30 Best Small Business Ideas in Rwanda [UPDATED Oct, 2021]

Do you want to start a small business in Rwanda with a modest initial investment? If you answered YES, we’ve compiled a thorough list of 25 best small business ideas and investment opportunities in Rwanda that you may start in 2021 and beyond.

There are several statistics and data that make Rwanda an appealing business destination. This is due to the country’s abundant people, natural, and material resources.

How much do you want to establish a small profitable business in Rwanda in 2021?

A business that can earn you 540,000 Francs per month or 18,000 Francs per day while still allowing you to operate on your own terms and with a modest starting capital.

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Have you considered how many choices you have to better your personal finances, boost your savings strategy, or perhaps achieve financial freedom?

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So, in this piece of content, we’ll talk about several successful small business ideas in Rwanda that you may start for profit, as a side hustle, or as a backup plan for when you retire or stop working.

30 Best Small Business Ideas in Rwanda 2021

Most of these small business ideas are profitable, need little or no cash to start, and can be carried out from anywhere in the country. Here are some extremely profitable small business ideas in Rwanda to consider:

1. Start a Niche Blog

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If you can write or have the capacity to learn how to write, start a blog. Blogging is a good way to make money online in Rwanda.

All you need is internet access, good research skill, an interest, and a laptop and a lot of time. Your most important and perhaps expensive investment in a blogging career is your time.

Also, since you would want people to find your blog posts without manually promoting it all the time, you would need to learn how to optimize your posts for search engines like Google or hire the services of an SEO Expert in Rwanda.

Set up a free blog with WordPress or Wix or if you have some money, set up your blog on self-hosted server; populate your blog with quality content, get people to read your content (drive traffic), get their confidence and monetize your blog with Google AdSense, display advert, affiliate marketing or sell information products such as ebooks, etc.

So how do you get started?

It’s simple: when you initially start your side hustle, you don’t have a lot of traffic or exposure. As a result, you should raise the price of your product early on in your blogging adventure.

One strategy is to start with a B2B consultancy funnel and sell to companies rather than individuals. Businesses have more money than people, so instead of concentrating on advertisements and affiliate schemes at first, concentrate on high-end consultancy.

This new blogging strategy for making money is built on three main success pillars:

  1. Choose a niche for your blog based on the audience’s financial possibilities, professional leverage, and market need.
  2. You may increase your backlink acquisition and Domain Authority (DA) quicker by not writing as much and outsourcing some parts of your content and SEO operations.
  3. Finally, by implementing the right high-end blog monetization strategies at the right time in your blog’s lifecycle, you can 100x your revenue while only closing 3-4 high-end clients rather than hundreds of affiliate sales.

These strategies can help you earn thousands of dollars faster and with less visitors. If this piques your curiosity, be sure to read my whole article on the greatest ways to earn money blogging.

Finally, the first step I suggest for establishing a blog is to acquire web hosting and create a WordPress site.

Here’s how you can start:

  1. Go to Bluehost.com and click the Get Started button.
  2. Choose your hosting plan ($2.95/month is 63 percent discount when you use my link).
  3. Enter a new domain name or choose an existing domain.
  4. Fill up your account and billing details.
  5. Sitelock Security and Codeguard Basic may be disabled.
  6. You’re finished when you click Submit.

Start with Bluehost for $2.95/month (63% off).

2. Open a Car Wash

This is now one of the most popular business ideas in Rwanda. You don’t need much to start a cash wash; all you need is a location with a water supply. People in Rwanda prefer to hire someone to wash their vehicles rather than do it themselves.

Depending on where you are, you can clean 100 vehicles each day if you charge 1,800 francs per car. That equates to 180,000 each day.

With a devoted team, you might make approximately 500,000 each month. Get over the notion that car washing is only for the poor and ignorant in society; people are making millions from it.

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3. Open A Children Daycare Center

People need their children to be cared for at home while they seek for food to put on the table.

People are tired of housekeepers, knowing how they may occasionally mistreat youngsters while their parents are not there.

When parents are gone, they can leave their children at a childcare center. It is possible to do it in a modest rented room or even in your guest room.

4. Start a Brick Manufacturing Business

You don’t think bricks won’t be needed more than ever with the real estate business developing so quickly, do you? Brick molding is simple and quick.

For many property owners, bricks are a cost-effective building material. However, bricks will perform just as well as the more durable stone.

Making bricks does not need a large investment of money or resources. All you may need is the proper subsoil, as well as equipment like spades, hoes, and competent labor.

5. Start a real estate investment

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Land and small plots are in high demand in big urban areas, towns, and rural villages. Owning a piece of land has long been a sought-after investment in nearly every Rwandan town, and with the country’s growing population, this has become even more important.

