Top 20 Scary Numbers to Call: You Should Never Call Them!

Warning! These terrifying phone numbers to call are scary to give you a fright. I would avoid these at all costs unless you are prepared to suffer a few restless nights.

Looking to offer someone a once-in-a-lifetime dare? Then keep reading because I discovered a dozen haunting phone numbers that are just ready to connect with someone on the other side. Every number has a tale to tell. Let’s get into each story in depth.

We’ve compiled a list of 20 ominous phone numbers that you should never contact. We’ve all heard the rule about not answering the phone if an unknown number calls, but there appear to be phone numbers that might do even more harm if you contact them.

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So, without further ado, here are my top 20 scary phone numbers you should never contact.

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Top 20 really scary phone numbers that you should never call

1. 666 666 6666 or 1-666-666-6666: American Spooky Number

Many Americans, as well as a few others from other areas of the globe, believe that the number 666-666-6666 or 1-666-666-66666 is a demonic number.

Many people have experienced unusual occurrences after calling this number or variations thereof. Few folks are said to have received Creepy messages and heard various things. The numbers were also not appearing on their phone bills, according to reports.

With other instances like these from around the United States and beyond, the number 666-666-6666, or the sequence of numbers beginning with 666, is considered a devil number and should be avoided.

2. 0888 888 888: Bulgarian number which took 3 lives

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This is the most despised number in Brazil, and it has been linked to the deaths of its previous three owners. The first owner of this number died of a terrible kind of cancer. The second and third men were killed on the streets. No one wanted to take the phone number after the unusual happenings.

To protect its image, the business that supplied the phone number has permanently disabled the number. If you phone the number today, you will hear the alert tone of service not available, which is expected to stay in effect indefinitely.

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3. Japan’s Cursed Phone Number: 090 4444 4444

Sadako’s number is a legendary Japanese number that is thought to be cursed. When you dial the number, you should initially hear odd noises, which might be rather scary.

However, it is what is alleged to follow subsequently that might cause individuals to avoid the number. You will be involved in a horrific accident within seven days of dialing Sadako’s phone.

There is a lot of superstition around the number four in Japan. In Japanese, there are two ways to say “four”: “yon” and “shi.” The issue is that there is another term called “shi” that means “death.”

Personally, I haven’t called the number since I’m afraid of the cost of making a long-distance call to Japan.

4. 000 000 0000: Best wishes! Dial this number to contact the dead

People think it is the number of the deceased. If he calls, it means that your departed loved one wants to communicate with you; thus, break up with the ghost before you get harmed. The male voice asks you to summon 15 others to call him or face death within a week for disobeying his demands.

Please don’t call since the dead don’t have phone numbers. Furthermore, you may acquire a mental condition as a result of the contact, which gives the idea that you may contact the departed loved ones you sorely miss.

5. 407 734-0254

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If you call what is possibly my favorite find from the research process for this post, you will reach a clown named Wrinkles who lives in Naples, Fla. and will, according to the Washington Post, “appear at your party or gathering, prank your friend, or even scare your misbehaving child straight” for the low, low price of a few hundred dollars.

The guy behind Wrinkles is unknown; he’s in his 60s, retired, and hails from Rhode Island, but that’s all he’ll tell reporters. He does, however, have a monopoly on the evil clown industry – and if you call this frightening phone number, you’ll get his voicemail. Please leave a message and he will return your call.

6. 646-868-1844

The area code for the number 848-868-1844 is based in White Plains, New York — but it doesn’t matter anything because it’s a VOIP number (meaning its owner could be based anywhere).

And, while the initial message you’ll hear when you dial is strange — it begins with strange, bell-like tones, progresses to jumbled, unintelligible phrases, and concludes with an answerphone tone — the truly strange part about this one doesn’t happen during the conversation.

After you hang up, you’ll receive a text message with a jumbled combination of words within seconds.

They’re formatted to seem like sentences, but they’re not – they’re simply rubbish. They say something like, “Surprise steepest recurring landlord Mr. wandered amounted to.”

Devonshire was continued, although it was discussed. “Chapter too parties its letter no. Rose past oh shew ceiling is song neat,” and “Chapter too parties its letter no. Happy, but whatever ladyship inclined of yet judgment. Last response in opposition to ye months of no regard.

