20 Best Small Business Ideas in Manchester UK 2022

The Political Stability and economic strength of United Kingdom has made it a very attractive place for investors over the years. Investors consider United Kingdom a low-risk business area. In addition to its economic strength.

For those who don’t know, Manchester is the economic center of United Kingdom, and is also the most populous city in United Kingdom. Manchester’s economy is mainly driven by sectors such as financial services, manufacturing, health, retail, B2B services, etc.

Manchester is a very good place to start a business especially because of its low cost of office space. It is cheaper to rent an office space in Manchester than it is in most popular cities of the world such as London, Paris or Hong Kong. Without wasting your time, below are a few businesses that you can start in Manchester-:

Top 20 Small Business Ideas in Manchester 2021

1. Waste recycling

Environmental protection is taken very seriously in United Kingdom. Waste recycling is a low capital business that you can start in the environmental protection industry. It involves going around gathering waste materials that can be processed into other useful products.

2. Green construction

Still in the spirit of protecting the environment from global warming, building engineers and contractors have now discovered methods and materials that can be used for construction without endangering the environment. You can become a green construction consultant or contractor and help people build houses with environment friendly materials.

3. Import consultancy

United Kingdom imports a lot of agricultural produce and several other items from other countries like China, India, etc. Manufacturing industries in United Kingdom also source for their raw materials from several other countries or continents. You can make money from helping companies source for goods and handle the importation, clearing and transportation of such items while earning a commission for your services.

4. Pregnancy fitness center

In the entertainment industry today, everyone is talking about their post-pregnancy bodies and how quickly they were able to get back in shape after birthing their babies. In fact, this is one of the hottest trends now.

Most women know that for the body to bounce back quickly after childbirth, they would have to eat well and exercise during pregnancy which is why fitness centers that cater for pregnant women are springing up all over the place and gaining a lot of patronage.

5. Accounting and Taxation

Another good business opportunity in Manchester is to set up an accounting business to offer financial solutions to both individuals and businesses that need them.

6. Discount travel services

You can also start a travel agency to help travelers find cheap tickets and even organize travels and tours for people.

7. Herbal product sales

A lot of people now prefer traditional herbal medicine and beauty products because they believe that they are safer and contain fewer chemicals. You can start an herb farm and grow herbs for sale or source for herbs from other countries like China that you can import for sale.

8. Food preparation and delivery

A food preparation business is one of those businesses that you cannot ever regret going into. Food is something that no one can do without and as long as you are a very good cook, you stand to make a lot of profit. You can either start a mobile catering business or a fast food business to cater for the busy residents of Manchester who barely have time to cook.

9. Nutrition Consultant

As a nutrition consultant, you would get paid for helping people make better food choices especially obese people and diabetics or people who seek to improve their health and general well being by eating right.

10. Roadside response battery breakdown service

Ever had your car break down in the middle of nowhere due to a battery problem? You probably needed the services of a battery charger. You can start a roadside battery service business to cater for vehicle owners with battery problems.

11. Coffee shop

Another business you can start in Manchester is a coffee shop. People can come in to grab a cup of coffee and also hold business meetings or dates in your shop.

12. Poker

UK people  are the best punters in the world. You can take advantage of this age long tradition of the United Kingdom and start your own poker business. You could set up a pub where people can come and relax and play poker at the same time.

13. Dry-cleaning Services

This is another good business that you can start in Manchester. You may also add home pick-up and delivery to your services to increase patronage.

14. Fruit shop

You can also set up your own fruit shop or sell freshly squeezed fruit juice at public parks and gardens.

15. Automotive spare parts dealer

There are thousands of cars plying the roads of Manchester daily and whenever a car breaks down, it’s most likely as a result of one faulty part or the other. You can make money from selling new or used motor vehicle spare parts to car owners who need to replace faulty vehicle parts.

16. Liquor shop

Setting up a liquor store for selling wines and alcohols is also a good business that would thrive in United Kingdom.

17. Become a Florist

Flowers are a popular gift item for lovers. Flowers are also used for home or party decorations. You can start a florist shop where people can get their regular supply of fresh flowers. You can also add a home delivery to your services or introduce a monthly subscription program where you can deliver flowers to people’s homes on a daily basis.

18. Phone repairs and accessories sale

Almost everyone uses a cell phone. This means that you can make money from cell phone repairs or sales of cell phone accessories.

19. Livestock management

You can also start a livestock farming and management business where you can rear poultry or other edible animals like cows, goats or pigs that you can sell to meat sellers upon maturity.

20. Online Store

Yet another business you can start in Manchester is an online store where you can sell any item from clothes to jewelry, cosmetics or baby items.

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