Shockingly, Apple Has Confirmed the Release of the New iPhone 13

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Recent iPhone 13 leaks have revealed many design surprises, some intriguing inconsistencies, and one major letdown. However, Apple has now revealed what may be the most unexpected release date of all.
Following the release of record-breaking Q3 financial figures, Apple’s chief financial officer, Luca Maestri, cautioned Apple fans that supply of its goods would be severely impacted in the future. Furthermore, Maestri said that iPhones and iPads would suffer the most.
“We anticipate that supply restrictions will be worse in the September quarter than they were in the June quarter. The restrictions will mainly affect the iPhone and iPad,” Maestri said on the call.
For perspective, Apple is generally anticipated to unveil the new iPhone 13 lineup, as well as a revamped iPad mini, in September. Apple ordered nearly 100 million next-generation A15 processors in anticipation of record-breaking demand, putting development “ahead of schedule.” Unfortunately, Maestri’s caution emphasizes the distinction between ordering and being able to get the required chips to fulfill demand.
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And, for a business with Apple’s unrivaled supply chain skills, this comes as somewhat of a surprise. While the Global Chip Shortage has affected numerous businesses, Apple has fared much better than others, with graphics card, gaming console, and automobile manufacturers bearing the brunt of the damage. Anyone attempting to purchase an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 can testify to this.
More optimistically, Apple said that it still expects “strong double digit growth” in the September quarter, but anybody expecting to contribute to the company’s bottom line by purchasing a new iPhone 13 is in for a battle. As gamers have seen in the console sector, a lack of supply draws professional scalpers, exacerbating the issue and driving costs over the sky.
The iPhone 13 range has a lot to appreciate, including its reduced notch, supersized rear cameras (with extreme image stabilization), cutting-edge A15 processor, next-generation 5G, and – for Pro versions – 120Hz ProMotion screens. Having said that, the initial iPhone 14 rumors have already indicated that Apple will fix a number of flaws next year.
As a result, deciding whether to (attempt to) upgrade this year is going to be more difficult than usual. Especially since 2021 seems to be the year of the iPhone S.

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