You can practically guarantee that you will make a lot of money with this business. If you have a greater capital basis, you will make considerably more money by purchasing and developing land before selling it.

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6. Start a Restaurant Business

For decades, the restaurant industry has been a source of millionaires in Rwanda. There will always be a demand for restaurants.

You may take advantage of this chance by opening your own restaurant in Rwanda right now.

Restaurants are one of the most profitable businesses to start in Rwanda and many other parts of the world.

This is primarily due to the insatiable global need for food, which not only makes it a very successful business for construction entrepreneurs, but also one of the best recession proof business ideas to investigate.

7. Open a mobile phone and accessory store

Another fast-moving business to start in Rwanda is a mobile phone business. You may start by selling high-quality cell phones and phone accessories.

You may collaborate with businesses that provide high-quality mobile phones; names such as Apple, Infinix, Samsung, and Tecno are phone makers where you can buy their products and resell them in local marketplaces for a profit.

8. Agribusiness And Food Processing

This is a lucrative industry to consider. There are several foods and beverages that are simple to prepare and in high demand.

There are several businesses you may start in this area, such as chip manufacturing, jams, fruit juices, ice cream, yoghurts, cheese, tomato puree, and so on.

9. Start A Sports Betting Agency

Are you wondering how to generate money in Rwanda? Consider sports betting. In Rwanda, this has become a goldmine business as young and old use their passion of football to make money while enjoying the round leather game.

This also explains why there is an increase in sports betting firms (bookmakers). Sports betting firms need agents to interact directly with players.

A clean atmosphere for office space (a shop would suffice), a generator, a computer, a printer, an internet connection, and a fixtures board are all required.

Following that, you get into an agency arrangement with your bookmaker. Some firms pay you to play a board game, play a virtual game, or make a deposit on behalf of your clients.

With $2,500,000, you can certainly get into this business and start smiling to the bank.

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10. Open a Hardware Store

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Do you know how to open a hardware store in Rwanda? But don’t worry, here’s everything you need to know: –

Having a piece of hardware is a symbol of success. So, what exactly goes into opening a hardware store?

Is it the beginning costs of the business, the inventory, or both?

To save you the effort of doing your own research, 1,800,000 francs is plenty for the launch. If your business is registered, you will be able to obtain the majority of the materials on consignment.

However, you will need a superb position inside your estate or town to reach your daily earnings objectives of 20,000 francs.

11. Open A Women Handbags Shop

Women are obsessed with fashion and appearance. You may start selling handbags and make a nice living. People in this business obtain their goods from locations like Tanzania and Uganda.

With social media and internet business on the rise, why not start an online lace shop?

You may then set up a Facebook profile for your business and promote a few posts to reach as many people as possible.

The good news is that if you perform this business online, you won’t have to worry about obtaining municipal council permissions or a stall.

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12. Forex Trading

Forex trading appears to be the most recent and successful frontier for generating money online. To succeed in these internet business opportunities in Rwanda, you will need to first receive instruction from a coach or study books.

Forex brokers not only instruct you but also provide you with access to the Forex markets via their accounts.

This is a great area to make money, but you should be aware of the hazards, which include losing all of your money if you make a bad forecast.

13. Professional Cleaning Service

Professional cleaning is one of Rwanda’s thriving businesses. Kigali, Gisenyi, Byumba, Kibuye, Nyanza, Butare, Cyangugu, and Runhengeri are among the established towns and cities where the business may grow.

Cleaning and arranging office space and residences is part of the business. According to sources, anyone may start the venture with as little as 100,000 francs.

You might choose to focus solely on commercial or residential cleaning. But, without a doubt, both of them will provide excellent returns.

You’ll need the appropriate tools for the task if you want to see your business through. Vacuum cleaners, brushes, brooms, spray bottles, squeegees, and so forth.

14. Event And Party Planning

Rwandans party every day, week, month, and year.

Company and religious entertainment events, weddings, birthdays, and a variety of other events take place all the time. Party planning and execution can be a highly stressful endeavor.

Many of the persons organizing these parties and events may be overburdened and in dire need of others to plant and execute for them.

Depending on the size of the celebration, this labor is usually done for a fixed charge. Imagine what you will make in a year if you target at least two or three parties or events per week.

15. Open A Football Viewing Center

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You may start your own football viewing center right now and make a lot of money.

Have you ever considered turning your passion for football into a career? If so, you’ll find a large group of fans eager to assist you.

The opportunity to generate money from men and women who are enthusiastic about football is only a step away. And the step is on flat ground.

