Please Call Me Telkom USSD Code [UPDATED 2022]

Please call me Telkom USSD Code – Would you want to send a please call me back message to Telkom in South Africa?

If that’s the case, we’ll teach you how to accomplish it in this post. Telkom is a major participant in the South African telecommunications industry.

If you are a mobile client of the business, you may find yourself stuck with no airtime at times. What do you do in such situation?

The good news is that a remedy exists. You may just send a please call to your contacts who are also on Telkom.

Due to the introduction of smartphones, the habit of sending Please Call Me may no longer be as common as it previously was among mobile phone users.

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Still, life throws curveballs, and it may become essential on occasion. That is why Telkom Mobile and other major South African telecom providers continue to offer the Please Call Me SMS service.

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Telkom Please Call Me USSD Code

The Please Call Me code, which is discussed in this post, is an essential USSD code provided by Telom.

Other comparable USSD codes include those for top-ups of airtime, purchasing data, and sending data to relatives and friends.

Despite the advancement of technology, which allows smartphones to accomplish nearly everything, USSD codes remain a popular choice.

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How do You Send Please Call Me Message On Telkom

Telkom also offers a short code that may be used to send a free ‘Please Call Me’ message. *140*recipient number# is the Telkom ‘Please Call Me’ code.

This service is available to all Telkom customers, regardless of phone type, including non-smartphones users.

Alternatively, on the Telkom network, just dial *140# and then click send. This will then give you access to the call me menu, where you can choose the specific number to which you want to send the please call me message.

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Important Telkom USSD codes that you need to know

8ta USSD Codes

8ta USSD codes are those for the most basic of applications, such as recharging airtime, checking airtime balance, sending Please Call Me, checking your Telkom mobile number, and contacting customer service.

Telkom MenuTelkom USSD Codes
Master Menu*180#
Check Balance*188#
Loading airtime/ Airtime top-up*188*Voucher card number#
Request your own mobile number*1#
Please Call Me*140*mobile number#
Buying data on Telkom*180#
Sending airtime to another user*180# and select the transfer
Telkom customer care180
Checking Your IMSI Number*2#
Mo’Nice promotional bundles*123#
Check what your IMEI number*#06#

Telkom USSD Codes FAQs

How do you send a please call me on Telkom?

All you have to do on the Telkom network is dial *140# and then hit send. This will then give you access to the call me menu, where you can choose the specific number to which you want to send the please call me message.

How do I ask for my number on Telkom?

Do you want to know how to check your Telkom sim card number? Simply call *1# to check your Telkom number, and your number will appear on the screen. You may also utilize the Telkom Please Call Me feature to verify your phone number on another phone.

How do you check your balance on Telkom?

Simply call 188 on your phone and follow the audio instructions to check your Telkom airtime balance. Alternatively, dial *188# and click the “Send” button. You may alternatively send a blank SMS message to 188 or go online to My Telkom and choose airtime balance enquiry.

How Many ‘Please Call Me’ Messages Can a Telkom User Send in a Day?

Every Telkom customer is only allowed five complimentary ‘Please Call Me’ texts each day. You have the option of sending all five to one individual or using them for various persons.

These five free ‘Please Call Me’ messages should enough for the typical Telkom customer, therefore you may agree that Telkom’s choice of five free Please Call Me messages each day is reasonable.

Is it possible to send Please Call Me to other networks?

Telkom’s limit on the amount of complimentary ‘Please Call Me’ texts per day is not the only restriction on this offer.

If you’ve ever attempted to send one from your Telkom line to another network and it didn’t work, it’s because you can’t send a free ‘Please Call Me’ message from your Telkom line to another network.

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