Sales Assistant Job Description Sample in Tanzania

Everyone has a basic understanding of what a sales assistant is and what he does. There are several such sales assistants in various stores, businesses, shopping malls, and other locations.

The information we are about to offer you with may be of interest to you. Did you know that the retail business is one of the largest in the country and is growing by the day?

Well, no matter how neglected this task appears to you, it is crucial to the success of a firm. Aside from a respectable wage, the position also gives you with some additional perks such as discounts on the things offered in your store.

The task you will be doing will necessitate your whole devotion and honesty. In this post on Sales Assistant Job Description, we’ll discuss Sales Assistant Salary and Sales Assistant Duties, which you may include in the job description you’re writing for a Sales Assistant Profile.

What a Sales Assistant actually does? – Sales Assistant Duties

A sales assistant is the first person a consumer sees when they enter the store and unquestionably represents the company. You would meet new people every day, and a simple smile on your lips would do wonders.

The adage “first impressions are lasting impressions” applies wonderfully to this industry. A salesperson does not have to be a clever attractive hunk or a stunningly beautiful girl, but rather someone with a strong personality.

Some of the aspects that form your personality include your sense of clothing, your use of gestures, your personal cleanliness, and your manner of speaking. Let us take a short look at some of the responsibilities of a sales assistant:

  • Welcome the customers in the store and greet them with a smile.
  • Ensure that the products in the store are well organized as per their category.
  • Assist customers to find what they need.
  • Advise customers to choose the best product (only if they ask you, or they seem to be a bit confused at some particular spot).
  • Handle payments for the goods purchased.
  • Attend calls for customers availing home delivery facilities.
  • Keep a neat record of cash, and different receipts, and bills.
  • Making arrangements for the customers needing a refund, or replacement of their products.
  • Order products running out of stock, and then receive deliveries.
  • Being up to date with the latest promotional schemes on various products, and informing customers about the same.

These were some of the duties of a sales assistant that he has to perform from day to day.

Skills an effective Sales Assistant must possess

Excellent Communication Skills: No store would hire a person as a sales assistant if he cannot present his or her views to the third person. Communication skills are a must have to progress in this field. You would have to set up a healthy interaction with the customer to satisfy him with what he needs.

Outstanding Personality: As already discussed, no person is born with personality, but it has to be cultivated. How well you behave with others, a friendly nature, your style of carrying yourself around speak a lot about yourself.

Confident, Helpful, and Polite: Confidence comes from knowledge. If you know what products you are offering, and what the features of every product are, you can present your views to the customer confidently, and provide expert advises whenever required. Being helpful and equally polite to everyone in the store is another important point here.

Punctual: If the shop owner trusts you, he might even give you the responsibility of opening the store every morning. This means that you need to be strictly punctual with your job. No matter how harsh the weather gets, if the job starts at 10am, you must be at the store by 9:50am. After all, everyone admires a punctual man.

Team Player: If you work at a big reputed store, it is obvious that you will have multiple co-mates around you doing the same job. Every one of them has been assigned a particular duty, and all of you need to work as a team with co-operation to help the business.

Sales Assistant Qualification Needed

No special qualifications are required for this job, but few skills on numbers, computer awareness, common languages, is surely a plus point. For a few specialized stores, like Book Stores , experience or literature might make you perfect for the position.

Sales Assistant Salary

Salary of the sales assistant can be up to Tsh. 3,500,000 in in Tanzania.

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