8. 4086342806

This number is at the top of the list of ominous phone numbers you should never call.

The number is part of an urban legend, and rumor has it that it is a “RED ROOM NUMBER” that is used to trace out the geographical location of persons who dial or receive calls from this number. It may just as easily be a haunted phone number!

Call this number if you are a highly daring and risk-taking individual who has things like being abducted on your bucket list.

You will be abducted, taken to the red chamber (EXCITING), tortured, murdered, or both. The sessions are claimed to be streamed live on the internet. It’s no surprise that it’s on the list of highly scary phone numbers.

9. 1-858-651-5050

This isn’t a haunted dial in the traditional sense. It’s just odd to listen to. This clip has a guy and a woman taking turns delivering whole phrases in order to test the phone’s sound quality. People used to do this by uttering these types of words to test the strength of the phone’s connection back in the day.

It’s not as scary now that you know… It’s more like dialing strange numbers. However, have a buddy phone the number and don’t tell them anything! They’ll probably panic out a little.

10. (207) 404-2604

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There was a number that was flashed at the end of a trailer for the remake of Carrie. If you phoned 1 (207) 404-2604, you might be able to reach Carrie herself. When you dialed this number, it quickly hung up and a different number contacted you back.

According to some who tested it, this new number would call three times with different outcomes each time. If you picked up the phone for the first time, you would hear bloodcurdling screams.

The second time, you’d hear ominous singing. And the third time, you’d be able to hear someone whispering. The phone number is alleged to have been disconnected at this point.

Although this is technically a video game tie-in, as one Metafilter user put it, “you don’t have to know anything about the game to enjoy the sheer weirdness and scope of what there is to listen to on this phone number.”

Kentucky Route Zero is a magical realism point-and-click adventure that has been releasing episodes on a regular basis since 2013.

Episodes one through four are presently available, with the fifth and final episode set to be released at some point in 2018. It’s lovely, as are the supplementary experiences released between episodes by creators Jake Elliott and Tamas Kemenczy.

One of those supplementary experiences is this phone number.

The phone tree you’ll reach if you dial 207-301-5797, called Here and There Along the Echo, claims to be “a guide to the Echo River for drifters and pilgrims” offered by “the Bureau of Secret Tourism.

” It’s strange and odd, but also beautifully tranquil — and there’s lots to discover as you make your way through the different menus it provides access to. Dial 5 the first time you’re provided with a menu of possibilities.

If you like Welcome to Night Vale or David Lynch’s work, you’ll probably enjoy both Kentucky Route Zero and Here and There Along the Echo. Examine them out.

11. 618-625-8313

If you’re a Stranger Things fan, you’re definitely familiar with the phone number 618-625-8313: It’s Murray Bauman’s phone number, which belongs to Brett Gelman, the Netflix series’ resident conspiracy theorist.

Calling it brings up Bauman’s answerphone recording, which appears to give us a few ideas about what we might expect when Season Four is released.

It’s not very terrifying in and of itself, but it’s a fun Easter egg for fans — and, as I observed in an in-depth examination of the number in 2019, I believe it also served as a stepping stone for the bigger ARG that arose from Stranger Things’ third season.

(There’s a transcript of the actual voicemail message you receive when dialing the number within the TGIMM post on the number itself, so go check it out.)

What’s interesting about the Bauman number, in my opinion, is that it’s still working today, despite having been in service in this role for some years. That’s rare for horror-themed pop culture tie-in songs:

Carrie White’s phone number, put up in 2012 for the Carrie remake starring Chloe Grace Moretz, hasn’t functioned in years — and the phone number set up for Mike Flanagan’s 2020 follow-up to The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor, was only active for a short time.

(I sorely wanted to add it in this revised list – I did call it while it was working and found it wonderfully creepy — but sadly, it was no longer in operation in its promotional capacity as I was starting to conduct the early foundation for this essay towards the end of 2020.)

12. 090-4444-4444

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The number 090-4444-4444 was known as “Sadako’s Number” in Japan. When you call the number, you are meant to hear a peculiar, eerie sounds. They claim that everyone who dials the number will perish in an accident within a week.

In Japan, the number 4 (shi) sounds similar to the word “death” (shi). Sadako was the ghost from The Ring films, thus it’s probable that this number was created to advertise the films.