The coming together does not stop at the stadium, as thousands of fans congregate to cheer for their favorite teams. This is one of Rwanda’s most lucrative businesses.

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16. Start a Transport Business

Due to the day-to-day operation of numerous business activities and profession occupations in Rwanda’s major cities, delivering individuals to their intended locations would be important.

As a result, an entrepreneur might fill a void in Rwanda’s transportation market by offering transportation services via different means such as taxi/cab services and minibuses.

If you are in a strategic location, this business will most likely produce your revenue on a daily basis.

17. Laundry And Dry Cleaning Services

This is one of Rwanda’s fastest growing businesses. Many people are so preoccupied with their jobs that they don’t have time to wash their clothes.

All you have to do is keep your charges low and your service quality excellent, and you can thank me later.

Town residents, as assumed, may be highly busy. This results to significant burdens when it comes to laundry and other household duties.

Make certain that the business strategy is written in a clear and concise manner. Complete all essential processes, including the legal aspects of the business.

You’ll need to invest in the necessary laundry equipment. Then, promote your services to let them know you’re available to provide them with quick answers.

It should be noted that this sort of business is extremely successful in a large city like Kigali.

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18. Affiliate Marketing

This online money-making opportunity in Rwanda is a profitable business that anyone may start with little or no investment.

An affiliate marketer is someone who assists businesses or individuals in selling their products in exchange for a commission.

Products that may be sold online here can be either digital or physical.

You may join as many affiliate programs as you like and use your affiliate links to market the items via social media or specialized websites.

Many Rwandans have become billionaires as a result of affiliate schemes.

19. Start a boda boda business

This is one of the profitable business ideas in Rwanda that young people, in particular, are pursuing in significant numbers. If you are still seeking for work and have some money saved up, this is an excellent place to start your own business.

In Rwanda, the price of a motorcycle ranges from 600,000 to 1,200,000 francs. It means that you may start a boda boda business with less than $100,000.

Dealers collaborate with banks to provide loans, so you may purchase a bike with a deposit and pay monthly payments from your wages.

The wonderful thing about this business is that you can be confident that you will make a comfortable 10,000 franc at the end of the day. If you are unable to ride it yourself, you may always hire someone to do it.

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20. Restaurant business

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For decades, the restaurant industry has been a source of millionaires in Rwanda. There will always be a demand for restaurants. You may take advantage of this chance by opening your own restaurant in Rwanda right now.

Restaurants are one of the most profitable businesses to start in Rwanda and many other parts of the world.

This is primarily due to the insatiable global need for food, which not only makes it a very successful business for construction entrepreneurs, but also one of the best recession proof business ideas to investigate.

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21. Greenhouse Farming

Forget about those programs that promise to miraculously quadruple your money through greenhouse farming if you invest your money with them.

Don’t be taken advantage of by being scared to perform the hard work yourself. If you have the necessary start-up funds, greenhouse farming will make you wealthy in no time. You can cultivate veggies, fruits, or anything else you think is marketable.

This is one of Rwanda’s most significant untapped business opportunities that most people are unaware of.

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22. Open a Barbershop

The business business is one of the most profitable in Rwanda. Many people make hundreds and millions of dollars from this business.

Starting a business is unquestionably one of the business ideas you should explore. It is not only profitable, but also enjoyable and entertaining.

Fortunately, a decent barbershop will always attract new clients, even during a recession, because human hair does not stop growing simply because the economy is not growing.

23. Sell Airtime And Newspapers

Selling airtime is another excellent idea. All you need to do is identify a supplier — the stock is available from Safaricom, Airtel, and Telecom.

To make a significant profit from the business, you must go wholesale. This business does not provide high returns.

This implies you should consider selling newspapers with the cards to enhance your income. Or any other profitable venture.

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24. Sales and Repair of Solar Panels

You may start a business in this sector in Rwanda because of the availability of sunlight. It is not for everyone to work in the solar panel repair business.

This is due to the fact that it has a very technical element that necessitates a great deal of time and handwork. If you are not interested in technology, you should seek elsewhere.

However, if you are passionate about anything, you will flourish in this trade.

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25. Sewing And Alteration

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Why not start a sewing and modification business if you have sewing skills? People, after all, will always wear clothes, and your services will never go out of style.

This occupation does not need any particular training or a degree. To begin started, all that is required is a certain amount of competence. You will also need to purchase the appropriate sewing and modification tools.

If your work is outstanding and you have consistent clientele that believe in your ideas, you will be generating huge profits in no time.

Given Edward, the founder of Jobs in Tanzania, is dedicated to assisting novices, entrepreneurs, and small business owners in starting, managing, and developing their businesses.

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