RocoMamas Menu Prices in South Africa 2022

In search of RocoMamas Menu Prices in South Africa? If the answer is yes! We have compiled a complete list of the most recent RocoMamas Menu prices in South Africa.

RocoMamas restaurant is an innovative and exciting fast food outlet in South Africa. Their main product is the roco burger. The unique taste of these burgers has made them a favorite amongst customers.

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The freshest ingredients, a relaxed and informal atmosphere, and an attentive service team are only some of the reasons why RocoMamas restaurant South Africa has become a favorite lunch destination for many in the area.


The fare at this establishment includes dishes such as grilled calamari with citrus salsa, roasted garlic mashed potatoes and grilled zucchini; and lamb chops with minted couscous, truffled potatoes and grilled vegetables.

The restaurant has an African theme to its decoration and offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Their menu caters for all tastes including vegetarian and gluten free meals.

The menu changes seasonally and they take advantage of the freshest ingredients available so as to provide the best dishes possible. They also have a good selection of wines and other drinks that can be enjoyed with your meal.

RocoMamas Menu Prices in South Africa

The RocoMamas menu with prices in South Africa are as follows:

RocoMamas Extra Toppings Menu

Menu Items Prices
Extra 150g Beef Smash R40
Extra South Fried Chicken Breast R45
Extra 130g Chicken Smash R31
Bacon R23
American Cheese R13
Aged Cheddar R17
Swiss Cheese R21
Mozzarella R18
Feta R14
Guacamole R18
Mushrooms R22
Jalapenos R14
Fresh Chilli R10
Sweet Pickles R9
Rocket R13
Caramelised Onions R19
Old Skool BBQ Sauce R12
Blue Cheese Dressing R11
Rocomayo R13
Smoked Mayo R11
Chilli Mayo R13
Mofoo Mayo R13
Salsa R13
Nachos Crumbs R14
Cheese Sauce R17
Egg R11

RocoMamas Burgers Menu

Menu Items Prices
Old Skool R51
Old Skool Meal R75
Classic Cheese R68
Classic Cheese Meal R90
The Shackster R88
The Shackster Meal R113
Chilli Cheese Bomb R88
Chilli Cheese Bomb Meal R105
Bacon Cheese Guac R81
Bacon Cheese Guac Meal R105
Rock Star R75
Rock Star Meal R100
Cheese & Bacon R77
Cheese & Bacon Meal R95
Mushroom Swizz R77
Mushroom Swizz Meal R100
Blackstar R64
Blackstar Meal R86
Beyond Burger R128
Beyond Burger Meal R15
Retroswag R81
Retroswag Meal R105
The Slack R99
The Slacker Meal R121

RocoMamas Combos Menu

Menu Items Prices
Ribs & Wings R192
Ribs & Southern Fried Chicken R193
Old Skool BBQ Wings R142
Classic Southern Friend Chicken R101
Classic Southern Fried Downsize R72

RocoMamas All Day Breakfast Menu

Menu Items Prices
Classic R62
Full House R82

RocoMamas Dessert Menu

Menu Items Prices
Classic Waffle (downsize) R36
Classic Waffle (fullsize) R54
Cookies & Cream Waffle (downsize) R43
Cookies & Cream Waffle (fullsize) R62
Nutella & Banana Waffle (downsize) R50
Nutella & Banana Waffle (fullsize) R75

RocoMamas Sides Menu

Menu Items Prices
8 Wings R78
Southern Friend Chicken Strips R58
Riblets R98
Cheesy Fries (small) R32
Cheesy Fries (medium) R46
Bacon and Cheese Fries (small) R47
Bacon and Cheese Fries (medium) R55
Shoestring Fries (small) R26
Shoestring Fries (medium) R35
Shoestring Fries (large) R54
Smashbrew Fried Onion Rings R40
Mac & Cheese R50
Chilli Cheese Six Bombs R52
Feta Six Bombs R55
Jalapeno Six Bombs R50
Mac & Cheese Six Bombs R55
Spicy Coleslaw with Bacon R44
Garden Greek Salad R55
Chicken Caesar Salad R81

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