13. 000-000-0000

1- 000-000-0000 is another haunting phone number. It is attributed to unusual deaths by the Asian community. A male voice on the other end of the line is said to have demanded that the receiver notify fifteen or more individuals about the number. Failure to do so would result in instant death.

14. 8287560109

This one sounds suspiciously like a haunted phone number. This phone number is located in MARION, NORTH CAROLINA, in McDowell County, approximately 85 miles west and slightly north of CHARLOTTE.

When you dial the number, you will hear obnoxious and blasting noises. Then you’ll hear a guy feverishly delivering what appears to be a binary message. When you transform this binary message to text, you obtain the word “death.”

This sounds particularly eerie since the message of death is given not just in a horrifying manner, but also artistically in binary code. You may share your experience with your social media connections and encourage others to check out the phone number as well!

Pro tip: This appears to only work in the United States. It fully deserves to be included on the list of scary phone numbers to dial. You’d rather be looking at amusing phone numbers to prank call, believe me.

15. 090 4444 4444: Japan

woman using home tablet pc picture id664800650?k=20&m=664800650&s=612x612&w=0&h=lODwSXftvd E8A8anHaxpWzNzvmyPUPNrv D8KnlUSk=
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Call Sadoko’s Cursed line at your own peril in Japan. Sadako is the main character of the most terrifying Japanese traditional folktale. To relieve anxiety, the country’s leading telecoms operator, One Plus, bypassed the number 4 series and produced the plus 5 edition.

Listening to weird noises floating down the line, according to the Japanese, will give you nightmares. Furthermore, disaster will hit your life within a week of making the call. Your loved ones may perish.

16. 20202020: Susie’s Dying

If you resided in the United Kingdom in the 1970s, you could dial a number that would offer you an extremely frightening experience. The folks that did call this number can’t exactly recall it, although some believe it’s 20202020.

You’d have to go to a pay phone and dial this number, after which a lady with a monotonous voice would answer and say either ‘Help me help me Susie’s drowning’ or ‘Help me help me Susie’s dying.’

As far as anybody can tell, nothing untoward happened as a result of dialing the number, although it would surely give you the shivers.

17. 701-347-1936

This phone number is associated with the video game Five Nights at Freddy’s. People are still unsure if it was posted by the game’s makers or by a sincere fan. That’s still up for debate.

When you call, you will be greeted with phrases such as “How are you?” and “I Will Kill You!” – So be cautious! This is also an excellent one to share with unsuspecting pals. It’s not haunted; it’s simply eerie.

18. 978-435 0163

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If you have enough money to make a long-distance call to Massachusetts while also wanting to raise your heart rate, dial this number. There is little information available regarding the number’s history, and its origin is unknown.

When you dial the number, you will hear the voice of a man who is weeping. It sounds like the man is in a cave or a cellar, and something is leaking in the background. In the background, you can occasionally hear an unusual scratching sound.

I don’t know anything else about the number. But it’s difficult not to feel uneasy while listening to the tape of someone who attempted to phone the number. You may listen to a recording by clicking on the link below.

19. 12163331810: Daughter’s Desperate Plea

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A USB stick was discovered in a toilet after a Nine Inch Nails performance. It didn’t appear strange at first since it only included an MP3 file called 2332, which was the sound of crickets chirping.

However, after running this footage through a spectrograph, it was discovered to be a concealed number 12163331810. If you dialed this number, you’d hear what sounded like a chat between a mother and her daughter who was in a difficult circumstance.

The girl informs her mother that she has locked herself in a storage closet and is about to die. In the background, you can also hear gunshots and shouting. The majority of individuals assume that this was probably some form of band promotion.

20. Red Number: Pakisthan

The Red Number case, which started in Pakistan, practically terrified the whole Muslim population in the region. In 2007, numerous individuals in Pakistan got e-mails and text warnings from various IDs and phone numbers warning them not to lift numbers with red digits.

According to this email, the red number call will have a high frequency range, causing harm to human brain nerves and maybe killing people.

The rumor became so widespread that the Pakistani government requested an investigation into the specifics. Despite the fact that the Pakistani government dismissed the hypothesis following an examination, the rumor had already spread throughout Pakistan and even into neighboring nations.

The Red Number became a worldwide sensation, and many people throughout the world still believe it today.

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