya Mpesa 2021, Tozo za Simu M Pesa.Vodacom Tanzania Limited operates Tanzania’s largest cellular network.

Vodacom Tanzania has over 15.6 million subscribers as of December 2020, making it Tanzania’s biggest cellular telecommunications network.
If you’re searching for M-Pesa charges in Tanzania or M-Pesa Tariffs in Tanzania, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will assist you since it contains all of the information regarding M-Pesa charges in Tanzania. Scroll down to get the complete details.

Here are The Latest Vodacom Tanzania Mpesa Tariffs and Charges

The following are the most recent Mpesa charges in Tanzania for 2021. When sending and receiving money, certain Vodacom Tanzania Mpesa tariffs and charges apply.

Vodacom’s tariffs include charges for transfers to other registered users (which are cheaper, similar to Safaricom MPESA in Kenya). Calculate the cost of withdrawing money from an MPESA agent or ATM using Vodacom Tanzania.

Some Mpesa transactions are free in Vodacom Tanzania, including all deposits, Mpesa registration, airtime purchase, and updating your M-PESA PIN.

Vodacom Tanzania Mpesa Tariffs and Charges (Tshs)

Min (Tsh)Max (Tsh)Withdraw from M-pesa Agent/ATM (Tshs)Sending money to registered Users (Tshs)Sending money to unregistered Users (Tshs)
Over Tsh 3,000,001


Other Vodacom Tanzania Mpesa Transactions

Mpesa Transaction Vodacom Mpesa Tariffs (Tshs)
All Deposits Free
MPESA Registration Free
Airtime Purchase Free
Change MPESA PIN Free
Pay by Mpesa Send Money Tariff
MPESA Balance inquiry and Mini-statement Tsh 60

A Full List Latest Vodacom Tanzania Mpesa Tariffs and Charges

M Pesa Tarriffs M pesa charges in Tanzania Ada za M Pesa

Additional Mpesa Services in Tanzania

M-Pesa Application

M-PESA, Tanzania’s biggest and most innovative mobile banking service, has enhanced its transaction experience by introducing the M-PESA APP. The client experience provided by the APP is really revolutionary.

You receive a richer experience by using the app for all transaction kinds, such as transferring money to loved ones, checking your bank account, paying for products and services, sending or receiving money abroad, and transacting from anywhere in the globe as long as you have data connection.


This is a ground-breaking banking solution from CBA and Vodacom that enables you to save money using your phone, earn interest on your savings, and ultimately receive micro loans when you need them.

M-Pawa is here as a dependable buddy who will lend you a hand in moving ahead and carrying out your life goal.

M-Pesa lipa ya M-Pesa (Hakuna Makato)

‘Lipa kwa M-Pesa’ is Vodacom’s Merchant payments solution designed to digitize payments in the Tanzania retail ecosystem, allowing merchants and retailers to accept payments smoothly while assisting consumers in avoiding the dangers and hassles associated with carrying cash.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using Mpesa Services

  • When you deposit money into your account via M-Pesa agents, there are no transaction fees.
  • Check that your M-Pesa registration information is accurate; otherwise, go to your closest Vodashop to get it verified.
  • Once you have completed your registration, you may send up to Tsh 5M each day and hold up to Tsh 10M in your M-Pesa account at any time.
  • To prevent difficulties, always check the recipient’s name whenever you transfer money.
  • Dial *106# to see whether your registration is complete.
  • To prevent difficulties, always check the recipient’s name whenever you transfer money.
  • When doing a transaction with an M-Pesa agent, you must provide your identity card.
  • After changing your Vodacom number, you will be able to use your M-Pesa account within 48 hours.
  • To get M-Pesa terms and conditions, go to your local Vodashop or
  • M-Pesa FREELY shows account balances on every transaction confirmation. If you want to check your balance, you will be charged Tsh 60.
  • Every month, a fee of Tsh 600/= will be levied for account maintenance for M-Pesa accounts that have not been used for more than 150 days.
  • If funds remain unclaimed in client accounts for longer than 5 years, they will be handed to the appropriate authorities in line with Tanzanian legislation.
  • When paying registered M-Pesa Merchants, you will be charged a nominal fee of 0.5 percent of the paid amount for all payments up to Tsh 1,500,000/=. Payments between Tsh 1,500,001 and 2,000,000 will be taxed Tsh 7,500/=, while payments over Tsh 2,000,000/= will be charged Tsh 8,000/=.
  • All of the tariffs listed above include all Government Taxes and New Government Levies.
  • For additional information, call the Vodacom call center at 100 (FREE).
  • You may have your M-Pesa statement sent to you for free, or you can obtain a printed copy for Tsh.3,000/=per month through our Vodacom Shops. This fee covers printing expenses.

How do I Signup for an M-PESA account?


When you purchase and register a Vodacom Simcard, you will be immediately registered for M-Pesa. If you are an existing unregistered client, you may finish the electronic registration procedure by visiting a Vodacom store with a valid Identity Document – National ID (including Zanzibar ID), passport, voter ID, or driving license.

After you’ve enrolled, you’ll be asked to activate your M-Pesa account by changing the system-generated start key PIN to your own.


To activate your account:

  1. Dial *150*00# ok
  2. Select 1 Activate or 2 Wezesha
  3. Enter start key PIN
  4. Enter new PIN
  5. Re-enter new PIN
  6. Enter date of birth

Once your account has been activated, you will get an SMS confirmation.

MPesa Charges and Tariffs in Tanzania: Conclusion

Thoseare the most recent Vodacom Tanzania Mpesa tariffs and charges for sending and withdrawing money, paybill, and M-PESA Tanzania transaction charges for M-Pawa loans. Check the Vodacom Tanzania Mpesa tariffs & charges page for any updates.

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