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Are you a Tanzanian employer? Do you have any job openings in your company? Have you been seeking a place to post your job openings to attract competent candidates?

Welcome to Jobs in Tanzania, the free job posting employment site for Tanzanian employers.

With a high volume of job seeker traffic every day, Jobs in Tanzania provides employers in Tanzania with the option to find the appropriate applicants by publishing job ads/vacancies online for free and without registration.

How to post jobs free online

Simply give us the following information in a well-formatted Word/PDF document or an HTML file in a text format at [email protected] to list your job openings for free on our website:

  • Brief Company Information (include your company website, if any)
  • Job Title(s)
  • Job Description/Responsibilities/Skills/Education/Experience/Remunerations/Other Requirements
  • How to Apply
  • Application Deadline

Your job opening will be placed on our website as soon as we confirm the legitimacy of the company/position.

Important to Note

Your job application channel must be via a legitimate link that redirects candidates to a form on your website, a physical address, a business email, or to a well-known ATS provider such as Zoho, Workday, etc.

We seldom accept applications for positions that use Google Forms, because anybody with a Gmail account can create a Google Form.

We do not accept job applications sent to generic email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, and others. We do this solely to protect our audience from fraudsters and fake job postings.

Lastly, do not charge any fees to applicants (your job advert must have a disclaimer on this)

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