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MzigoTV the Best Music Blog in Tanzania

Today, we look at the Mzigotv one of the best Tanzania Music blog. Music blogging has peaked in Tanzania ; there are over 50 active music blogs and websites in Tanzania, Google “Artist Song Title Mp3” you would see how many options are available.

Several years ago, it was a struggle to find Tanzanian Music online. Mzigotv is one of the best Tanzania music blogs that has a lot of monthly visitors.
Following its launch, Mzigotv rose quickly to become among  the primary source of top Tanzania Songs and music videos.

Well, that came with a price; it became increasingly difficult for them to post or listen to all songs, and with everything in life, diversity is welcomed.
Dj Mwanga Nyimbo Mpya

Today, despite the rise of music streaming platforms globally and locally, there are several top music blogs in Tanzania dedicated to posting the latest singles from Tanzanian artistes and giving upcoming artists a platform to promote their songs.

Mzigotv Music Blog in Tanzania

The title of the best music blog has always been between Mzigotv. Mzigotv had more industry insights and received more visitors, and provided listeners with a fast, mobile-friendly website, where they could download songs without audio lags.

However, music streaming platforms have eaten into Tanzania music blogs’ traffic has accelerated.

As at the time of publication, Mzigotv remains a dedicated music blog and according to data collated from Alexa and Semrush, Mzigotv is the second most visited music blog in Tanzania.

Today, Mzigotv is unarguably the best music blog in Tanzania.

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