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NGO Jobs in Tanzania at Church World Service (CWS) – Janitor

CWS is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, gender identity, genetic information, disability or protected veteran status. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

Grade: 1(N)
Level: Associate Technician
Department: Administration
Location: Dares Salaam, Tanzania

Primary Purpose
This position is primarily responsible for office maintenance.

This position reports directly to the Property Supervisor.

Essential Duties

1. Thoroughly cleans the RSC offices, bathrooms, kitchens and walkways as assigned.
2. Observes the office environment, ensures that the fire exits are always kept clear and promptly reports any potentially hazardous situations such as slippery floors, loose electric wires or sockets.
3. Ensures that all the office windows and various interior and exterior doors and grills are closed and securely locked at the end of every business day. (Note: the final responsibility for office locking rests with the management staff locking up on any particular day).
4. Ensures that all photocopiers and printers have been checked for documents and switched off at the end of every business day. Any document found should be turned over to the management staff locking up on any particular day.
5. Ensures that non-essential equipment is switched off and only the minimum equipment required is switched on.

6. Reports any equipment that sounds or appears broken or in need of repair, including door and window locks that need lubrication, tightening or replacement, leaky water taps etc.
7. Undertakes odd jobs such as minor repairs and window cleaning in coordination with the Senior Janitor.
8. Monitors stock levels of supplies needed for cleaning and maintenance and submits timely requisitions for additional supplies.
9. Ensures that all the bathrooms are well stocked with soap, hand towels, tissues papers, air fresheners, etc at all times.
10. Assists in general office duties as assigned e.g. photocopying, shredding, packing and moving of files.
11. Ensures that the indoor plants are watered and cleaned.
12. Does routine daily purchases e.g. daily papers, milk and prepares tea/coffee for RSC visitors.
13. Performs any other duties which are developed and assigned in order to improve the operations of RSC Africa.


Education: High school diploma or equivalent qualification is required.

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The deadline for submitting the application is 24 September 2021.


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